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YMCA 2021 June Perspective


Cover Story

Cover Story


Father-Child Relationship Survey Promotes “Here and Now” Parenting


Fathers or paternity are the crucial structure to families. To understand the importance of fathers engaging in the development of their children, and the general state of father-child relationships across Hong Kong, Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong’s Family Working Group conducted a wide-ranging survey called “Father-Child Relationships Amongst Senior Primary Students.” The survey ran from November 2020 to March 2021 and interviewed a total of 568 students in P4, P5 and P6. The Association released the results of the survey and an interpretation of the data on June 20th 2021 as the Hong Kong celebrated Father’s Day.

The headline result is this: The Association recommends that fathers spend more time with their children and embrace “here and now” parent-child moments.

The survey discovered that 41% of students talked to their fathers for no more than 30 minutes a day, and almost 70% for no more than 1 hour a day. At the same time, around 72 of the students expressed an interest in having daily conversations with their fathers for at least 30 minutes per day, showing that there is a big gap between children’s expectations and reality.

In terms of the nature of father-child relationships, nearly 30% of the students either agreed or strongly agreed that their fathers knew little about their current concerns in life, while over 22% of the students either agreed or strongly agreed that their fathers knew nothing about their recent experiences.

Ms See Man Yan, the Coordinating Secretary of the Association, believes that spending time together is extremely important for positive parent-child relationships. Unfortunately though, modern parents are often very busy at work and tend to de-prioritise parent-child time. The Association encourages parents to better manage their work and family life and make optimal use of the time they spend with their children.


To encourage parents to embrace the concept of “here and now parenting”, the Association has developed seven tips for better parent-child relationships. These tips are designed to remind parents to spend quality time with their children and ensure that they receive their undivided attention. Try as many of these “here and now” tips as you can every day!


Tip 1: “Heal with Love” –
Find time in your schedule to arrange at least 30 minutes of one-on-one interaction with your child every day.


Tip 2: “Ease the Mind” –Take advantage of any holidays and take a family ‘staycation’ in a hotel or campsite, or participate in similar relaxing activities that promote parent-​child bonding. 


Tip 3: “Relieve and Breathe” –
Ask your child to practice deep breathing exercises by blowing bubbles. These exercises help calm their minds and bodies.


Tip 4: “Explore Challenges” –
Create or participate in some moderately challenging activities like outdoor adventures or sports challenges with your children to help strengthen parent-child bonds – and get fit at the same time!


Tip 5: “Nature Retreat” –
Get outside and explore nature with your children. This will help soothe the minds and spirits of adults and children alike.


Tip 6: “My Mood Observatory” –
Ask your children to express their feelings in the form of weather reports. This will make it easier for them to describe their moods and allow parents to better understand their children’s needs.


Tip 7: “Wondering with I spy” –
Do an “I spy” treasure hunt with your kids wherever you are – restaurants, supermarkets, parks, or even on the MTR – to help deepen mutual communication and understanding.


The Family Working Group of Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong specially designed the "Board Game "Home" Multi Fun" game card to encourage parent-child games. From today to July 31st interested families only need to register through the following online form to get a free copy of "Board Game "Home" Duo Fun". Each family is limited to one copy. (Limited quantity, while stocks last) Interested families can also participate in the trial day arranged by the conference.


The Family Working Group of Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong specially designed the "Home Multi Fun" board game to encourage parent-child interaction. From today to July 31st interested families only need to register through the following online form to get a free "Home Multi Fun” board game set. Each family is limited to one set. (limited quantity, while stocks last). Interested families can also participate in the fun day arranged by the Association.


To learn more about the survey and these tips, please call 2781 1411 / 2778 2727



What’s New
Y-Care CSR Scheme cum Sport-Friendly Action Award Ceremony
Y-Care CSR Scheme cum Sport-Friendly Action Award Ceremony

This year’s Y-Care CSR Scheme cum Sport-Friendly Action Award Ceremony was held on the 22nd of this month. To echo the slogan of YMCA 120th anniversary this year - “To Share the Love of Jesus by Serving our Community for 120 Years, to Establish Healthy Living with the Application of Technology for a Better Future”, the theme of Award Ceremony was based on the theme of "Digital Inclusion", and nearly 110 awards were awarded! Thanks to our corporate partners for supporting YMCA in providing diversified social services during the epidemic, and benefiting the community!


