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Latest Activities

April - June 2021
Volunteer activities
Date & Time Name Content Venue Quota Registration Deadline Registration & Enquiry Remarks
Night Visit Visiting outsourced cleaning workers. Tsuen Wan 8 10/4/2021 Tsuen Wan Centre
(Sunny Sir)
Tel: 2413 3111
Supporting DSE students Making small gifts for DSE students. Seconday schools in Tai Wai 10 23 and 24/4/2021 Kin Keng Centre
(Mo Miss)
Tel: 2692 2036
Target: Members aged 12 to 16
April 2021 to June 2021
(Volunteer services on the first Saturday of each month. Irregular visiting and gathering)
RTV Volunteer training, organising activities. Kwun Tong Centre 18 First come first served Kwun Tong Centre
(Mr Ng)
Tel: 2727 5445
Fee: $20
Beach Cleaning To enhance the awareness of the need for conservatioin through beach cleaning. To be confirmed 8 14/5/2021 Hin Keng Centre
(Calvin Sir)
Tel: 2692 2035
Target: Members aged 14 to 18
May 2021 to March 2022
(Monthly visit. Notice will be given two weeks before visit)
Parent-child Volunteer team Visiting the elderly living alone. Volunteer training and gathering. Kwun Tong Centre and Kwun Tong District 20 First come first served Kwun Tong Centre
(Miss Ng)
Tel: 2727 5445
Fee: $10
for parents. Free for childre aged under 24.
Thursdays or Saturdays
in May 2021 to August 2021
Volunteer team in Kwun Tong 2021-2022 Volunteer training and gathering Kwun Tong Centre/ZOOM/
Kwun Tong District
12 First come first served Kwun Tong Centre
(Miss Tsui)
Tel: 2727 5445
Fee: $20
Target: Members aged 15 to 24.
Thursdays in May
2021 to March 2022
YM Power Volunteer Team Volunteer services for the children and the elderly in need. Kwun Tong Centre 10 First come first served Kwun Tong Centre
(Miss Tam)
Tel: 2727 5445
Fee: $20
YM Family--Parent-child volunteer 1 Visiting small shops or people in the community. Quarry Bay and Taikoo districts 20 15/6/2021 Kornhill Centre
(Mr Chung)
Tel: 2886 2751
April 2021 to June 2021
(Have to arrange a time with the individual sub-divided family)
Care and Love to Tsuen Wan Subdivided Unit Families--Home visit volunteers Home visit to sub-divided flats in Tsuen Wan District. TsuenWan District 10 Year-round recruitment Tsuen Wan Cenre
(Chung Sir)
Tel: 2413 3111