The University YMCA® and College YMCA®, Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong

The University YMCA (Uni-Y) and College YMCA (College-Y) are student organizations affiliated to the Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong. There are seven Uni-Ys in local universities and two College-Ys in tertiary institutions, including Hong Kong Baptist University, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (Chung Chi College), The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Lingnan University, The Polytechnic University, The University of Hong Kong, Hang Seng Management College and YMCA College of Careers. Compliance with the missions of the universities and the Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong (To serve but not to be served), Christian principles are applied into practice through multifarious programmes which help nurturing and challenging the youths’ spirits, minds and bodies.

Global Y Trainee Programme

This Global Y Trainee Programme is a programme that promotes the notion of global citizenship through practical career development, cultural exchange and community service to participants from around the world. It offers a wonderful opportunity for developing leadership skills, gain needed community service hours, foster independent thinking and explore future career possibilities in NGO.

Global Y’s Trainee Programme has been organized successfully for nine years. Total number of participants has been rocketed to 533. An appreciable partnership has been developed with Honolulu, San Francisco, England, Germany, Spain, Canada, Singapore, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Philippines, India, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Nepal, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Tanzania of Africa, Mainland China, New Zealand and Brazil. Most participants were pleased with the fruitful and unforgettable days working industriously and learning joyfully in the overseas YMCAs. This programme is not only enriches their university life, but also let them to understand more about the mission of YMCA.

Selected by our experienced YMCA staff, successful participants need to attend workshops of different natures camp skill training and local internship to prepare their internship. They will gain the hard and soft skills, like how to lead group games, outdoor cooking and other general communication, cooperation and presentation skills. In addition, a pre-departure briefing will be organized to remind them of what should be kept an eye on and what attitude they should have. In order to guarantee good quality of the programme, an evaluation for both parties, participants and YMCAs, will be carried out.

In order to sustain the YMCA movement and develop youngster’s spirit, mind and body, this Global Y Trainee Programme is surely an invaluable opportunity to create a cultural exchange platform for university students to experience their life in different countries independently. It is also hoped that an impressive partnership would be developed between us in the near future.