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Volunteer Services & Training Highlights

Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong-Jockey Club Mapperthon Sports Project—Sports volunteer training

Both young and golden-aged volunteers who participated in the Project learnt a number of technology based activities. They then taught the same to the elderly. All participants enjoyed the activities very much.


Care and Love to Tsuen Wan Subdivided Unit Families

In order to get ready to help project participants who live in sub-divided flats improve their living environment, more than ten volunteers took part in an online workshop. They got to know each other and discussed the initial plan of division of work.


Chinese New Year Blessings

Volunteers from different centres took part in Chinese New Year activities and sent blessings to those in need. While volunteers from Hin Keng Cenre made new year decorations and fai-chuns for the elderly, volunteers from Kwai Tsing & Tsuen Wan Youth Outreaching Social Work Team distributed gift packs to the underprivileged.


Family Alliance

The Alliance rercuited parent-child volunteers to teach family participants to make traditional new year food, so as to celebrate the Chinese New Year and improve communication between family members.


Green Action

Volunteers from Hin Keng Centre showed respect for the nature by partcipating in countryside and beach cleaning programme.


Online Music Show

Youth volunteers from Hin Keng Centre hosted an online music show where they interviewed local bands, and promoted positive messages to the community.


Limitless Space

In order to help the young people understand the challenges faced people living in sub-divided flats and the problem of poverty in general, the youth participants of the scheme learnt some basic woodwork techniques. They then made wooden handicrafts with the children from families living in sub-divided flats.


Made with love

More than ten volunteers from University YMCA (Chung Chi College, The Chinese University of Hong Kong) made handicrafts and played group games with children from Tsuen Wan Centre, sharing love and joy during the pandemic.


「DIY with kids & Team Up Kids

Students from Lingnan University and The Hong Kong Polytechnic University played online games with a group of primary students. The university students also talked about Hong Kong cultures with the kids.


Volunteer programme in Yuen Long

Tin Shui Wai Tin Chak Centre provided leather workshops for young people, so as to prepare them to be trainers and to serve the children in Tin Shui Wai. During the pandemic, they created videos to teach the children to make leather handicrafts at home.



By taking part in snorkeling and beach cleaning, volunteers from University & College YMCA Department enhanced their awareness of the need for ocean conservation.


Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong-Jockey Club Mapperthon Sports Project--Cross-generational sports volunteers

A group of golden-aged volunteers along with some young counterparts learnt how to play Taspony, so as to get prepared to teach the same to the elderly in the future.


Playing with you

More than thirty students from Hang Seng University of Hong Kong shared their middle school experience with primary school kids and made green toys with them.



Vounteers from University YMCA held an online Christmas party for children from low-income families and encouraged them to write Christmas cards to friends.


Hot meals canteen

More than 120 elderly people enjoyed hot meals provided by New Territories Centre and its sponsor.


Penfriend scheme X Elderly services

Students from different universities developed their friendship through writing to each other. They then organized a programme for the elderly in which they shared travel experiences and made mosaic coasters together.


Music Angel

Youth volunteers taught children from low-income families how to play the guitar and other musical instruments.


“Amazing Training Programme” for teenager volunteers

The aim of the programme was to promote sustainable living and to help teenager participants, AMAZING KIDS, to learn how to live green. During the service session, the AMAZING KIDS prepared potted plants and healthy meals for the elderly living alone, showing their care and love to the vulnerable in the community.

As some elderly people could not afford to buy disposable surgical masks, the AMAZING KIDS together with some parent volunteers made cloth masks and sanitizers, bringing these and other daily necessities to the elderly. All AMAZING KIDS learnt how to keep positive thinking in the face of adversity.