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YMCA 2018 Nov Perspective


Cover Story

Cover Story
Serving With Passion for More than a Century
This year marks the 100th anniversary of the establishment of Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong’s Bridges Street Centre, also known as the BSC. To celebrate this remarkable occasion, an exceptional event was held on 17 November: the Bridges Street Centre 100th Anniversary Celebration and YMCA Peace Day.

Serving With Passion for More than a CenturyThe theme of the festivities was “Serving a Century with Passion” – the perfect choice, since the BSC has served, grown and transformed along with the people of Hong Kong for the past century. To ensure that the public was part of this historical moment, we opened the Centre’s 100-year-old elevated wok-shaped running track and assembly hall to visitors. Through display boards, brochures, short films and animations, thousands of visitors were able to learn about the history of the BSC and many services provided over the years. The event drew large crowds of people, and even descendants of the Centre’s original donors!

Meanwhile, the YMCA World Peace Day is held on the third Saturday of November every year. This year, the event coincided with the BSC anniversary celebrations and so we arranged a complementary event on the same day. Using “the domino effect” metaphor to show how peace can spread throughout the world, we held a domino competition at our Island Christian Academy on the morning of 17 November.

Serving With Passion for More than a CenturyBack at the Bridges Street Centre, Mr Yau Chung Wan, President of Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong, gave a speech at the anniversary event, saying, “The BSC was the first fundraised premises of Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong. The Centre also embodied several ground-breaking and historic architectural principles. The building featured Hong Kong’s first indoor basketball court, first indoor swimming pool, first elevated wok-shaped running track, and the first assembly hall for local Hong Kong people. We should appreciate the vision that the Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong had in those days, as the Centre offered a wide range of facilities which catered for the needs of Hong Kong people right from the start through to the present day. Indeed, the BSC has ‘grown up’ with us. We hope that the current and future staff members of this century-old monument continue to adhere to the mission statement of the YMCA: ‘To serve, not to be served’, and work to fulfil the needs of the public long into the future.”

We were privileged to have Professor Sophia Chan Siu Chee, JP, Secretary for Food and Health, as our officiating guest of honour. At the start of the ceremony, Professor Chan remarked that “This year's celebration opens the 100-year-old elevated wok-shaped running track to the public and features a water carnival. These activities echo the government's measures to promote exercise and health. I am grateful to be here and I hope that this stunning grade 1 historic building will continue to show vitality and spread the health message under the leadership of the YMCA.” The 100th anniversary celebration of this historic building not only attracted a large number of people who were excited to see its historically-important facilities, the event also drew in some of the descendants of the Centre’s initial donors. Mr Andrew Lee King Fun, a renowned architect in Hong Kong, and his brother, Mr Lee King Hin, a famous cultural tourism writer and photographer, are both the grandsons of Mr Lee Yue Lin (also known as Lee Guan Hai), one of the founders of the Sincere Department Store. At the celebration, they mentioned that a donation made in 1918 by their grandmother, Miss Lui Wai Ping, was given in memory of their grandfather. The Lee family’s a donation of HKD2,000 was used to purchase seats for the Centre from the United States.

“My grandparents were Christians and, as the Bible says, ‘it is more blessed to give than to receive’; so they made a donation to the YMCA in the hopes of giving back to the community. At the time, the BSC was one of the few church institutions with a large assembly hall, and I believe this was the reason behind the seat donation – this act would have benefited many people. It is a great honour to be able to participate in the Centre’s 100th anniversary celebration today, and see the monument they helped create with my own eyes.”, Andrew Lee King Fun said.

During their visit to the Centre, the many guests learned about the history of us and services we have provided over the years through display boards mounted in the Assembly hall, a series of short films and animations and an informative BSC history booklet. A number of games booths were also set up outside the Centre on Bridges Street for the public to enjoy.

We are enormously grateful for the support we received from our members, our volunteers and the public during the anniversary celebrations and over the generations that our Bridges Street Centre has served Hong Kong. As the Centre moves into its next century of operations, the BSC will continue to uphold the Christian spirit of “to serve, not to be served” for future generations of Hong Kong people.

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What’s New?
Mini-movie sharing session
Mini-movie sharing session Jointly hosted by Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong, Magna Education Centre and the Hong Kong Micro Movie Institute (HKMMI), the Sixth Hong Kong Secondary School Mini-Movie Competition has added some new elements this year. The 2018 competition features a photography workshop, visual effects workshops and a directors' sharing session, all of which allow the participants to learn filmmaking skills from industry professionals. In the director’s session, Mr Sunny Chan, director of “Man on the Dragon” and Mr Kaki Shum, director of the short film “Life Must Go On”, shared valuable ideas and their experiences with movie making and the importance of time management with the participants. The directors encouraged the students to develop their interest in the film industry and take advantage of opportunities to learn about the production of short films and mini-movies. Registration for the competition will close on 31 January, 2019 and we encourage all those who are interested to take part!

Please click here to learn more about Hong Kong Secondary School Mini-Movie Competition.To hear what Sunny Chan and Kaki Shum have to say about movie making,
please visit the Hong Kong Secondary School Mini-Movie Competition’s Facebook page here.


Highlights of our Activities
STEM workshop @ the Chinese YMCA Primary School
STEM workshop Our Y-Care corporate partner, Citrix Systems Hong Kong Limited, recently dispatched a team of corporate volunteers to visit the Chinese YMCA Primary School. Once there, they used their expertise to help promote STEM education by creating robots with the students. This taught them about basic coding, helping to stimulate their interest in innovative technology in an engaging and interesting way. The students and volunteers then divided themselves into groups, competing against each other in a fun robot game. Everyone enjoyed the learning and the competition, with both the volunteers and the teachers saying that they would love to have more opportunities to educate the next generation through interactive games like these.


Creating a dream playground
Creating a dream playground Last month, Dah Sing Bank, another of our Y-Care corporate partners, sent a team of corporate volunteers to visit our Chai Wan Centre. The volunteers played with the children, working as a team to create a dream playground out of luminous blocks. Everyone worked together to create an imaginative, dream-like and fun work of art. The children not only unleashed their creativity, they also learned basic concepts in circuit bonding. The atmosphere was lively, and everyone enjoyed a fulfilling afternoon together.


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Maintenance and clean-up work performed at the YMCA’s Wong Yi Chau Youth Camp in the wake of Typhoon Mangkhut.
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