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Introduction of the Competition



Introduction of the Competition

The pandemic has completely changed the use of information technology in society. New practices like Work-from-home, Online Lessons, Online concerts are common, and food delivery apps are growing fast. However, under the years of isolation between people, the problem of Digital Divide has become worse, and therefore "Digital Inclusion" become an important issue of the society.

IFocus Ambassador Programme of the Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong (Former name: NetY Ambassador Programme) launched in 2013. It aims to nurture the youths to help the underprivileged groups of the society to know and make good use of information technology and to eliminate the Digital Divide.

This year, the "IFocus Ambassador Programme " celebrates its 10th anniversary. We are also honored to have Motive Force Technology Limited as a strategic partner to sponsor and work together on the programme, with the theme of "Network Governance in the Metaverse". Taking advantages of new technology like "VR", communication technology and other digital devices, the participating teams will 
propose some ideas to help different sectors of people in need to enter the virtual world, and it can continue community care without geographical restrictions.

The outstanding teams in the competition will receive full sponsorship to go to Kyoto, Japan as an "IFocus Ambassador" 2023 to join the "18th Internet Governance Forum". They will share the current internet and technology usage in Hong Kong as well as their innovative ideas on helping the social services provided by the Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong.


Aims of competition
• Encourage the youth to make good use of information technology and care about the digitally disadvantaged in society
• After the training, the youths will become Knowledge Volunteers, and take it as their mission to eliminate digital barriers, to achieve digital and intergenerational integration.
Requirements to join 
• Participants must be F.1 to F.6 full-time students of secondary schools in Hong Kong (2022-2023 school year).
• The competition is in a team format. Each team must consist of two members, with one of them serving as the Team Leader.
• Participating teams can form teams freely or be recommended by school teachers.
• Once the registration form is submitted, the team list cannot be changed.
• Participants have good communication in English and Mandarin.


Competition Timeline (Stage 1 to 3 )


Stage 1 – Registration 


Stage Two – Digital Inclusion - STARTUP

  • Attend the Digital Inclusion - STARTUP on May 28, 2023 (Sun), details are as below:
  • Time:1000-1700
  • Venue: Wu Kwai Sha Youth Village
  • Detail: To write a service/event/workshop plan with the theme of "Digital Inclusion" in Chinese or English within the specified time, and upload it to the designated Cloud (announced on the same day). 2. Complete the tasks immediately announced by the officials regarding digital inclusion.
  • The conference will announce the shortlisted results on the conference Facebook page(Click Here)at 9:00 p.m. on June 9, 2023 (Fri). (A total of 10 shortlisted teams)


Stage 3 –  Execute the plan to lead services/activities/workshops

  • The shortlisted teams are required to lead a service/event/workshop project with the theme of "Digital Inclusion" for digitally disadvantaged groups from June to August 2023.
  • The shortlisted teams must upload a written report, Five photos of services/programmes/workshops and their brief descriptions, and a 30-minute video clip of the leadership activity as required by the conference before 23:59 on 4 September 2023 (Monday) to the designated Cloud.
  • The conference will announce the shortlisted results on the conference Facebook page(Click Here) and individual notice on 11th September, 2023 (Monday).



Assessment Criteria


  1. Writing service/programme/workshop proposal concept and digital inclusion START-UP programme performance. Scoring criteria for proposal concepts include, but are not limited to:
  1. Rationale
  2. Aims and objectives
  3. Feasibility
  4. Response to theme
  5. Expected outcome


  1. Skills for leading services/programmes/workshops(Updated on 21/7/2023)
  1. The content of the programme is relevant 20%
  2. Communication expression and interaction with the audience 20%
  3. Teamwork and leader-on-the-spot performance 20%
  4. Achievement of goals set in the plan 10%
  5. Proficiency in applying digital technology 10%
  6. Analysis of the collection results of the service audience's opinions on the plan 10%
  7. Reflections on the plan in the report 10%




Email:[email protected] 

Tel: Nico Tsui 2886 2751, Tim Chan 2538 9899


Registration details


  • Registration period: From now until 23:59 on May 22, 2023 (Monday)
  • How to apply:




  • The champion team in each category will have the opportunity to represent Hong Kong youth as "IFocus Ambassadors" to attend the "18th United Nations Internet Governance Forum" to be held on 8-12 October 2023 in Japan
  • Other teams that completed Stage 3 of the project will receive souvenirs and certificates as a token of encouragement.