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Volunteer Services & Training Highlights

Hand-made playground equipment for kids

In order to promote children's right to play, a group of volunteers from University & College YMCA Department designed and hand made a set of playground equipment in Tsuen Wan last summer holiday. The temporary playground attracted 345 children and parents to experience some games which were good for children's physical and mental development.


Cookies with love for the elderly

A few volunteers from Shatin Youth Outreaching Social Work Team visited an elderly centre in Shatin. Volunteers made cookies with the elderly and shared the sweetness of those hand-made cookies together.


Free hair cut services for the elderly

Six youth members from Shatin Youth Outreaching Social Work Team provided free hair cut services to the elderly. Although there was room for improvement for the youth members, their performance, with instructions from professional tutors, was still satisfactory.


Walking together with YM volunteers

Youth volunteers from Tsuen Wan Centre designed some activities which promoted the idea of environmental protection. They taught a group of primary school students how to identify recyclable and non-recyclable waste. Through those activities, the volunteers presented the concept of reducing and recycling waste to the students.


Care for the homeless

The disparity between the rich and the poor is great in Hong Kong. So as to have a more understanding of the lives of the poor, child members from Tsuen Wan Centre and New Territories Centre visited the homeless people in their respective districts. The children learnt how to show their love and care to the disadvantaged, and also treasure what they possess.


Mapperthon – Equal for all

Mapperthon is a YMCA programme which encourages the public to exchange the calories they burn when doing exercise for household goods, and to donate those items to people in need. We designed a smart phone app for the participants, also known as Mappers in Mapperthon. The app can calculate calories burned. The calories burned can then be exchanged for household items on the app. “Equal for all” was the first calorie collecting activity under the app. Mappers used their calories burned to redeem some natural detergent. They visited the elderly and shared those natural detergent with them.


Mapperthon – EYT Volunteer

The programme linked up youth and the middle-aged to provide volunteer services to the elderly living in rehabilitation centres. Volunteers introduced new sports to the elderly, encouraging them to do more exercise for health.


Visiting children in Xi’an

Members of University YMCA (Chung Chi College, The Chinese University of Hong Kong) went to Xi’an to visit handicapped children and children with special needs.


Playground Builder 5.0

Going to Mongolia with 15 members, volunteers from University YMCA built playgrounds for the kids there.