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YMCA 2022 September Perspective



Cover Story
YMCA Wins Platinum Outstanding ESG Performer of the Year Award!


Early in 2022, the Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong (The Association) released our environmental, social and governance (ESG) report which highlighted how we championed ESG principles throughout 2021. The report covered our achievements in sustainable development, particularly in health, physical and psychological well-being, education, and employment. We also reported how we extended our focus towards digital and social inclusion and established a broader reporting framework for our rehabilitation services and social enterprises. In 2021, we had the privilege of winning the Hong Kong ESG Reporting Award of Excellence in Social Positive Impact. This year, our report won the Platinum Outstanding ESG Performer of the Year award in the NGO/NPO category at the ESG Achievement Awards 2021/2022 presented by the Institute of ESG & Benchmark.


Mr Karl Lau, the General Secretary, accepted the Platinum Outstanding ESG Performer of the Year award in the NGO/NPO category at the ceremony.

On August 30, the Association’s General Secretary, Mr Karl Lau Chun Chuen, accepted our award at the ceremony, saying, “Thank you to the jury for granting us this award and for recognising our ESG report. Gaining approval for our work from judges in the financial, education and social sectors means a lot to us. This award also acts as proof of our staff’s achievements across all our service units, and gives the entire team confidence to strive towards an even greater level of sustainable development.”


Mr Karl Lau, General Secretary, was interviewed by Hong Kong Economic Times to share his thoughts about ESG.

In their blueprint for the YMCA Movement developed in 2015, the World YMCA adopted a set of sustainable development goals (SDGs). The Association, being World YMCA member, followed suit and used these SDGs to plan our ESG framework. In a previous interview with the Hong Kong Economic Times, Mr Lau explained how this award is a manifestation of years of work which laid the groundwork for the Association’s achievements in sustainable development and social services, which have set benchmarks for the Asia and Pacific Alliance of YMCAs, as well as other YMCA national offices.


Mr Lau believes that the Association, with its 120 years of history in Hong Kong, has become a pioneer and trendsetter, particularly for the social service sector. He is sure that sharing our insights in ESG sustainability and global development with our community partners and stakeholders will motivate more NGOs to join the ESG movement. Meanwhile, the Association will strive to perfect every aspect of our services and aim for ESG excellence over the years and decades to come.


What’s New
Charity 3on3 Basketball Competition
「運動友善計劃」企業盃2022 - 慈善三人籃球賽
Charity 3on3 Basketball Competition has come to a successful end with the support from all parties .

Maintaining good exercise habits to ensure physical and psychological wellness during the Covid-19 pandemic has become a high priority for almost everyone. On 12 Sep, he Association recently hosted a “Charity 3on3 Basketball Competition” at the 3x3 basketball court in Wu Kwai Sha Youth Village, to ignite this spirit in more people and spur more corporations, organisations and institutes to formulate sport-friendly policies and raise funds for basketball training for grassroots children. Mr Cheng Kam Hing, the event’s ambassador and active Hong Kong First Division League players, strongly supported the tournament and formed a celebrity team with Mr Yeung Sui Hung and Mr Cheng Cheuk Nam.


「運動友善計劃」企業盃2022 - 慈善三人籃球賽
Mr Cheng Kam Hing (centre), the event ambassador and active Hong Kong First Division League players, formed a celebrity team with Mr Yeung Sui Hung (left) and Mr Cheng Cheuk Nam (right).

The tournament attracted eight teams and 49 players, including Sun Life Hong Kong Limited, Kowloon Motor Bus Co. (1933) Ltd and Modern Terminals Limited. There were many exciting highlights – after playing several games in a row, the Cup champion - KMB (Kowloon Motor Bus Co. (1933) Ltd) and the Shield champion - YMCA 3x3 Basketball Team (Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong) played exhibition games with the celebrity team, tasting the thrill of playing with the professional basketball players. In terms of personal performance, Yeung Wai from ANEWR (ANewR Consulting Limited) and Lai Cheun Yin from KMB (Kowloon Motor Bus Co. (1933) Ltd) won the top scorer and MVP awards respectively. Proceeds from the tournament, after expenses are deducted, will be used to fund free basketball training for children from grassroots families and nurture the next generation of superstars.


「運動友善計劃」企業盃2022 - 慈善三人籃球賽
The charity team led by Mr Cheng Kam Hing (light blue) played an exhibition game with KMB, the Cup champion team.

As the first organisation to bring basketball to Hong Kong, the Association has been a strong advocate for local basketball development through the years. We were very happy to see the addition of 3x3 basketball to the Olympic programme in 2020. In fact, this competition was held in Hong Kong’s first standard 3x3 basketball court designed with equipment to match FIBA requirements, including an internationally-approved 3x3 basketball playing floor and backstop unit. This venue will be used for routine training in the future, and we hope that this contest will inspire future basketball players to strive for glory.



