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"Realise Love, Realise Dreams" Foundation

“Realise Love, Realise Dreams”

Act Now! Show your care and support to light up hopes of the underprivileged!

Service Target: The underprivileged
Service Area: In-kind support, realizing dreams


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Enquiry telephone number: 2783 3370

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Foundation Details


Gathering community momentum, realising your dreams
With the hope of establishing a matching platform through which the underprivileged can fulfil their dreams by using the resources contributed by all walks of life, the Association has launched the "Realise Love, Realise Dreams" Foundation. By organising volunteer visits to assist people in need, the Foundation aims to show compassion and love to the underprivileged, encouraging them to adopt a positive way of life and raising public awareness to care for the disadvantaged.

Serving Targets:

The disadvantaged / underprivileged*
*Note: including without limitations, the disabled, single parent households, the CSSA (Comprehensive Social Security Assistance Scheme) recipients / low-income families, orphans, chronic/terminal disease patients, ethnic minorities / new immigrants, the elderly living alone or in elderly places.

Assistance* ranging from:

  • Items donation
  • Dream realisation

*Note: All assistance rendered is a one-off donation which does not involve any cash donation. Successful applicants shall receive items or services upon the arrangement of our staff and volunteers. This Foundation explicitly excludes providing assistance in relation to medical expenses, legal proceedings, family disputes or any matters that are in violation of the core values of the Association and the Foundation.

Application Procedure:

  1. The application form can be obtained from the Association, its affiliated units, or this website.
  2. Complete the form, which will contain the signatures of the sponsor and the applicant, and/or the applicant's parents or guardian (if applicable).
  3. Send the completed form along with the required documents* by mail or in person to the Corporate Communications & Marketing Section of the Association. The envelope shall be marked, "application for the Realise Love, Realise Dreams Foundation". (*Please refer to the application form for the list of required documents.)

Corporate Communication & Marketing Section:
Address: 5/F, Administration Building, 23 Waterloo Road, Kowloon

Office Hours: Monday to Friday 9am-1pm, 2pm-6pm


  • Each application form must be signed by at least one referee in order to be processed. A different number of referees may be required under different circumstances, as such, please refer to the application form for further details.
  • The referee(s) shall be school teachers / social workers, pastors, social workers in non-profit making / charitable organisations, district councillors, healthcare professionals who must demonstrate a clear understanding of the applicant's background and needs.
  • The referee(s) must not be related family member(s) or financially intertwined with the applicant.

Approval and Follow-up :

  1. We will notify the applicant within seven (7) days upon our receipt of the application form and related documents.
  2. We will contact the applicant for verifying the provided information, and checking the status. Under certain circumstances, we may arrange home visits or meetings at our facilities.
  3. We shall then determine whether the application is successful after our internal assessment.
  4. We will then notify the applicant in writing of the results of the application.
  5. For the successful applicant, we will arrange volunteers / staff to follow up in order to fulfil the dream of the applicant.
  6. In case of any disputes arising out of/in connection with the approval and/or the follow-up, the Association reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to decide on the matter.


Corporate Communication & Marketing Section
Tel: 2783 3370 Fax: 2783 3328
E-mail: [email protected]

Successful Cases

Over 60 applications were processed as at 31 July, 2015

In-kind Supports

Accounting for 70% of the total applications
Successful cases of in-kind supports:

  • A home improvement Foundation for a senior who lives alone
  • A computer and some educational software for a person with muscular dystrophy
  • A computer for a child with autistic spectrum disorder from a single-parent family
  • A lot more cases are coming up soon


Realising dreams by technology
Wilson Yung, who has learning disabilities, is talented at music. Apart from playing guitar and singing, he is also good at composing music and lyrics. In his leisure time, he teaches SEN children music. However, during the pandemic, Wilson could not have music classes with the children. He could only have online classes by using a mobile phone, which was not convenient. “Reaslie Love, Realise Dreams” Foundation arranged a new computer for Wilson, enabling Wilson to smoothly conduct online music classes with children. Wilson can also use the computer to do recording and composing, making his music dreams come true.


