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Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong was established in 1901. Over the years, we promote meaningful socialization, sports and recreational, cultural, educational activities and the spirit to serve among the young people. Our strong professional team made up of experienced social workers, psychologists, physiotherapists and others professional sectors. If you would like to arrange interview for comment to a particular issue, please refer to our Corporate Communications & Marketing Section:


Corporate Communications & Marketing Section
Communications Officer
Tel: 2783 3405
Fax: 2783 3328

Email: [email protected]



Specialize in children development
Children: Disorders of Attention and Behavior, Developmental Disorders, Speech Therapy, Psychologic Consultation, Occupational Therapy
Specialize in youth problem
Youth: Life Planning, Emotional Management, Social Anxiety Disorder, Gender Relations
Specialize in family relationship
Family: Child-Parent Relationship, Family Conflict, Emotional Management, Positive Psychology, Mental Health
Specialize in elderly problem
Elderly: Emotional Management, Family Conflict, Health management
Specialize in hearing-impaired needs
Hearing Impaired: Sign Language Translation Services, Sign Language Learning, Potential Development
Specialize in ethnic minorities’ needs
Ethnic Minorities: Learning Chinese as a Second Language, Social Integration
Specialize in rehabilitation and sports
Rehabilitation & Recreational: Physiotherapy, Yoga, Physical Fitness