Sport-Friendly Action Official Page:


Featured Programme
No Plastic, it’s Fantastic

“No Plastic, it’s Fantastic”, co-presented by the Association’s Environmental Working Group and Wu Kwai Sha Youth Village, is a Sunday event where families can get close to nature and learn about the importance of reducing plastic and other types of waste. Participants can enjoy parent-child bonding time amid greenery and experience various recreational activities at our campsites to help practice green living habits.


Date: 23 Oct 2022 (Sunday)

AM session: 10:00 – 13:00

PM session: 14:00 – 17:00

Venue: Wu Kwai Sha Youth Village

Fee: $120 (join either AM or PM session only)

Requirement: Participants must bring one eco-friendly item with them to help avoid using single-use plastics






Plastic-free Zone

Plastic-free camping experience zone

Plastic-free wilderness cooking zone*

Relaxing game zone

Plastic-free handwork zone


Green orientation

*only PM session available

Wu Kwai Sha Camp Recreation Zone

Rope course

Inflatable trampoline



Rock climbing

Whirlwind ball


Floor curling



For any enquiries, please call Ms Wong at 2642 9493. Grasp the chance and apply now via YM eConnect online system or at Youth Leadership & Wholistic Development Centre.


Parent-child play therapy group


Parents looking to respond to the emotional needs of their children by using conversation and appropriate feedback – this group is for you! Providing training through child-centred play therapy, this group follows parent-child play therapy principles to help all participants acknowledge their emotions and feelings. In turn, this helps ward off behavioural and emotional problems, increases self-esteem and builds healthy parent-child relationships.


Date: 28 Oct – 2 Dec 2022 (every Friday, 6 lessons in total)

Time: 19:00 – 21:00

Venue: 8/F, Chung Kiu Commercial Building, Mong Kok

Target audience: Parents of children aged 2.5 – 10 years old

Fee: $2,000 (Apply on or before 7 Oct to enjoy early bird discount -$1800)


1. Explains how play therapy helps regulate children’s emotions;

2. Introduces toys with therapeutic functions;

3. Helps participants master parent-child play therapy and its applications;

4. Demonstrates therapy through videos; and

5. Encourages practicing therapy techniques in class.


Tutor: Ms Irene Ko (Registered social worker, registered play therapist, American Play Therapy Association, Master of Social Work, Master of Counseling, Bachelor of Psychology)


For any enquiries, please dial 2332 4899 or email [email protected]to contact Counselling Unit. The quota is limited to 12 people on first come first served basis. Click here to apply now!


Programme Highlights
Walking football fever hits Hong Kong!




Covid-19 is raging in Hong Kong. While golden-aged people seek to strengthen their body with physical exercise, the odds are that they will experience physical deterioration at some point. Back in 2015, the Association wanted to encourage people aged 50 and up to get into the habit of regular exercise. We introduced walking football, a sport that allows players to enjoy the fun of football but without running or undue levels of contact. In 2021, we launched a three-year “Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong - Jockey Club Walking Football Project” backed by the Jockey Club.


Director David Wong, the Chairman of Camp, Recreation & Sports Committee, delivered a welcome speech at the Kick-off Ceremony and Fun Day.


On September 3, “Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong - Jockey Club Walking Football Project Kick-off Ceremony and Fun Day” was held at the West Kowloon Waterfront Promenade, headed by Director David Wong, the Chairman of Camp, Recreation & Sports Committee, and Dr Patrick Yung Shu Hang, JP, Chairman of the Medical Committee of the Hong Kong Football Association. Mr Lee Kin Wo, the legendary Hong Kong football player was invited to share the advantages of walking football with Dr Yung and promote the fun of this new game. Ms Helen Lee Wing Yan, the professional female Hong Kong football player, also showed up and showcased freestyle football tricks to entertain the audience.

Dr Patrick Yung Shu Hang, JP (right) and Mr Lee Kin Wo, the famous football player (centre) shared the advantages of walking football with the audience.


We presented certificates of achievement to 127 trainees from the first phase of the scheme, while games booths teaching walking football basics added to the happy vibe, and six sports-related workshops and health talks helped keep visitors updated and informed. Visitors were also shown various types of sports and fitness training exercises designed to alleviate the symptoms of long Covid-19 and fuel a general interest in sports.

Dr Patrick Yung Shu Hang, JP (right) and Mr Lee Kin Wo, the famous football player (centre) shared the advantages of walking football with the audience.


Since 2015, the Association has held a number of community experience days and training classes related to walking football. Together, these have attracted 14,000 participants to date. Our strong reputation coupled with public support for this new sport allowed us to initiate the “Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong - Jockey Club Walking Football Project” in 2021. This began with physical and psychological health assessments for elderly people, to ensure they were capable of participating in physical fitness and walking football sessions. In the first year, nearly 550 trainees enrolled in the scheme, with 450 passing tests for the women’s beginner and advanced classes and the men’s beginner and advanced classes. An estimated 900 more registrants were able to join our featured body-mind-spirit events as part of the scheme, regardless of their health assessment results.


Walking Football Official Page:



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