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YMCA 2022 August Perspective

Cover Story

Care and Love for the Subdivided Unit Families in Tsuen WanSpreading Care and Love to Subdivided Unit Families in Tsuen Wan

Subdivided flats have long been a pressing problem in Hong Kong. This situation has been exacerbated by the pandemic, with many families confined in cramped, unhygienic living spaces for a long periods of time. This has adversely affected their physical and psychological wellbeing. To address this issue, Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong (the Association), fully supported by Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited and the Partnership Fund for the Disadvantaged, launched the "Care and Love for the Subdivided Unit Families in Tsuen Wan" scheme in Nov 2020 to upgrade these units, giving them a new, clean look, and giving those who live there a safe and cosy home.


Working for more than a year, the programme's volunteers have achieved so much. Earlier this month, the Association threw them a progress sharing ceremony cum exhibition and put on an exhibition on 13 Aug at D.Park to show our appreciation for the volunteers and display the profound impacts of their work on the lives of families living in these subdivided flats. We were honoured to have Ms Phoebe Wong Siu Fan, District Social Welfare Officer (Tsuen Wan / Kwai Tsing), Social Welfare Department, The Government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, delivered welcoming remarks, and officiated with Mr Johnny Wong Chung Yee, Deputy General Secretary of the Association, and Mr Keith Chow Nok Wai, Senior Team Head of Public Sector, Institutional Business Department of BOCHK, at the opening ceremony. The officiating guests kick-started the event together with the representatives of volunteers and resident beneficiaries, signifying how each party worked together with a strong, collaborative spirit to create majestic "homes with love" all around Tsuen Wan District.


Care and Love for the Subdivided Unit Families in Tsuen Wan


The scheme attracted over 150 volunteers. Apart from students, young workers and housewives, we also had volunteers with different types of technical expertise: construction experts, interior designers and renovation contractors. Together, this team has already served over 100 households using a well-planned method. First, the specialist team and volunteers pay a home visit to families living in subdivided units. After processing their individual situation, the team comes up with a plan, design ideas and solutions for remodelling; while a professional organiser offers free advice to improve the family's living environment. The subdivided flats are then refurnished with furniture chosen to fit their space, while their living space is ingeniously optimised using different storage strategies to make the flats more pleasant and liveable. At the ceremony, the volunteers and the families shared their thoughts on the success of the programme and demonstrated some of the home storage techniques they learned during a fun session, after which the professional organiser commended them for their excellent work.


Care and Love for the Subdivided Unit Families in Tsuen Wan


The centrepiece of the exhibition was a 1:1 model of a 124 square foot subdivided flat – the floor area of an average Hong Kong subdivided unit. Inside was a "before-and-after" comparison of how the scheme changed the interior of these flats for the better. The exhibition also brought the day-to-day routines of a subdivided household alive for the public, helping increase knowledge and empathy. Panels and games booths at the exhibition also helped educate people about Hong Kong's on-going housing crisis.


"Care and Love for the Subdivided Unit Families in Tsuen Wan" Official Website:


What' s New
YMCA athletes get stronger through A.P.P.
Athlete A.P.P.

When they get injured, Hong Kong athletes generally do not have easy access to quality treatment and recovery support facilities. All too often, they need to achieve higher performance standards for better services, or pay for their own medical treatment out of pocket. But when they reduce their visits to physicians for economic reasons, some athletes suffer recurrent injuries. In turn, this adversely affects the quality of their training and in the long run it can affect their level of competitiveness. To address this situation, the Association's Health Care Professions Department has launched our "Athlete A.P.P." programme – short for "analysis, prehab, performance". This scheme offers professional sports medicine healthcare and fitness training to young athletes at a discounted rate to help mitigate the risk of injury, enhance the consistency of their training and performance results and, most importantly, help them overcome injuries.


This programme is headed by a clinical squad comprising of registered physiotherapists and sports therapists. With biomechanical movement analysis, student athletes are triaged to decide who have high or low injury risks. Non-injured athletes are classified into pre-rehabilitation stage, where they will be treated with preventive therapy to strengthen common weak spots and minimise the risk of developing an injury. Injured athletes, on the other hand, are arranged to undergo rehabilitation stage before receiving preventive therapy. When it comes to the last stage of athletic performance, our therapists will come up with a periodization training plan building up the overall quality of athletes and improving their athletic performance.


