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Becoming a YMCA member means gaining many opportunities to take part in a wide variety of activities, including sports and recreation, interest courses* and volunteer services at the Association’s numerous centres. These activities allow our members to enjoy healthy and fun experiences through our large network of fee-based facilities. What's more, our members are entitled to a range of privileges offered by selected merchants and retailers upon presentation of their YMCA membership card. Invigorate your body and mind, and develop your spirit at the YMCA – become our member today!


To apply to be a member, please visit one of the Association's children and youth service centres (for a list of centre locations, please click here. Then simply fill out the membership form and post it to 5/F, Administration Building, 23 Waterloo Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong. Please include a crossed cheque for the relevant membership fee, payable to “Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong” (please specify “membership application” on the cheque).


*Interest courses are open to members holding Life, Supporting, Ordinary, Youth, Concessionary and Family memberships.


Membership Type

1.Life Member
  • Membership is granted for life.
  • One-off payment for membership of HK$5,000.
2.Supporting Member
  • Membership is valid for one year. Memberships who have been Supporting Members for five years will automatically become Life Members after the fifth year, regardless of whether those five years were accumulated consecutively or not
  • Annual membership fee of HK$1,000.
3.Ordinary Member
  • Any individual 18 years old or above.
  • One-year membership fee of HK$30;
  • Three-year membership fee of HK$80;
  • Five-year membership fee of HK$130
4.Youth Membership
  • Below 18 years old
  • One-year membership fee of HK$20
  • Three-year old membership fee of HK$60
  • Five-year membership fee of HK$100
5.Concessionary Membership
  • Aged 60 or above, comprehensive social security assistance recipients or holders of "registration card for people with disabilities”
  • One-year membership fee of HK$20
  • Three-year membership fee of HK$60
  • Five-year membership fee of HK$100
6.Family Membership
  • A married couple, or
  • the father and/or mother and his and/or her child/children under 18 years old (maximum 4 children)
  • One-year membership fee of HK$50
  • Three-year membership fee of HK$140
  • Five-year membership fee of HK$230
7.Group Membership
  • Eligible to churches, corporations and organisations
  • Group members are entitled to use specific fee-based recreation and sports facilities. These facilities are open to Group members, pending availability, at the following Association recreation and sports centres: the Kowloon Centre, the New Territories Centre and the Bridges Street Centre. For more information and to read our terms and conditions, please click here.
    • List of fee-based sports and recreation facilities which are open to Group members:
      • Swimming pools
      • Fitness rooms (available at the Kowloon Centre and the New Territories Centre)
      • Multi-purpose gymnasium (available at the Kowloon Centre and the New Territories Centre)
      • Squash court (available at the Kowloon Centre)
    • Terms and conditions:
      • Members must present their membership card and the relevant proof of Group membership (for example a staff card) for verification by Association staff before enjoying the above membership privileges.
      • Users of the fitness rooms and swimming pools must register their personal information and name of their associations upon entry and after use.
      • Requirements for the users of fitness room at Kowloon Centre
        1. Members must be holders of valid membership cards and Fitness Room User Cards.
        2. For first time users: If members have a basic understanding of proper use of fitness equipment, they can participate in “Easy Fit Programme” (A fee of HK$80 includes a Fitness Room User Card and three-hour usage of fitness room for the first time). If members are beginners (without a basic understanding of proper use of fitness equipment), they must attend “Introduction to Fitness Equipment Course” in person. Members will receive a Fitness Room User Card upon completion.
      • Only one swimming pool or fitness room ticket can be purchased at a time (except at the Bridges Street Centre).
      • Apart from fitness rooms and swimming pools, other sports and recreation facilities must be reserved one week prior to the date of use.
      • Kowloon Centre Multi-purpose Gymnasium includes Basketball Court, Volleyball Court, Badminton Court and Table Tennis Table.
      • New Territories Multi-purpose Gymnasium includes Basketball Court, Volleyball Court and Badminton Court.