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YMCA 2021 September Perspective


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YMCA and the FIWFA Sign MOU
Kicking off Exclusive Partnership


For over five years, Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong (YMCA) has been active in promoting a new sport called “Walking Football”, created for people aged 50 or above and in which players walk rather than run when playing, making it suitable for men and women regardless of physical condition. To date, over 3,400 YMCA members have been trained in walking football, and a total of 212 matches have been held. Recently, YMCA was invited to become the exclusive partner of the Federation of International Walking Football Associations (FIWFA) to promote this fledgling sport. By leveraging each other's strengths and networks, the two parties aim to bring the experience and benefits of playing walking football to people of different nationalities and age groups. YMCA and FIWFA signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) last month to commence the collaboration.


The MOU signed between YMCA and FIWFA stated that YMCA was designated as the exclusive partner of FIWFA for an initial 3-year period. Skills & drills training, coaching courses, referee programs and various tournaments are to be organized in a professional manner, where FIWFA will provide technical support and authorization for YMCA to attract wider public attention.


As a worldwide movement and global organization, YMCA has national offices spanning 120 countries. YMCA will take advantage of its international network to promote walking football in coordination with national YMCAs among YMCA members and local communities all over the world.


“Back in 2015, YMCA introduced walking football from the United Kingdom to provide an additional sports option for golden agers and people in recovery to promote health and vitality,” said Karl Lau Chun-chuen, General Secretary & CEO of YMCA. Lau continued: “As this year marks the 120th anniversary of YMCA, we deeply appreciate FIWFA’s management team for placing their confidence and trust in us. The success of this international cooperation will truly be a remarkable milestone in the history of sports development. We expect to work closely with FIWFA, making walking football a popular sport around the world and a centre of attention on the world stage, so that more people will be able to enjoy playing this fun-filled activity. The Associations values highly the cooperation. We have specially established a designated walking football logo in order to signify the sport and mark this collaboration”.


“Since establishing FIWFA, we’ve been promoting walking football at the international level as it is a sport for everyone, regardless of age, gender and nationality, to come together in a positive, healthy way,” said Paul Carr, Founder & CEO. “We thank YMCA’s dedicated efforts in promoting the sport over the years. The growth of walking football in Hong Kong has been phenomenal, and as everyone can see it is a safe and enjoyable sport. Working with YMCA is an exciting prospect, and we hope that walking football will, with the full support rendered by a global organization like YMCA, continue to bloom,” added Paul.


Walking football in Hong Kong

Walking football is an emerging sport created for people aged 50 and over. Since it was introduced in England in 2011, it has attracted a large number of participants in just a few years’ time, due to the reason that walking football places a greater emphasis on technical skills and the safety of players. In the UK alone, there are already over 960 teams, not to mention other walking football teams in many countries like Canada, Australia and Italy. And FIWFA is planning to hold the inaugural FIWFA Walking Football World Nations Cup 2022.


YMCA was a pioneer in bringing walking football to Hong Kong in 2015, officially naming it “健步足球” in Chinese. Over the past several years, we have been promoting this sport in different types of events. For example, in our publicity event, “Walking Football Hong Kong 2017”, participants got to see a demonstration of walking football and take part in a football training course. In the same year, we also held the first Advanced Walking Football Cup to get this new sport accepted by mainstream society.


Last year, YMCA commissioned Prof. Stanley S.C. HUI, from the Department of Sports Science and Physical Education of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, to conduct a study into “The Effects of Walking Football on Physical and Mental Health of Adults Aged 50-70 Years-old” (Chinese version available only), where walking football was proved to strengthen cardiopulmonary functioning. For a number of years, YMCA has held training classes regularly to popularize walking football. Up till now, over 3,420 students have participated. As a result, the sport has attracted not only ordinary citizens but also the aged and people living with injuries to join in the fun of playing football.




