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YMCA 2017 January Perspective


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Cover Story
Joining Hands to Create Shared Value
In 2015, Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong launched Y-Care CSR Scheme to expand our reach into the business sector. The aim of this pioneering scheme was to gather social resources and join hands with corporations and enterprises across Hong Kong to promote social inclusion and express care towards disadvantaged people and groups. On 17 January this year, the first-ever Y-Care CSR Scheme Awards Ceremony was held to celebrate the on-going achievements of the scheme. At the ceremony, 18 Y-Care CSR partners were honoured with Gold, Silver and Bronze Partner awards, as well as the Mobilization Award and New Partner of the Year Award.

In addition to the ceremony, a seminar entitled “Creating Shared Value for business and NGO” was held on the same day, with leaders from different business sectors invited to share their perspectives on the concept of “creating shared value” means to them. Mr Fred C F Sheu, National Technology Officer for Microsoft Hong Kong Ltd.; Mr Alvin Cheung, a senior researcher at Our Hong Kong Foundation (OHKF); with the moderator Mr Alan Wong, the former TV news anchor, shared their views on the definition and practical methods of creating shared value (CSV) and Microsoft Hong Kong’s experiences with implementing CSV.

Ms Maggie Tse, Marketing Director of PROTREK, our ‘Gold’ partner said, ‘ We are delighted to have the opportunity to work with Chinese YMCA in many meaningful events over the past three years, including the donation of wool socks to the elderly and the needy. Today’s seminar has enhanced our understanding of CSV. Our company will adhere to the direction of sustainable development from production to sales in the future.’

The event also enabled the participants to learn more about our services, including providing vocational training for the hearing impaired through our YM Balloon social enterprises, employs people with hearing impairments and prospective retirees; as well as our programmes to promote social inclusion. We hope that this seminar has generated increased awareness of our CSR enterprises as well as the concept of CSV.

In 2015 and 2016, the Association organised over 60 activities with our Y-Care CSR partners. A total of over 900 volunteers accumulated more than 4,400 hours of volunteer service – a very impressive achievement.

The Association would like to thank our 2015-2016 Y-Care CSR partners for helping to organise the inaugural awards ceremony. Not only have they helped recognise their own contributions, they have also motivated other companies and organisations to participate in the future.

If your company is interested in becoming one of our Y-Care CSR partners, please click here for more information.


What’s News
Vote for ‘Most Liked .hk Website’
YMCA website Chinese YMCA has been striving for excellence; a newly designed website launched last year, adding barrier-free accessible elements to facilitate the visually impaired and seniors. Also, our Facebook fan page and more rich content are added to the website, which greatly improves the readability of the site. Chinese YMCA has recently become the first-time ‘Most Liked .hk Website’ nominee, we need your support! Please vote for us by 8 February 2017!

‘Most Liked .hk Website’ Online Voting (Non-Commercial Category)
Voting site:
Out site:


Campsite Open Day
Campsite Open Day Every year, the Association’s Wu Kwai Sha Youth Village offers free admission to all on the third day of the Chinese New Year. Members of the public can freely enjoy all the village’s facilities including the trampoline, archery field, rope course, and badminton and basketball courts. We will also provide a free barbeque area and organising a flea market on that day. Don’t miss out, register now to take part with your friends and relatives!

Campsite Open Day
Date: 30 January 2017 (Monday)
Time: 10:00-16:00
Location: 2 On Chun Street, Wu Kwai Sha, Ma On Shan (accessible by taking public transport towards Ma On Shan)
Friendly reminder: All vehicles are required to donate HK$100 to park at the site. This fee is valid for one entry and exit only. To protect the environment, we would prefer that visitors took public transport to and from the Youth Village.


The “Good Family” column is up and running!
Good FamilyA new column called “Good Family” has launched on Chinese YMCA’s Facebook fan page since January 2017. The column is presented by the Association’s Family Social Work Group, and will cover topics such as moral education, the parent-child educational universe, the latest and greatest family activities, family travel guide, healthy and fun recipes, and many other topics. The column aims to provide tips and advice to improve parent-child relationships in all kinds of ways. The column will appear every spacer Monday, and a special cooking demonstration on how to make Chinese New Year almond nougat candy will be uploaded on 23 January – make sure you watch it before the new year!

The Chinese YMCA’s Facebook fan page:


Global YMCA Updates
Study and cultural tour to Belarus and Ukraine
Global YMCA News Twenty students from the University and College YMCA recently took part in a study and cultural tour to Belarus and Ukraine. Sponsored by the Home Affairs Bureau and the Funding Scheme for Exchange in Belt and Road Countries set up by the Committee on the Promotion of Civic Education, the tour ran from 27 December 2016 to 8 January 2017, with the participants meeting new friends and studying cultural and socio-economic conditions in both Belarus and Ukraine.

During the tour, the participants visited different enterprises, including a global IT company (Softserve), a leading provider of software product development services (EPAM), a manufacturer of haulage and earth-moving equipment (BELAZ), and several other companies. These visits helped the participants understand the opportunities being created for local economies by China’s Belt and Road Initiative. By attending a series of talks, workshops and simulations, the participants also got to know more about the trading and cultural relationships that exist between China, Belarus and Ukraine. Excursions to different universities, local YMCAs, the Confucius Institute, museums and spots of scenic beauty were also arranged.

By interacting with young people from Belarus and Ukraine, learning traditional handicrafts, and experiencing the local customs and festivals of both countries, the participants enjoyed a true cultural exchange, getting to meet and interact with young people from all kinds of different backgrounds.

The participants’ experiences on the tour will form part of an educational campaign to be held at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and Hong Kong Polytechnic University in early February. This campaign will promote the cultures of Ukraine and Belarus and advocate the Belt and Road Initiative. This will not only increase young people’s awareness of the initiative, it will also help launch a new round of cooperation with YMCAs in Eastern Europe.


Activities Highlights
Internet Governance Forum
「IFocus Ambassadors」 To encourage young people to participate in the discussions about internet governance, Chinese YMCA chose six IFocus Ambassadors to represent Hong Kong at the 11th Internet Governance Forum held in Guadalajara, Mexico late last year. Louise Choy, Dionne Chan, Elok Tsoi, Man Hei Siu, Roger Lam and Jianne Soriano participated in several workshops during the four-day event. They also set up a booth on behalf of Hong Kong focusing on internet governance, and were actively involved in discussions on internet-related issues like digital inclusion and the sustainability of internet along with 3,000 representatives from government departments, global NGOs, enterprises, professors and university students who came to Mexico from all over the world.

Our six IFocus Ambassadors, all of whom were participating in an overseas international forum for the first time, said that they had gained valuable experience, both through cultural exchanges with people of different nationalities, and through in-depth discussions on future internet policies. Looking ahead, the 12th Internet Governance Forum will be held in Switzerland in December of this year. Registration dates will be announced in due course. Interested parties are encouraged to keep a close eye on our newsletter for further developments.


Giving Warmth In Winter
Giving Warmth In Winter
Volunteers from Hang Seng Bank, one of the Association’s Y-Care CSR Partners, worked closely with us in this winter, helping to donate 1,200 knitted scarves, hats and socks to members of our senior homes, as well as low-income families, the needy and people from disadvantaged groups, in the hopes of helping give them a warm winter.

If your company is interested in joining our growing group of Y-Care CSR partners, please visit our website


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