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    Playing and learning through games
    Playing and learning through games
    Giormani is one of our Y-Care CSR partners. They are devoted to promoting the creative development of children and is a strong supporter of YMCA. Earlier, using income Giormani received from a floral pillow campaign, the company sponsored our “Play and Learning Through Games” programme held at our Tin Shui Wai Ting Ching Centre.
    Between January and March 2018, we will organise another round of activities under this programme, including an adventure game, music experience, discipline training, sports challenges and other parent-child interaction activities. We hope these lively and engaging activities will help children develop holistically by improving their creativity and developing a positive attitude towards learning.
    If your company is interested in taking part in similar Y-Care CSR volunteer opportunities, please click the link for more information.
    Travelling through time
    Travelling through time with the elderly
    To help elderly people enjoy the glorious memories of their youth while experiencing technology at the same time, Roche Hong Kong, another of our Y-Care CSR partners, sent a team of volunteers to play virtual reality fruit cutting game and hold multi-sensory lion dance with a group of elderly people. This event was a big win in many ways: aside from helping the elderly learn about new technology, it also improved their physical coordination and balance. In addition to these innovative games, the elderly also travelled back in time to take part in traditional craft workshop, making shadow puppets, festive dragon heads, mini-bus signboards, Chinese paper crafts and more. The event brought them back to their glory days, helping them share their stories and memories with the younger generations.
    the Mid-Autumn Festival
    Hang Seng volunteers help children celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival
    Hang Seng volunteers help children celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival A volunteer team from Hang Seng Bank, one of our Y-Care golden corporate partners, celebrated the Mid-Autumn Festival with 30 children, some from ethnic minorities, at our Chai Wan Centre last month. Volunteers explained the origins of the Mid-Autumn Festival and shared a number of stories with the participants to help them better understand Chinese culture and this important festival. The volunteers also teamed up with the participants to create traditional lanterns and snowy mooncakes; the finished products were given to the children as gifts – allowing them to share the joy of the festival with their families.
    Programme for SEN Student
    Hang Seng- YMCA Balloon Twisting Programme for SEN Student
    Hang Seng Bank, our Y-Care CSR Gold partner, has been actively supporting YM Balloon – a social enterprise affiliated with Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong ¬– in an innovative and supportive programme called the “Hang Seng- YMCA Balloon Twisting Programme for SEN Student”.

    Happy Study Recently, 128 SEN students from 16 secondary schools participated in this programme workshops and assisted by a team of volunteers from the bank. After eight training sessions, a two-day exhibition was held at Hollywood Plaza in Diamond Hill to showcase the fun and imaginative animal-themed balloon artworks created by the participants. The purpose of the exhibition was to help reshape society’s negative perceptions of SEN students through a vibrant demonstration of their creativity and craftsmanship. Details
    Triathlon 2017
    Sunlight Little Ironman Triathlon 2017
    Sponsored by the Sunlight REIT and organised by YMCA, the Sunlight Little Ironman Triathlon 2017 was just successfully concluded. This year’s event took place at the YMCA’s New Territories Centre and in addition to a 100-metre swim, a two-kilometre run and a four-kilometre bike race, a brand new element called the “parent-child secret garden” was added this year, encouraging participants to create their fantasy “home sweet home” while enjoying precious parent-child time together. Details
    QBE Foundation
    QBE Foundation Care for Children in Community
    To help special education needs (SEN) students realise their potential, this year, QBE, one of our new Y-Care Gold Partners, is sponsoring a project called” Care for Children in Community”. Starting in September, this nine-month training course aimed at SEN school children will be held at Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong Wong Chuen King Children and Youth Centre. A volunteer team from QBE will also participate in the project, offering timely and appropriate training to SEN students while raising public awareness about their needs.
    Preparing delicious meals
    Preparing delicious meals for the elderly with Shewan Hongyuan
    Earlier this month, Shewan Hongyuan (HK) Limited, another of our Y-Care partners, teamed up with Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong New Territories Centre to show love and kindness to the elderly. The company’s volunteers invited elderly members of the community to enjoy fabulous and affordable dinner at our New Creation Depot social enterprise. In addition to offering tasty meals to 115 elderly people, the volunteers also chatted and mixed with them and spent a wonderful evening together.
    Volunteer Programme
    “Ching Teen" Volunteer Programme
    This July to September, Hong Kong Hachiban Limited, one of our Y-Care corporate partners, is teaming up with Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong’s Tin Ching Centre to launch our “Ching Teen” volunteer programme. The programme consists of a series of volunteer training courses and services which will help young volunteers develop their planning and organizational skills. Members between the ages of 13 and 20 are welcome to take part. Places are limited, so all interested parties are asked to contact 2617 7233 for details.
    No Plastic Bottle Day
    No Plastic Bottle Day
    Our annual “No Plastic Bottle Day” event was successfully held on 1 June. Participation this year was higher than ever – in addition to our promotional truck which handed out foldable “free refill” cups to the public in Central, Mongkok and Tsimshatsui; all YMCA service centres and our Y-Care CSR partners Timberland and PROTREK also took part in our Please Refill campaign, with people refilling their cups and containers in locations around the city. We hope that everyone who was given a free refill cup will use them wisely. We also hope that people in general will carry their personal water bottles with them and buy fewer bottled drinks in future. The goal is to dramatically reduce plastic bottle waste in Hong Kong – so let’s start refilling now!

    For details of the permanent “free refill” locations please navigate to:
    Earth Day with Timberland
    Date: 06/2017
    To help our Y-Care CSR partner Timberland shoulder its environmental responsibilities, the company organises annual Earth Day for their employees. This year, Timberland linked up with us once again to conduct a beach clean-up and an eco-living workshop. Over 80 Timberland employees visited Lung Kwu Tan in Tuen Mun and participated in a workshop to produce eco-friendly lamps, bags and lip balms. The final products were given to seniors and families in need in Tin Shui Wai district.
    JEC Touring Hong Kong’s culture by tram
    JEC Touring Hong Kong’s culture by tram
    A team of volunteers from Jardine Engineering Corporation Hong Kong(JEC), one of our Y-Care CSR partners, recently embarked on a fascinating sightseeing tram tour with a group of local and southeast Asian children. The children had a great time learning all about the history of Hong Kong’s unique trams, the local culture of Sheung Wan and Central area, and the evolution of Hong Kong over the last century.
    Caring Company Partnership Expo 2017
    Caring Company Partnership Expo 2017
    Date: 03/2017
    Organised by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service, The Caring Company Partnership Expo 2017 was successfully held on 10 March at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong once again took part in the event, giving an introduction to our Y-Care CSR Scheme and our many services to over 100 representatives from the business sector. A handicraft workshop led by our service users was also held to increase the participants’ understanding of the needs and talents of our service users. Ultimately, the Association hopes that our participation will help promote further corporate engagement in the Y-Care CSR Scheme.
    大金冷氣 攜手保育海洋生態
    Conserving the marine ecosystem together with Daikin
    Date: 02/2017
    Daikin Air Conditioning (Hong Kong) Limited, one of our Y-Care CSR partners, recently sent a team of volunteers to participate in marine conservation activities alongside several young people. The volunteer team visited the Hong Kong’s Hoi Ha Marine Life Centre to learn about coral conservation and they are going to clean up marine litter on beach. By learning about the importance of conserving nature at a young age, people can develop a habit of treasuring and protecting the world’s precious natural resources and natural places.