The award presentation featured a welcome speech by Mr. Karl Lau, General Secretary of Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong, thanking our business partners for their support to YMCA over the years. We also invited Dr. CHAN Pak Li, Bernard, JP, Under Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development Bureau, and Ms. Zoe Chow, Senior Officer - Corporate Social Investment of HKBN Group, to share how companies can provide appropriate assistance to digitally disadvantaged communities through NGOs to achieve digital inclusion. Furthermore, with the beneficiaries shared their cases, the public would be able to have a better understanding on the importance of corporate support to social services.



1+2 Volunteer Referral Programme
1+2 Volunteer Referral ProgrammeSpreading love and serving the community with your friends is even more fun than doing it by yourself! By recommending two friends to register as YM volunteers, our volunteers can receive either a free themed tote bag or a free badge.


If you’ve already successfully recommended two friends to the YM Volunteer scheme, please fill out this online form and answer some basic questions. We will contact you soon about collecting your souvenirs, while newcomers can visit the nearest YMCA centre to register as a volunteer.


Here is some more information on the complimentary souvenirs here. Quantities are limited, and items are first come, first served.


(1) Cotton tote bag –
each is themed with one of four UN Sustainable Development Goals: either SDG3 (good health and well-being); SDG4 (quality education); SDG 16 (peace, justice and strong institutions); or SDG17 (partnership for the goals). These bags will be selected randomly before being given to the recipient.


(2) Commemorative badge –
has the slogan “Be Young to Serve” on it, encouraging YM volunteers to stay active and serve society with a youthful mindset.


Delay no more, take action now to become a volunteer! For enquiries, please call 2783 3370


Sport-Friendly Action: YMCA’s 120th anniversary charity challenge
Sport-Friendly Action: YMCA’s 120th anniversary charity challengeTo celebrate the 120th anniversary of YMCA, our Sport-Friendly Action campaign has organised YMCA 120th Anniversary Charity Challenge event. The event aims to share the joy and significance of YMCA with the public, while encouraging everyone to stay active and healthy to improve their overall well-being. We invite you and your friends and family to register for the challenge today!


You can participate in the challenge anywhere, anytime. Essentially, “120” is the objective of the challenge – whether measured in minutes, or distance or some other metric. Achievements will need to be recorded, whether through photographs or screenshots. Upon verification, participants who have completed any of the challenges listed below will receive a medal and other souvenirs. All proceeds will be donated to the Realise Love Realise Dreams Foundation, which helps members of disadvantaged groups realise their dreams.


Here are some examples of challenges:

  • Running for 12 or 120 kilometres
  • 120 push-ups or sit-ups
  • 120 skipping rope skips
  • 120 minutes of yoga or kickboxing
  • 12 sets TRX training
  • 120 minutes of hiking, swimming or cycling
  • Optional challenges


Event Details:

Date: June 21st to August 31st 2021

Place: 560 people (Limited to availability)


1. Individual Challenge
Registration fee: Robust group: $200 (18 to 60 years old)
Discount group: $120 (under 18 and over 60)


2. Team Challenge (applicable to groups and companies)
Registration fee: $200 per participant
Registration link:


Inquiry: 2783 3380 (Mr. Kwan) / 2783 3347 (Mr.Yeung) Email: [email protected]



Highlights of our Activities
Aromatherapy Volunteer Service brings sweet smells to the elderly
Aromatherapy Volunteer Service brings sweet smells to the elderlyA caring touch not only delivers healing, but can also send love and warmth to the elderly. Recently, our YM Volunteer division launched an Aromatherapy Volunteer Service for elderly people. Both volunteers and service recipients enjoyed themselves immensely, and all parties participated in the spirit of mutual respect.

The novelty of this programme led TVB to invite Miss Chow, a Programme Officer at our Chai Wan Neighbourhood Elderly Centre, to appear on the channel’s show “Happy Old Buddies,” as well as an RTHK programme called “Life is Love.” In both programmes, Miss Chow shared her experiences with the aromatherapy service and her thoughts on volunteering in general.
“Life is Love” will be broadcast on RTHK5 at 8:30 pm on July 6th . Don't miss it!
YMCA Primary School is awash in awards!
YMCA Primary School is awash in awards!

Lui Hoi Wan, a P6 student at YMCA Primary School recently won a Caring Integrated Student Award at the 39th JCI Island Scholarship for the Disabled. The award recognised her efforts to promote an inclusive learning environment and build a harmonious community.


Also, YMCA Primary School entered the Final of the 2021 Odyssey of the Mind Hong Kong Regional Tournament. This is the third year in a row that the school has made it to the finals. After a fierce battle, the student team finished ninth in problem four out of a total of 24 teams – a very respectable result!



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Y-Care CSR Scheme cum Sport-Friendly Action Award Ceremony
Y-Care CSR Scheme cum Sport-Friendly Action Award Ceremony


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