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YMCA 2021 February Perspective



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YTips Youth Tech-Innovative Product Scheme:
“When creativity changes your life, let your design ignite hope”


Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong was founded in 1901. For almost 120 years, we have been committed to building a civil and compassionate city by uniting people with the same spirit to extend the Kingdom of God. The Association has also worked to foster youth leadership to help young people shoulder their social responsibilities and develop a keen concern for society. With the 120th anniversary of the Association coming up fast, we remain as committed as ever to our original goals and we will continue to take an active interest in the needs of young people and provide services that keep pace with the times and serve society in appropriate, innovative ways.

To help the young people of Hong Kong develop a similar innovative spirit and create opportunities for entrepreneurship, the Association recently partnered with Tsuen Lee Group (Holdings) Limited to launch the “YTips Youth Tech-Innovative Product Scheme.” The aim of the scheme is to promote innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship amongst secondary school students, college students, and other young people aged between 15 and 35. The project, designed as part of our 120th anniversary celebrations, brings together the Hong Kong Young Industrialists Council, the Hong Kong Innovation and Creative Industries Council, InnoSphere Product Innovation and Strategy, and several universities and related organisations – all of whom are working together to help the youth of Hong Kong realise their entrepreneurial dreams.

The project has a number of elements: competition, training and pre-sale activities, and building a reliable and credible technology-aided online product development platform for the market. For each element, all-encompassing support and consultation will be given to participants, with representatives from the industry and our professional partners assisting selected candidates as they work to turn their conceptual designs into reality.

The scheme is currently calling for participants, in the meantime, a number of sharing sessions and project briefing sessions will be held in February and March. During the sessions, Mr Leung Pak-yuen, a Senior Lecturer at the Hong Kong Design Institute; along with Mr Steve Young and Mr Maurice Kwok, the co-founders of InnoSphere, and Dr Data Ng, the founder of PrintAct, will share their experiences with design and the integration of design and technology. These sessions will help the participants and other interested parties master product design concepts by providing professional tips and other useful information.

The guiding message of the YTips Youth Tech-Innovative Product Scheme is “When creativity changes your life, let your design ignite hope”. As we enter our 120th year, the Association hopes to inspire the creativity and enthusiasm of Hong Kong’s youth during these difficult times and help them to keep the flame of hope alive.

For more details about this project, please visit.



What’s New
“Exploring the Recovery of Social Sentiment,” an online webinar for counselling professionals (coming on 13 March)
Exploring the Recovery of Social SentimentWhile counselling professionals may be very good at helping their clients, their own self-care might not always be a priority. Hong Kong has faced tremendous challenges and changes over the past year, with the on-going coronavirus pandemic causing mental exhaustion for countless people – including counselling professionals.

To address this concerning situation, the Association’s Counselling Unit will be holding an online seminar on psychological counselling on 13 March called “Exploring the Recovery of Social Sentiment.” The primary aim of this webinar is helping counselling professionals learn more about personal emotional distress and through this knowledge, helping them explore new ways to help others.

Date: 13 March 2021 (Sat)
Time: 10:00am-12:45pm
Target: Social workers, psychologists, pastoral staff, teachers, social workers or counselling students, theological

students, people who are engaged in helping others

Format: Video format (ZOOM / Facebook live)
Cost: Free

The webinar’s contents are as follows:
  1. Looking at emotional distress from a family and social context
  2. Looking at the recovery from emotional distress from the perspective of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)
  3. Q&A session
Over 1,000 people from the industry have already signed up for webinar, which will also see Dr Lee Hing Wai, Deputy General Secretary of our Social Services Unit, deliver a speech

We sincerely invite all social workers/counsellors who are interested in counselling/counselling to participate in this event. On the same day, watch them on the Facebook page of our counselling team.

For enquiries, please email to contact us.


Joining forces to bless others as we begin anew
Joining forces to bless others as we begin anewA new year begins! Here’s to a new environment and a new beginning! To bring positive energy to Hong Kong society and help people meet the challenges of the new year, the Association’s Family Social Working Group has organised a unique event called “Join Forces to Bless Others,” aiming to encourage people to express love and blessings towards everyone in the community.

How does it work? The Association has teamed up with To Ball Ki, a local illustrator, to create a set of four motivational postcards. Each one features illustrations and inspirational quotes to brighten your day and cheer you up. To receive this set, simply go to the link below, create a motivational post with an inspirational quote, share it with your friends and family through Facebook or Instagram, and send us a screenshot. You will be given the postcard set for free, while stocks last.

Don’t hesitate: Let’s all join forces to bless others and spread positive vibes and encouragement! For more details and to participate, please click here


Staff members appear on the TV show “Happy Old Buddies”
Staff members appear on the TV show “Happy Old Buddies”As the effect of the epidemic continues to be felt, seniors are experiencing an increased sense of loneliness. To help seniors cope during this difficult time, Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong – Tin Ping Neighbourhood Elderly Centre introduced “Art4menu”, an easy and creative art form.

Social workers Miss Jane Chan and Miss Wendy Wong have been serving as instructors since obtaining their teaching certificates. Seniors at the elderly centre were taught how to use “Art4menu” as a way to relieve stress. The programme received a positive response, with participants devoting themselves to their artistic creations and producing many beautiful works.

Due to the novelty of the programme, both social workers were invited to appear on TVB’s “Happy Old Buddies” show to share this art form with the public.

In addition to sharing about how enjoyable “Art4menu” can be, the TV show will display students’ art works. The episode will be aired on TVB Jade 81 at 9:50 am on 9 March (Tuesday). Don't miss it!



Activities Highlights
“E-classes: the new normal?” Answering questions about online lessons for parents
E-classes: the new normal?The COVID 19 pandemic has triggered a shift to online learning. Both parents and students have needed to adapt to this new normal, but home learning has also had an impact on parent-child relationships.

As a result, the YMCA’s InnoTech Movement team and the YMCA IFocus Alumni team jointly held an online seminar entitled “E-classes: the new normal?” for parents last month.

Our Programme Secretary, Mr. Chung Yu Hin, shared his thoughts on the future of online learning and demystified online lessons for parents while giving them tips for creating an ideal learning environment for children.

The online seminar received an overwhelming response with more than 30 parents participating. In the Q&A session, parents enthusiastically shared the difficulties they have faced in assisting their children with learning online.


Providing pandemic updates in other languages
Providing pandemic updates in other languagesChinese YMCA is committed to helping members of ethnic minority groups whose first language is Urdu gain access to the latest news on the pandemic situation in Hong Kong and the newest information released by the government. As part of this commitment, the Association’s Jordan Centre recently produced a short video containing this anti-epidemic information in the Urdu language, distributing it on the social media platforms of both the Association and the Jordan Centre and inviting everyone to share it with their friends and the Urdu-speaking community.

To watch the video, please click here.


“Harmonious Family” Parent-Child Cooking Activity
Harmonious FamilyJust before the Chinese New Year, the Association’s Family Social Working Group introduced an important parent-child activity – making festive mini coconut koi fish glutinous rice cakes. April and her mother, members of our Hin Keng Centre, were invited to demonstrate the cooking process. The glutinous rice cake, being simple to make and having an appealing shape, was perfect for parents and children to make together. After the recipe and the cooking procedure was published in a parent-child column of the HK01 news platform. To access the article on HK01, please click here.



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