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YM Balloon-Balloon-Arts Social Enterprise

YM Balloon is a balloon-arts social enterprise affiliated to Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong, and funded by the “Enhancing Employment of People with Disabilities through Small Enterprise” Project. YM Balloon employs people with hearing impairment and trains them into professional specialists in balloon arts. Specializing in various balloon-related services, YM Balloon offers balloon-arts decorations, training and workshops, balloon artist on-the-spot twisting and various balloon products retails.


Balloon-arts Decoration

YM Balloon offers banquet and party decorations, as well as balloon release ceremony for events. Décor themes can be tailor made to suit the mood of event and clients’ requirements. The social enterprise is a specialist in various balloon items, including columns, arches, photo frames and sculptures.


Balloon Training and Workshop

The social enterprise provides a wide range of balloon training and workshop packages, which are suitable for schools and organizations. Corresponding to the needs of schools, we introduce fun and useful balloon workshops incorporating elements of Liberal Studies curriculum and career development. Our professional balloon-arts instructors give lessons to trainees in accordance to their ability and skills, ensuring the expected learning objectives are achieved.

Balloon Artist On-The-Spot Twisting Professional balloon artists of YM Balloon are trained to provide on-the-spot twisting services. They can create small balloon gifts to party participants on request. This service is well liked not only among kids and youngsters, but also adults.

恒生 — YMCA 快樂「球」學計劃


Balloon Presents and Products Retails

YM Balloon provide a diversity of balloon presents and products, including balloon flower bouquets, helium balloon clusters, balloon centrepieces, to name a few. These products are particularly apt for festive celebrations, wedding and birthday parties. The social enterprise will also roll out limited edition items during festivals.

Contact Information

WhatsApp: 9122 1704

Email: [email protected]


Instagram:YM Balloon


Business Hours

Mondays to Fridays: 10am – 1pm, 2pm – 6pm

Closed on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays