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Outstanding teams of IFocus Ambassador 2023

The outstanding teams in the competition will receive full sponsorship to go to Kyoto, Japan as an "IFocus Ambassador" 2023 to join the "18th Internet Governance Forum". They will share the current internet and technology usage in Hong Kong as well as their innovative ideas on helping the social services provided by the Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong.


IF2023001 Sham Pui Yi, Lam Tsz Ying Sophie

Hong Kong is a society known for its rich cultural diversity, with a significant number of residents belonging to ethnic minorities. However, these ethnic minorities are facing social obstacles, including language barriers, racial discrimination and prejudice,  limitied access to public services and information, and difficulties to sharing their own culture.


To address these challenges faced by ethnic minorities in Hong Kong, we established a “Cultural Kaleidoscope”. Cultural Kaleidoscope aims to embrace cultural diversity, promote cultural inclusion, and address the issue of digital disadvantage through digital inclusion. By fostering the connections between local students and students of ethnic minorities, they can collaborate, create and understand each other better. Through teaching the use of digital technology, we can empower our young participants to keep up with the technological development of society, such as video editing and PowerPoint, thereby breaking down the digital barrier.


IF2023006 Lung Wing Man, Lam Man Ching

Last month, our team initiated a project aimed at helping the elderly increase their ability to use smartphones.


Initially, we were inexperienced in this field. However, with the assistance of social workers, we gradually learned how to teach the elderlyMeanwhile, they also made efforts and tried their best to use the Mobile apps that was new to them.

During our time together, we discovered that the elderly have positive learning attitudes which served as a valuable lesson for us.. Moreover, we have increased our understanding of the elderly. Previously, we were unaware of the difficulties they faced in using mobile applications.. This opportunity allowed us to figure out the problems that the elderly are facing further, we have tried to organize some workshops to help them accordingly. We learned from each other during the workshops and create a better future for all. 


IF2023004 Wong Pak Yin, Tsang Wa Chun

Our initiative is aimed at assisting low-income families in overcoming the Digital Divide, our plan is to organize a service day called “Robomaster” activity experience. Through this activity, we hope to narrow the gap between low-income families and technology so that they can engage with and understand the new technology.

In preparing for the event, we utilized the school's venue and equipment and provided sufficient preparation materials and programming knowledge. The program was divided into two days, including the introduction and operation of the “Robomaster” robot, programming instruction, Drone operation and competition.

Despite limited resources in terms of venue and equipment, the participants were satisfied with the event which have increased their knowledge and interest in digital technology. In review of the activity, we found that participants were curious about technological products and expressed a desire for more opportunities to experience and explore them. Overall, the event successfully achieved its objective by providing low-income families with a chance to access technology and reduce the problem of the Digital Divide.