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YMCA 2016 January


Theme story

Theme story
Corporate Volunteers in Action
In harmony with the Christian spirit of our mission, Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong is committed to serve, not to be served. To continue our advancement of this mission and to help people in need across Hong Kong, last year we launched our Y-Care CSR Scheme (“Y-Care”). Inviting several corporate partners to sponsor and participate in this voluntary scheme, together we harnessed the resources and power of companies across different business sectors in the hopes of achieving social inclusion for everyone and sowing the seeds of love across society.
Y-Care CSR Scheme
” Y-Care” has four major themes: children and youth, the elderly, environmental protection, and rehabilitation and services for ethnic minorities. Since the scheme’s inauguration, a number of corporations have partnered with us, including our “Gold” partners, Henderson Sunlight Asset Management Limited and Hang Seng Bank; and our “Silver” partners, Arredamenti Company Limited – Giormani, Timberland, and Glorious Sun Group.

These partners have already embarked on ambitious CSR initiatives, hand in hand with the YMCA. Hang Seng Bank is now actively encouraging their employees to become Y-Care corporate volunteers – for example, to help underprivileged children discover more about Hong Kong, the Bank’s volunteers participated in an activity alongside social workers from the Association, which blended fun with orienteering exercises on Hong Kong Island. Another activity saw Hang Seng volunteers go bowling with a group of senior citizens, to help energise and encourage these elderly people to do more exercise and “stay young”. Over the past two months, Bank volunteers have also been knitting beanies and neck warmers in order to send warmth to the elderly during the cold Lunar New Year period. Henderson Sunlight Asset Management Limited has also been a tremendously supportive partner, sponsoring the Association’s “Sunlight Little Ironman Triathlon” competition, which allows children and parents from low-income families to receive triathlon training from professional instructors. This initiative helps promote strong family relationships and improve participants’ self-determination.
Corporate Volunteer Experience Day
Corporate Volunteer Experience Day photoTo foster a better understanding of the YMCA’s diversified corporate volunteer services and to help recruit corporate volunteers for the coming year, the Association arranged a special “Corporate Volunteer Experience Day”. We invited corporate delegates on a visit to several service units: our Elderly Service Care Unit’s Tin Ping Neighbourhood Elderly Centre and Tin Ping Care and Attention Home for the Elderly; our Mentally Disabled Service Care Unit’s Home of Love – Yung Shing Sheltered Workshop; and our Children and Youth Service Unit’s Shek Kip Mei Centre. Association staff introduced the centres’ various services while exchanging views and ideas with the delegates. The day was a great success, with the participants learning a great deal about our different service targets and the many features of the service units.

A total of 21 delegates attended the Experience Day event. After a lunch meeting, the staff and delegates toured the four service centres in person. Afterwards, the delegates provided a lot of positive feedback, complimenting our staff on the arrangements and saying how, after their visit, they noticed more elderly, youth and rehabilitation services in the community. Some delegates commented that they planned to share their experiences with their colleagues in the hopes of fostering further enthusiasm for corporate volunteer work. If you are interested in becoming one of our corporate volunteers, then please click here for details!


“The Coolest Family” shares their happy experiences
“The Coolest Family” shares their happy experiences photoAfter a series of interviews and several selection rounds, the Wongs – a family of four – were crowned the winners of the YMCA’s “The Coolest Family” competition. Dad (Ming), mom (Joey), elder sister (Shirley) and younger sister (Karina) are now the Association’s official family member ambassadors! The Wongs have already taken part in several volunteer service activities and a two-day, one-night camp at Wu Kwai Sha Youth Village. Last month, they left Hong Kong for Taiwan, staying at the Nantou YMCA hostel in Taichung for an amazing four-day, three-night experience trip.

While in Taiwan, the family participated in local volunteer services and a number of interesting activities. They performed exercises and made rice balls with a group of elderly people, and visited a disabled service unit to play games and make Christmas trees with the members. The family also presented elderly people with lip balms made by the Association’s mentally disabled members. The Wongs will never forget how focused the participants were in the games and how genuine their smiles were. “Being volunteers not only allows us to serve people but it is also good for us“, the four ambassadors related.

Apart from serving the community, “The Coolest Family” was also invited to attend the Nantou YMCA Staff Christmas and Thanksgiving Dinner, and visited Taichung attractions and Nantou’s night markets. “I don’t think I can thank the YMCA enough. I can’t express how overwhelming it has been to have had such a valuable experience, ” shared by Shirley happily while on the way back to Hong Kong.

What? There’s even more? Yes! “The Coolest Family” had even more delights in store for them back at home. Ming and his family visited the Association’s hostels, The Cityview and The Harbourview, and enjoyed their multinational buffets. They also received fitness training, went swimming and joined in other interest activities at the Association’s centres, maximising their fun through the YMCA’s vast variety of facilities. Follow “The Coolest Family” by checking out the incredible photo album of their adventures now! To see “The Coolest Family” in action, click here, or visit the Association’s facebook page!


Activities Update
Running helps you relax!
Running helps you relax! photoTaking care of children with special needs is no easy job. “While parents take care of all their children’s needs, they often ignore their own personal emotions and warnings signs from their own bodies. It’s time for them to take a break and enjoy their favourite activities, this can increase their energy levels and boost their mood” explained Ms Rachel Yu Yun–chuen, a clinical psychologist for the YMCA. With these people in mind, the Association specially designed an eight-session “Run the City” exercise training programme for parents, which will improve their perseverance and self-determination and help to reduce the tensions of their daily lives.

To register, please click here.

For enquiries, please call 2217 8813 (Wong Chuen King Student Development Centre)


World YMCA News
YMCA Peace Forum for China, Japan and South Korea
YMCA Peace Forum for China, Japan and South Korea photoThere is no doubt that achieving world peace is a dream for most people on our planet. To help make this dream a reality, the YMCA has made it part of our mission to promote peace around the world. In pursuit of this mission, the Sixth YMCA Peace Forum for China, Japan and South Korea was held last month in Nanjing, China. This was the first time that the forum incorporated an inter-religious dialogue on peace. Recognising and at the same time moving beyond the region’s history of “forgiving but never forgetting”, delegates from all three locations established consensus on various topics, including the development and establishment of a peace-centric educational curriculum and related websites. The delegates also visited the Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall in person, while Japanese youth representatives presented the forum with one thousand paper cranes, representing peace and harmony. All delegates stood together, ready and willing to continue to develop a culture of peace. To learn more, please click here.


Society in Focus
Bartering brings many benefits
Bartering brings many benefits photoWhen it comes to the concept of bartering, many benefits immediately spring to mind. But apart from environmental protection, waste reduction and saving money, what other benefits can you think of? The Association recently conducted a study called “Bartering: Youth Cultural Behaviour Research”. Our research revealed that after participating in bartering, 76 per cent of the young respondents believed that they would change their “shopaholic” behaviour. During the study, the participants met owners, exchanged ideas and gained a new perspective on life. They even made new friends through the activities! Jess, one of the respondents, managed to obtain a fan, a landline phone and more than sixty other items just by bartering a pack of tissues! She also experienced deep feelings of love and compassion while she bartered. The study attracted a significant amount of media attention. Click here to view the coverage.


Highlights of the YMCA's YouTube Channel
"Realise Love, Realise Dreams" programme: Kowloon Motor Bus Depot visit
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