What’s New!
“Pin for Love YM 120” large scale propaganda@ KMB ETA panels

To celebrate Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong's 120th anniversary, the “Pin for Love YM 120” digital advertising campaign is running on three KMB ETA panels along Nathan Road until 7 October. The campaign lets people participate in YMCA mini-games and get chances to win a YMCA 120th anniversary badge. There is a daily limit of 120 pieces, the quantity is limited, while stocks last!


"Pin Love YM 120" Award-winning quiz game reference video:


In addition, to celebrate the meeting with everyone, starting from October 8th, the association will also release a 30-second promotional video for the 120th anniversary of the Association on ETA TV at 853 KMB stations in Hong Kong for two consecutive weeks to celebrate the 120th anniversary with the public!




YM Volunteer Awards Ceremony to be held on 3 October
YM Volunteer Awards Ceremony to be held on 3 October

This year’s Volunteer Awards Ceremony will be held on 3 October. Recognising the many contributions of YMCA volunteers to Hong Kong society, several awards will be delivered, including the Highest Volunteering Score (Individual) Award, the Outstanding Rising Star Award, the Senior Volunteer Award, the Outstanding Volunteer Group Award, and many others. The Association would like to express its gratitude to all volunteers for their persistence in giving back to the community over the years.


Echoing the theme of our 120th anniversary – “Applying innovative technology to new services” – there will be camera drones, somatosensory games and experience booths like air-cushioned remote-control boats that use innovative technology to assist with social services aims.


This year, the YM Volunteer Awards Ceremony will also be webcast in real-time to share the joy of volunteers who have been with us throughout the pandemic. Please mark your calendars and save the date!


Date: 3 October 2021 (Sunday)
Time: 3:00 pm
The Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong Facebook page:



Bridges Street Centre Historical Tours
Bridges Street Centre Historical Tours now taking appointments!

The Association’s Bridges Street Centre is one of the most iconic monuments in Hong Kong. The building was listed as a Grade I historic building in 2009 due to its fascinating architectural features. To celebrate the 120th anniversary of YMCA, the Association has partnered with ARUP, a global architectural environmental consultant, to organise Bridges Street Centre Historical Tours on 16, 23, and 30 October. The tours will give participants a guided tour of this historical building, allowing participants to see and feel the long history of YMCA by setting foot on Hong Kong's only remaining 100-year-old wooden suspended wok-shaped running track, and seeing the auditorium where Lu Xun once gave a speech.


The Association is also innovatively showcasing the architectural style of the Bridges Street Centre by inviting local craftsmen and cartoonists to create 3D Bridges Street Centre paper models in a 1:210 ratio using their impressive origami skills. Each participant will receive one of these paper models after completing the tour, giving them a lovely personal souvenir of the Centre’s amazing architectural features.


For more details and to register, see below:


Enquiry hotline: The Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong-Institutional and Market Development Division Miss Lee (2783 3370/2783 3371).




Highlights of our Activities
Charity movie sharing session: “Zero To Hero”
One of YMCA's charity partners, the Hong Kong Young Industrialists Council, held a charity film sharing session of the movie “Zero to Hero” on 4 September, inviting different organisations, including YMCA members and service users, to watch the show for free.

Over 20 YMCA guests attended the show and were moved by the positive energy of the film, which was adapted from the real-life experiences of Paralympic gold medallist So Wa Wai and his mother.



Hang Seng – YM Balloon Art Exhibition

Organised by Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong, the “Hang Seng YMCA Balloon Twisting Programme” is supported by Hang Seng Bank and the government’s Social Welfare Department. The aim of the programme is to promote the self-confidence, concentration and communication skills of students with special educational needs.


To show off the skills of the programme’s participants, a balloon art exhibition was held at iSQUARE in Tsim Sha Tsui between 25 and 27 September. Local artist Anton Poon and his team of balloonists led students with SEN as they created balloon art on the theme of “love inclusion”. Through the use of different symbolic colours and 3D stereoscopic art forms, the Association stimulated the students’ imagination and creativity and conveyed their positivity. Balloon gift packs were also given out to give the public a taste of the magic and fun of balloon twisting.



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