Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong


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Area of Focus

Children & Youth
Part-time / Full-time Mother
Environmental Protection & Sustainable Development



  • Beneficial to the environment: extending fresh flowers' lives and values
  • Supporting the disadvantaged groups: helping the disadvantaged mothers for re-employment
  • Healing: releasing our stress through floral design


Social Problems

  • Fresh Flowers become a waste after events and ceremonies.
  • There are limited job opportunities with flexible working hours. The disadvantaged groups are difficult to find a job.
  • People are suffering from stress and anxiety in daily lives.


Project Details

  • Up-cycling the fresh flowers to dried flower products.
  • Empowering and training the disadvantaged mothers for re-employment.
  • Floral workshops for reflecting life journey, releasing stress and encouraging concentration and creativity.


Our Social Impact

  • Assisting 15 women (full-time / part-time mother) to re-employ & building self-help network
  • Rescuing 1,000 fresh flowers & upcycling them into valuable products


Our Services

  • Fresh Flowers Upcycling, Dried flowers products and decorations.
  • Workshops for individuals, families, schools and commercial groups.
  • Part-time Mothers are self- reliant for the production as they take up roles in the production.


Contact Us

Telephone:2251 9330
WhatsApp:9630 1706
Email:[email protected]
Instagram:YM Fleur


Opening Hours

Monday to Friday:10:00am - 1:00pm, 2:00pm - 6:00pm
Sunday and Public holidays closed