Case photo3Connecting with the community by technology
Everyone has to change their habits under the attack of the COVID-19. Three seniors used to go to the elderly center every day to join different activities. However, they are encouraged to go out less frequently and to reduce social activities. As they do not have smart phones or internet service at home, they are unable to receive the online information which is provided regularly by the elderly centre. It is as if that they are forced to cut off communicate with the outside world.
Fortunately, one of our donors realised the difficulties which those three seniors faced and donated three new tablet computers to them. With the help of the staff, the three have learnt how to use their tablets to receive online messages, for example links to at-home exercise videos, from the elderly centre. They also now know how make video calls too. Staff members from the elderly centre can also have a better connection with them.


Case photo6Miss Yuen is a grandmother in her eighties living alone in a public housing estate. The paint on the wall and the ceiling of her flat had peeled off and the iron bunk bed was very old. As Miss Yuen suffers from skin and respiratory allergies, the living environment affected her very much. Depending on the Old Age Living Allowance only, Miss Yuen could not afford to renovate her flat. The “Realise Love, Realise Dreams” Foundation arranged a volunteer team which renovated the flat for her. The Foundation bought a new bunk bed and a new cabinet for her as well. Living in her newly refurbished flat, Miss Yuen has now become happier and more positive.


Case Photo 1 A group of dedicated volunteers from Correctional Services Department accompanied the elderly to go to the peak, enjoy a pleasant and barrier-free trip. Auntie Fung, Auntie Lam, Mr and Mrs Wan are the elderly with disabilities, dementia, who is ageing or afraid of strangers. Their faces were beaming with bliss while they were refreshing their old memories at the Peak.
Case Photo 1 Uncle Kwan, aged 73, is a retired senior who lives alone without any relatives in Hong Kong. He used to live in a public renting house unit which was in a state of dilapidation. Living with spalling concrete of the ceiling and wearing-out electrical wiring, it was inconvenient and a potential danger to him. "Realise Love, Realise Dreams" Foundation carried out a basic renovation and recruited volunteers for household cleaning and getting his house organised. His living environment is now cozy and safe, a truly “decent home”.
Case Photo 2 Ms. Leung is a single mother of two sons. She raises her kids alone so she can barely have any resources left. Even though a public renting house unit was granted, she could not afford more home appliances for the new house. "Realise Love, Realise Dreams" Foundation bought her a bunk bed, a study desk, a television and a computer for her children’s study. She feels very pleased with the improved living environment and hopes studying goes easier for her sons.

Realising Dreams

Accounting for 30% of total applications

Successful cases of realising dreams:
  • The elderly visited their hometowns
  • The disabled youth visited a bus depot
  • Youth people from low-income families completed their piano and cello studies.
  • A lot more cases are coming up soon


Case Photo 3Uncle Shiu, a single senior aged over 90, needs to move on wheelchairs every day. Under Realise Dreams" Foundation, Uncle Shiu was assisted by volunteers and returned to his hometown, Guangzhou. Prior to his trip in April, 2013, it has been nearly 57 years ago since he left Guangzhou. He was able to meet his brother whom he has not seen for a long time, fulfilling his wish of a lifetime.


Email:[email protected]
Fax:2783 3328
Enquiry:2783 3370

Make a Donation

1. Donation by Check

Please send a crossed check (payable to “Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong”) to:


“Realise Love, Realise Dreams” Foundation

Corporate Communications & Marketing Section

5/F., Administration Building,

23 Waterloo Road,



Please put name, address and contact telephone number on the back of the check.

Donation of HK$100 or above is eligible for tax exemption.


2. Donation by Direct Bank-In

Please bank in donation to the following account of Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong:

HSBC: 018-012096-292


Donation of HK$100 or above is eligible for tax exemption. Please send the bank-in slip together with donor’s name, address and contact number to:


“Realise Love, Realise Dreams” Foundation

Corporate Communications & Marketing Section

5/F., Administration Building,

23 Waterloo Road,





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