Format: Individual / Group


Target group: Student athletes / full-time athletes aged under 25

  • Hong Kong Representative Teams / Hong Kong Youth Representative Teams (Up to 20 discount offers per year)
  • Hong Kong Representative Team Age Groups / Feeder Teams (Up to 10 discount offers per year)
  • University or Secondary School Team / Affiliate athletes (Up to 5 discount offers per year)


Services and fees:

  1. Analysis
    Fee: $150/30 min
    With scientific data analysis and functional movement screen, we can measure their explosive strength, body alignment and between-leg balance etc., that help us evaluate whether athletes suffer from muscle imbalance or a lack of motor coordination and find out which parts of the body are injury-prone.
  2. 1 Rehab
    Fee: $300/session
    Our therapists will arrange for athletes with treatments and physical training in consistence with the testing results, including treatment of soft tissue injuries, recovery of range of motion and muscle strength. By doing so, weak spots in athletes will be enhanced to allow complete healing of their injuries and prepare them for getting back in games with rehabilitation exercises.
  3. Prehab
    Fee: $300/session
    Physiotherapists and sports therapists deploy preventive therapy to athletes focusing on their muscle strength, coordination, range of motion and weak spots, with the aims of improving weak spots and reducing risks of injury for achieving a breakthrough when their performance runs into a bottleneck.
  4. Performance
    Fee: $300/session
    After our therapists have ensured athletes is ready for return-to-sport, a tailored and complete workout plan, from fundamental fitness to motor coordination in a specific sport, would be executed to give them a boost in performance training for desirable competition results with strengthening and conditioning exercises.


For any enquiries, please dial 2743 1702 or email [email protected] to contact Mr. Marco So, Registered Physiotherapist of Health Care Professions Department.


Featured Programme
Walking Football Project Experience Day

Walking Football Project Experience Day


To protect themselves against COVID-19, many seniors include exercise as part of their daily routine – however, as we age we cannot exercise as vigorously as when we were younger. Walking football, performed at lower speeds and with lower intensity, is a good compromise.


The Association is planning the "Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong - Jockey Club Walking Football Project Kick-off Ceremony and Fun Day" on 3 Sep (Sat) that brings together Dr Patrick Yung Shu Hang, the sports medicine specialist, Mr Lee Kin Wo, one of the Hong Kong football legends, and Ms Helen Lee Wing Yan, the rising stars who will put on a freestyle football performance, to help promote the sport. There will also be a series of sports experience workshops and health talks, as well as games booths and souvenirs – don’t miss it!


Date: 3 Sep 2022 (Sat)
Time: 13:15 - 17:00 (Check-in starts at 12:45)
Venue: West Kowloon Cultural District
Fee: Free of charge


Time Details
12:45 - 13:15                Check-in               
13:15 - 14:15                Kick-off Ceremony and Freestyle Football Performance               
14:15 - 17:00                Health Talks, Games Booths, Health Tests, Sports Experience Workshops & Souvenirs Giveaway              


For any enquiries, please dial 2783 3629 or email [email protected] to contact Ms Ola Wong.


Programme Highlights
YM Volunteer Design, Thinking and Services Training Programme
YM Volunteer Design, Thinking and Services Training Programme

During Feb to Aug this year, the Association's YM Volunteer Academy put together the "Design, Thinking and Services Training Programme" to integrate social innovation into our volunteer services. Running from February to August, the programme recruited 35 young volunteers aged 15 to 24 years who developed ground-breaking service developments to help maximise resources. Trainees took several social innovation and design thinking courses to sharpen their creative edge and enhance their sensitivity towards the needs of society. After seven months of training, six teams of young volunteers put their knowledge into practice, using novel ideas to implement their own service project on 27 Aug. At the sharing session, the teams reported their achievements and highlighted the benefits of their projects, while getting advice from one of the juries - Mr Steven Tsoi, Chief Impact Evangelist of SVhk and Co-founder of SONOVA. Two awards were also given out: "The Most Influential Project" and "The Best Volunteer Service". Each of the 35 young volunteers was also given a certificate of commendation for their eager participation.


Offering support to DSE students
Offering support to DSE students

As they await their university entrance exam results, DSE students experience a crucial life moment. To help students through this stressful period, the Association's YM Volunteer working group arranged for a team of professional counsellors, social workers and university and college students to provide them with support. Our student volunteers shared first-hand experience and practical advice with the students, acting as big brothers and sisters who used to be in their shoes, and giving them the important message that they were not alone. The night before the exam results were released, Mr Bean Ma Hing Man, our counsellor, Mr Li Chun Shing, a registered social worker and volunteers formed a circle with the students, chatting with them about how to adjust their attitudes and regulate their emotions, the JUPAS ranking order of favoured subjects, and non-JUPAS gateways to further education. We also activated a helpline to provide DSE students with emotional support, higher education consultation and advice on changes to JUPAS subjects for three days after the results were released.


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