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YMCA 2019 August Perspective


Cover story

Cover story
Celebrating the YMCA’s 175th Anniversary
The industrial revolution that started in the UK in the 18th century was a hugely important milestone in human history. However, the revolution also gave rise to unhealthy social conditions in major cities across the country. As a response, Mr George Williams was inspired to establish the first YMCA, in the hopes of creating leadership for young people in the UK and motivating them to “get back on track” through Christianity by ensuring they had the correct moral and spiritual values.

YMCA’s 175th AnniversaryFast forward many decades to the present, where the YMCA has more than 58 million members in 120 countries, and is one of the oldest youth movements on the planet. In early August, the world celebrated the 175th anniversary of the YMCA at a massive series of festivities in London, England. These celebrations saw more than 3,000 YMCA representatives from all over the world gather in the United Kingdom to commemorate this historic moment and look to the future with pride and joy.

This ceremony was organised and coordinated by members from YMCA Europe and YMCA England and Wales, in partnership with the World Alliance of YMCAs, YMCA USA, and the YMCA World Urban Network. Thousands of volunteers, staff members, youth leaders and senior leaders from 100 countries took part, including several representatives from Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong. Each YMCA in attendance had a flag bearer, with representatives entering the venue as though they were taking part in the Olympic Games.

YMCA’s 175th AnniversaryThe festivities involved a four-day extravaganza of music and more, which shared the stories of George Williams as well as the philosophy, timelines and services of the YMCA. The organisers also invited scholars, young entrepreneurs and missionary teachers from different countries to serve as speakers, including Ms Jayathma Wickramanayake, the United Nations Secretary-General’s Envoy on Youth, World YMCA Secretary General Carlos Madjri Sanvee, and many others. The event enhanced public awareness about the plethora of services offered by the many YMCAs in different countries, and how the Association helps to inspire young people to think deeply, unleash their potential and contribute to society.

The event also featured workshops on different topics, such as health, sports and emotions. Through these workshops, young people from all over the world were able to further understand each other's culture and the services of the YMCA.

To help explain and magnify the history of the YMCA, the event’s organisers planned various tours to historical sites. Representatives and officers from Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong visited Westminster Abbey, a World Heritage Site. The church also has a stained glass window with the YMCA symbol which commemorates the George Williams’ contributions to the YMCA and to English society during the First World War.

The anniversary event was a huge success and brought joy and knowledge to the participating volunteers, youth representatives, officers and peers from Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong.

We hope that in future, our cooperation with other countries’ YMCAs will deepen and that we will be able to provide more relevant and diversified services for young people around the world.



What’s New
Award-winning annual report design
Award-winning annual report designOur annual report showcases our challenges, victories and accomplishments of the past year. To ensure maximum engagement, our team puts a lot of effort into designing the theme, cover, layout and content of each year’s annual report. The 2017-18 report was based around the theme of volunteering, the mirror-like polished cover featuring handprints of different sizes and “thank you” written in multiple languages on the cover. The cover design was meant “everyone can be volunteer” and to symbolize that the YMCA movement transcends race, language and age boundaries. This report also featured a number of stories from volunteers; in the hopes of motivating more people to join the ranks of our volunteer force.

We are happy to announce that at the ARC awards, we won a Bronze Award for Cover Design and a Honours Award in the Non-profit Org – Christian Service category. These awards prove that our annual report design, theme and structure are now at an international level. Congratulations to the hard-working annual report team! To view the award-winning report, please visit:

2017-18 Annual Report


End-of summer fun
 End-of summer funOur Kowloon Centre will host our last water carnival of the summer on 31 August 2019. The event will feature water aerobics, a life-saving competition, an athletics competition and more. Everyone is welcome to join – children, young people, adults and seniors! Limited places are available, so please register early to avoid disappointment. Click here for more details on the event and to register
For inquiries, please call 2783 3636.


Activities Highlights
Balloon twisting team visits Taiwan
Balloon twisting team visits Taiwan The Hang Seng YMCA Balloon Twisting Programme has been running for three years now, with over 400 students with special educational needs having benefited from the programme so far. Earlier this month, a team of five boys and three girls went to Taiwan to take part in the Taiwan International Balloon Art Competition. Although our team had to face a number of strong competitors, they were able to rise to the challenge. The team was satisfied with their best performance award, and they look forward to having more overseas exchange opportunities.


“Rainbow Drawing” parent-child workshop
 “Rainbow Drawing” parent-child workshop To give parents more opportunities to interact with their children and create memories, we joined hands with Giormani, one of our Y-Care CSR partners, and an illustrator called Moontasy. Together, they ran a white T-shirt design project with a group of families. Both parents and children were fully engaged in the graphic design exercise, with the event allowing volunteers to gain a greater understanding of the needs of low-income families. Everyone enjoyed the process, and the participating families couldn’t wait to wear their custom T-shirts. They also expressed an interest in joining any future workshops.


Handicraft Expo
 Handicraft ExpoYMCA FARM was invited by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council to arrange for 16 selected start-ups to participate in the Home Delights Expo. One of the components of the expo was a Start-up Square with several participating retailers, including YM Fleur, Aoto Letterpress – a boutique print and design studio in Hong Kong specialising in letterpress – and TRY & GO. We hope to see more young people get involved in promoting local handicrafts and showing off Hong Kong’s creative and independent spirit to the public in the future.


Mapperthon Oversea Exchange
Mapperthon Community Action Project is aimed at building a community with love and connecting people from different ages and regions through sports. To combine the Sports with voluntary services, a total of 15 Mappers visited the elderly homes in Tainan and taught the seniors and those with dementia about Taspony, Towel Exercise, and other fitness exercise. Despite the language barrier, both parties enjoyed the company of each other, and the Mappers were thrilled with the positive response. We shall continue to organise more volunteer activities through the Mapperthon, to promote healthy message and voluntary services to every corner of Hong Kong.


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