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YMCA 2016 May


Theme Story

Theme Story
Transform your family relationships and enjoy your family life
When parents and children eat together, these are precious moments. Having face-to-face conversations about your daily work and school lives is enriching and important. Mobile technology, while incredibly convenient and helpful, also brings with it certain problems. One of these is the disruption of connections between individuals. Nowadays, around tables all across Hong Kong, parents and children alike are looking at their screens instead of their families. There is no eye contact or conversation between them at all – it’s like watching strangers have a meal. Why do we feel compelled to check our phones even when our whole family is right there with us?

To celebrate the International Day of Families on 15 May, Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong hosted a special “Love Family More” programme based on the theme of “gathering and multiplying the power of love to build a harmonious society”. We invited a number of families to enjoy a buffet and a good time at the Crystal Ballroom in the Cityview. The aim of the event was to prompt the participants to care for their families and maintain good family relationships.

We invited Rev. Lau Yan-tak, our Association board member and veteran educator with many years of teaching experience in Christian schools to the event. Rev. Lau shared tips for building strong and harmonious family relationship. He suggested that when we talk with our family members, we should make good use of eye contact, place reliance and avoid using demanding or blaming manner. Afterwards, Ms Mimi Tang, a gospel singer, delivered gospel messages through songs, while Ming, the dad of the Association’s “The Best Family”, shared how he maintains good relationships with his daughters. The Association also interviewed parents and children to produce a video before the event, in which showed how family relationship turn sour when people interacting with screens rather than families during meals. We hope that the families who attended the event can trigger self-reflection from the video, and rediscovered the importance of sincerely listening.

Happiness and harmony cannot be taken for granted. It is indeed a blessing to have a healthy family with whom you can share a meal. Don’t delay, stop playing your game, put down your phone, reclaim your precious time with your family and listen to them with all your heart.
Upcoming Events
Flying Classroom 2016
Flying Classroom 2016 photo How amazing it is to fly high in the sky and soar above the clouds like a pilot. If you are a secondary school student between Secondary Three and Six with an enthusiasm for aviation and an eagerness to ride in a helicopter, then don’t miss this chance to take part in the “Flying Classroom” programme organised this summer by the Association and the Hong Kong Aviation Club.

Participants will focus first on learning aviation-related knowledge, including the principles of flight, aircraft controls and much more. They will also get a close look at a helicopter in order to learn about its structure and mechanical parts. After completing the course, the most outstanding students will be eligible to take part in an advanced course taught by a volunteer pilot. This course will introduce meteorology, aeronautical communications, navigation systems and other interesting topics. The volunteer pilot will also talk about the process involved in becoming a pilot. The Aviation Club will select the six best-performing students who will then take a ride in a helicopter and experience the joy of flying for themselves.

Applications for this incredible programme are being accepted between 1 May and 12 June. Please click here for registration details,

Don’t miss this high-flying opportunity!

World YMCA News
 YMCA-Dutch Days Collaboration photo Netherlands Consulate General in Hong Kong and Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong – Dutch Days Collaboration.

Over the past year, Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong and the Netherlands Consulate General in Hong Kong have built up an excellent working relationship. In April this year we collaborated to promote Dutch culture to Chinese YMCA members in Hong Kong.

As part of this collaboration, the Association hosted the well-known jazz group the Rembrandt Frerichs Trio at the Cityview hostel.

On April 15, the group visited a YMCA Secondary School in Tin Shui Wai and performed a small workshop for 200 students, who all enjoyed the group’s music and engaged in meaningful dialogue.

On the evening of 16 April, guests at the Cityview also had the opportunity to enjoy a special performance of the Rembrandt Frerichs Trio while dining at the hostel’s outstanding restaurant.

In return, the Netherlands Consulate invited Chinese YMCA members to participate in a Dutch film festival from 21-24 April, offering them free admission.

The Association continuously seeks to develop strong and meaningful relationships with international partners like these; and in doing so, we create significant international exposure opportunities for all our members.

Highlights of our Activities
Hot meals for the elderly
Hot meals for the elderly photo To help spread joy and care and feed local seniors, the Association’s New Territories Centre and Hong Kong Hachiban Limited worked together to provide high quality but inexpensive dinners for 115 elderly people. The volunteers served hot food and chatted with the seniors, enjoying a wonderful dinner together.

The corporate volunteers who attended the event gave a great deal of positive feedback, saying that they gained a lot from talking to the elderly. They encouraged people everywhere to remember to care for elderly people, both at home and in the community; in the hopes that every senior citizen – people who have contributed so much to Hong Kong during their lives – can enjoy their golden years to the fullest while being given care and respect from everyone in society.


Gold Award for Web Accessibility
Web Accessibility photo Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong is one of the largest social service organisations in Hong Kong, reaching many people across the SAR. To help further broaden our reach, the Association’s new website went live last month. Specially designed to be accessible to everyone, including people with specific difficulties such as the elderly, blind people, and people with dyslexia, epilepsy and other impairments; the website takes care of their needs and provides all users equal opportunities to browse Association information and service details, as we work together to build a caring and inclusive society. The new website has already won a Gold Award in the Web Accessibility Recognition Scheme organised by the government’s Chief Information Officer.

To visit the Association’s new official website:


Charter on external lighting
The Association is determined to promote the importance of environmental protection. This year, the Association became an advocate for the environment in a new way – by signing the Charter on External Lighting organised by the Environment Bureau. Through the charter, the Association has pledged to participate in a collaborative effort to mitigate the problems of light nuisance and energy wastage caused by external lighting. Since 1 April, all our service centres began switching off external decorative, promotional and advertising lighting from 11 p.m. at night until 7 a.m. the next day.


Membership Benefits
Membership Benefits photoYMCA members have access to countless benefits across Hong Kong. This month, we are pleased to present even more discounts! Don’t forget to bring a valid membership card with you in order to take advantage of these benefits!
Every Association member is now eligible to receive a DR KONG coupon upon presentation of a valid membership card at any of our 15 service centres. The coupon can be redeemed for a value of HK$50 with any purchase of between HK$400 and HK$699, or for a value of HK$100 with a purchase of HK$700 and above. This offer is only valid while stocks last!

Coupons are available at the following service centres:
Hong Kong District:
Siu Sai Wan Centre
Chai Wan Centre
Kornhill Centre
Bridge Street Centre

Kowloon District:
Kowloon Centre
Shek Kip Mei Centre
Kwun Tong Centre
Lam Tin Centre
Jordan Centre

New Territories District:
New Territories Centre
Tuen Mun Centre
Hin Keng Centre
Tsuen Wan Centre
Tin Shui Wai Tin Chak Centre
Tin Shui Wai Tin Ching Centre

For more details on the centres’ locations and opening hours, please


Highlights of Chinese YMCA’s YouTube Channel
Love Family More
Love Family More video


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