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YMCA 2020 December Perspective



Cover Story
Sending Love and Care to Families in Subdivided Units
What does your dream home look like? Does it have a sea view? Is it close to shopping? Hong Kong's land shortage has driven up property prices and made homes hard to reach, especially for those in a lower income bracket. According to the Housing Authority, the average waiting time for public rental housing has climbed to 5.6 years. While they wait, many people are forced to live in poorly maintained subdivided units, or SDUs. The government’s 2016 Population By-census Thematic Report reveals that a large number of SDUs are located in Tsuen Wan District, with more than 6,600 spread across Yi Pei Square, Sha Tsui Road, Ho Pui Street, and Chung On Street. Despite a typical size of only between 100 and 200 sq ft, the monthly rent for a SDU is comparatively high, ranging from about $5,000 to $7,000.

To improve the living environment for people living in SDUs in Tsuen Wan, Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong and the Bank of China (Hong Kong) have teamed up to launched a new project called “Care and Love to Tsuen Wan Subdivided Unit Families.” Using a combination of careful planning, design and renovation, the project sends teams of professionals and volunteers out to improve the living environment of SDU households – a service which is offered free of charge.

Combining professional wisdom with volunteer enthusiasm
The project brings together the expertise and experience of people from the design, building, social work, and other sectors in pursuit of a single aim: to create a comfortable environment for households living in SDUs. First, home visits are made by social workers to better understand the living situations and individual needs of the target households. Based on the personal needs and living habits of each household, the teams then provide simple and sustainable organisation tips to help these households properly organise every corner of their units. Next, after receiving professional advice on renovations given by interior designers, volunteers put this advice into action and carry out home improvement projects, including anti-lice operations, painting, simple maintenance, and building unique pieces of furniture for the homes.

Connecting with the community
To raise public awareness of the difficulties experienced by families living in SDUs, the new project is also carrying out communications work, which includes roving exhibitions in schools and around the district, as well as a series of seminars with sharing sessions attended by professionals and members of subdivided households. The project will also organise barter markets for SDU households, helping them to connect further with the community and establish a sense of belonging.

This two-year project has just begun. The ultimate goal is to optimise 100 households living in SDUs in Tsuen Wan District. Families living in SDUs in the district with a median monthly domestic household income at or below HK$ $28,500* are welcome to apply for the project. Priority will give to families with three or more members.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer for the project and are willing and able to lend a helping hand when needed, please contact the Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong Tsuen Wan Centre for enquiries:
Address: Block G, Annex Building, Luk Yeung Sun Chuen, Tsuen Wan Phone: 2413 3111.

“Care and Love to Tsuen Wan Subdivided Unit Families” project website

*The monthly household income limit (HK$28,500/month) is based on the median monthly domestic household income reported by the 2020 Q1 General Household Income Survey.



What’s New
Digital Entertainment Leadership Forum 2020
Digital Entertainment Leadership Forum 2020 – free admission!
The ongoing coronavirus pandemic is affecting people from all walks of life, with many of us stuck at home for extended periods of time. With people under lockdown, online games and e-sports are growing in popularity but are also increasingly under the spotlight. The 2020 version of the annual “Digital Entertainment Leaders Forum”, which explores the latest developments and insights from the gaming and e-sports industries, will be held online this year. This year’s virtual forum will look at the latest and greatest advancements and host a series of virtual competitions and exhibitions, performances, start-up showcases and a pitching contest. The forum sessions will be online until 11 January 2021, and they are free to join, so don’t miss out if you are a gamer or e-sports lover!

Click here to register for your free admission pass.


Mini-Movie Competition – final call for entries!
 final call for entries! There has been a lot of excitement and activity over the last few months around the 7th Hong Kong Secondary School Mini-Movie Competition, which is being jointly hosted by the Association, Magna Education Centre and the Hong Kong Micro Movie Institute, with several mini-movie workshops held featuring famous tutors including Neo Hawk Sau Yau, Hatou Sze Man Yeung, Eric Tat Ming Cheung, and Joey Wing Chung Leung. These workshops shared tips about directing, screenwriting, acting, production, radio, mixing and other film-related fields with students, allowing them to learn about the business of mini-movie making and deepen their understanding of film production. For highlights of some of the workshops, please visit the competition’s Facebook page.

The deadline for submissions to the competition has been extended to 31 December 2020, and the award ceremony is tentatively scheduled for 24 January 2021. All members are welcome to join. Click here to visit the official website of the competition for more details.



Activities Highlights
Stress relief through painting
Stress relief through paintingWe are now many months into the coronavirus pandemic and the situation will likely continue for the foreseeable future. The need for prolonged social distancing measures is affecting everyone, but is creating a profound increase in loneliness among the elderly and putting extra stress and pressure on their caregivers.

To help relieve this loneliness and stress, more than 50 volunteers from one of our Y-Care Corporate Partners, the Financial Market Management Department of the Bank of China (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd., joined staff from our Tin Ping Neighbourhood Elderly Centre and Art4MeNu instructors to offer a relaxing virtual artistic journey for 50 elderly people in North District.

Art4MeNu is a natural artistic process which uses double-ended paintbrushes to help participants reach a state of relaxation, bringing harmony to their minds and encouraging them to appreciate where they are in life.


Limited time travel offer for members
Limited time travel offer for membersThere is no doubt that everyone is looking forward to the travel bubbles which will hopefully be launched soon. To encourage our members to travel with peace of mind when it is safe to do so, we have a special offer just for you.

Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong and the Singapore YMCA @ One Orchard are offering a special discount on hotel accommodation. From now until 31 December 2020, members can book a double room at the YMCA @ One Orchard Singapore at the special price of SGD55* per night, with check-in dates allowed until December 2021. This is a limited time offer, so take action now!

For enquiries or to make a reservation, please contact
*10% service charge and 7% tax excluded.
The offer is bound by terms and conditions. In case of any dispute, YMCA @ One Orchard reserves the right to make the final decision.



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