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Y-Care Scheme

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Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong (YMCA) is a Christian service organisation based in Hong Kong and is a crucial part of the global YMCA movement. The Association is dedicated to working with different sectors across society to bring about social change. Over the years, we have established partnerships with a number of corporations in order to serve the disadvantaged and promote social inclusion.


Our Services:

  • The provision of experienced social workers who provide training to corporate staff to understand the needs of society;
  • A wide variety of volunteer opportunities for corporate staff, offered through our strong community network;
  • Connecting people from across society and from all walks of life to promote social inclusion;
  • Providing the latest insights into global service needs through the YMCA’s global connections.



長者探訪 冬日送暖 親子競技
珊瑚導賞 兒童戶外體驗 特殊學習需要支援
長者愛心飯堂/科學探秘 關愛地球 種族共融
  Bronze Partner Silver Partner Gold Partner
Training Session Y Y Y
Volunteer programmes (Max. 4 programmes) Y
Max. 20 volunteer per programme
Max. 30 volunteer per programme
Max. 40 volunteer
per programme
Exclusive Ceremony/ Event     Y
Group Membership of YMCA*   Y Y
Eligible for participating to Annual Y-Care CSR Awards Y Y Y
Invitation to Y-Care CSR Awards Presentation Ceremony Y Y Y
Corporate logo displayed on YMCA’s website Y Y Y
Programme promotion on YMCA’s facebook page   Y Y
Programme promotion on CSR e-newsletter   Y Y
Programme promotion on YMCA members e-newsletter   Y Y
Title sponsor     Y
Exclusive logo design     Y
Photo & video shooting support     Y
Total Donation Amount/ Year HK$30,000 or above HK$60,000 or above HK$150,000 or

* Application for Group Membership of YMCA must be recommended by CCMS/ YMCA centers and approved by the Association. In the event of any dispute, the decision of YMCA shall be final and conclusive.










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         5/F., Administration Building 23 Waterloo Road, Kln