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December 2018 - March 2019
Volunteer Activities
Date & Time Name Content Venue Quota Registration Deadline Registration & Enquiry Remarks
Every two Saturdays in January to March 2019 Teen volunteer group For children to understand the spirit of voluntary services Shek Kip Mei Centre 12 5/1/2019 Shek Kip Mei Centre (Yan)
Tel:2778 2727
Preparation Day:17/1,
24/1, 31/1 (Thu)
Service Day: 1/2 (Fri) 6:00pm-8:30pm
The year of Pig Night Market Teaching kids to set up New Year Market booth, in order to development their commuication skills. Tsuen Wan Centre 15 10/1/2019 Tsuen Wan Centre (Miss Kat)
Tel:2413 3111
$120 per person
12/1、26/1、2/3 and 16/3(Sat)
Sharing with love by kids Building sense-of-caring of kids: making new year cake, lucky money envelopes, chocolates. Shek Kip Mei Centre 12 11/1/2019 Shek Kip Mei Centre (Yan)
Tel:2778 2727
$60 per person
Gathering and training: 12/1、19/1、2/2、16/2、2/3、9/3、16/3、23/3、13/4、20/4/2019(Sat); Community services:26/1、23/2、30/3、27/4/2019(Sat) Time:Training: 7:00pm–8:30pm; Elderly and children services: 2:30pm–4:00pm/4:30pm–6:00pm Caring and love volunteer services Gathering, games, community services training Kwun Tong Centre / Kwun Tong District 10 12/1/2019 Kwun Tong Centre (Miss Tsui)
Tel:2727 5445
Handicraft workshop (I)---20/1、27/1 (Sun)、
Visit the elderly---2/2 (Sat)
Handicraft workshop(II)---24/2、3/3 (Sun)
Booth---16/3 (Sat)
Handicraft workshop (I) & (II) 2:00pm –3:15pm
Visiting the elderly – 10:00am – 12:00pm
Booth –2:30pm –4:31pm
Love and care workshop Building spirit of caring and sharing: serving the underprivileged. Tsuen Wan 10 13/1/2019 Tsuen Wan Centre (Yan Yi)
Tel:2413 3111
$120 per person
Jan-Mar 2019 (exact day and time to be confirmed) YM community volunteer team Volunteer services training. Regular volunteer services. Tsuen Wan at least 5 people per team 15/1/2019 Tsuen Wan Centre (Miss Miu)
Tel:2413 3111
$30 per person ( Reservation is needed )
"19/1, 26/1, 2/2 (Sat)
2:00pm-5:00pm and
16/2 (Sat) 9:30am-12:30pm(Sat)
Those old days University students and kids learn how to make traditional handicrafts together and give those handicrafts to the elderly as gifts. Tin Shui Wai 8 university students and 8 kids 16/1/2019 Uni-Y (Lingnan University) (Linus Lau)
Tel:2616 7029
$50 for university student
$20 for kids
Training class:25/1、1/2、15/2
(Fri,3 sessions);
Practice class:22/2 - 8/3
(Fri,3 sessions);
Smart Kids Volunteer services training for kids: emotional control, independence training. Tsuen Wan 10 17/1/2019 Tsuen Wan Centre (Miss Lam)
Tel:2413 3111
$50 per people
19/1/2019 (Sat) 9:00am-4:00pm Handmade snacks with love Handmade snacks for the elderly. To be confirmed 15 19/1/2019 Uni-Y (Baptist University) (Ken Lam)
Tel:3341 2327
Deposit $50
Green Community Discussion on the benefits of green living. Kwun Tong Centre 6 19/1/2019 Kwun Tong Centre (Miss Tsui)
Tel:2727 5445
$10 per person
Bring your own cup
Special volunteer force 2019 Volunteer services training and visiting the elderly. Kwun Tong Centre 8 25/1/2019 Kwun Tong Centre (Mr Hui)
Tel:2727 5445
$50 per person
"19/1、16/2、16/3/2019 (Sat)
Health check for the elderly For youth to understand the needs of the community through offering health check for the elderly. Jordan Centre 10 9/3/2019 Jordan Centre (May Miss, 成 Sir)
Tel:27811411 Can
join just one or all
7/1, 14/1, 21/1, 28/1/2019 4/2, 11/2, 18/2, 25/2/2019 4/3, 11/3, 18/3, 25/3/2019 (Mon) 6:00-8:00pm Volunteer services in wet market Strengthen the knowledge of environmental protection for the youth: collecting those being discarded but still suitable for eating vegetables Jordan Centre / Yau Ma Tei Wet Market 10 22/3/2019 Jordan Centre (基Sir)
Tel:27811411 Can
join just one or all
4/1, 11/1, 18/1, 25/1/2019
1/2, 8/2, 15/2, 22/2/2019
1/3, 8/3, 15/3, 22/3,
29/3/2019 (Fri)
1:1 Teaching support One-to-one tutorial services for kids. Jordan Centre 20 22/3/2019 Jordan Centre (基Sir)
Tel:27811411 Can
join just one or all
Age 16-24 with Form 5 education backgroud or above
April 2018 - March 2019
(Every Saturday)
Basketball Volunteers Scheme Volunteer & basketball training Hiu Kwong Street Basketball Court, Kwun Tong 16 Mar-19 Kwun Tong Centre (K Sir)
$100 per person
Monday to Friday (According to volunteers' choice) 6:30-8:30pm Free tutorial class for Ethnic Minority 1) Training Workshop 2)Free tutorial class for ethnic minority students 3)Volunteers gathering Kwun Tong Centre 10 Registrations are accepted all year round. Kwun Tong Centre (Miss Tam )
Fee: $10 per person
Every Saturday
Parent-child Alliance Strengthen parent-child communications through community services. Shek Kip Mei N/A Registrations are accepted all year round. Shek Kip Mei Centre (Yan)
Tel:2778 2727
Every Saturday 3:00-5:00pm
(May vary according to activity)
Walking together volunteers Understanding the district through different activities. Organising voluntary services regularly. Kwun Tong Centre 10 Registrations are accepted all year round. Kwun Tong Centre: Miss Tam
Fee: $10 per person
Monthly (Saturday) 10:00am-12:00nn Parent-child volunteers Sense-of-belonging builder for parents and children: snacking making and making handicrafts Kwun Tong Centre 6 families Registrations are accepted all year round. Kwun Tong Centre: Mr Hui
Fee: $50 per family
Monthly or bimonthly Caring your neighbours parent volunteer group Visiting the elderly living alone. Kwun Tong Centre 30 Registrations are accepted all year round. Kwun Tong Centre: Miss Ng
Fee: $10 per adult