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YMCA 2018 Oct Perspective


Cover Story

Cover Story:
Transforming Anxiety into Confidence
People are fundamentally different. Just like everyone else, students with special education needs (SEN) have different strengths and different needs. For example, students with dyslexia are likely to suffer low self-esteem and low motivation to learn when they are failing in school; while students with ADHD often have social and behavioural issues. Parents of children with SEN, in addition to providing their children with extra love and care, now have a new way to boost the confidence and improve the social skills of their kids: Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong’s Balloon Twisting Programme.

For three consecutive years, Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong and Hang Seng Bank, one of our Y-Care corporate partners, have been running the Hang Seng-YMCA Balloon Twisting Programme to enhance the self-confidence of SEN students and promote social inclusion at the same time. Through the simple but fun act of twisting balloons into different shapes, the programme helps to improve students’ attention spans along with their interpersonal and social skills, while also enhancing their creativity and unleashing their potential.

Balloon Art CompetitionLast Saturday, 20 October, we organised a special graduation ceremony for the students of 2017-2018 programme at iSQUARE. The graduates were presented with certificates and participated in a balloon art competition with an “endangered animal” theme, giving the public an opportunity to learn more about and experience the many abilities of SEN students, ultimately reshaping their views on young people with SEN.

Hong Kong actor Sammy Leung Chi Kin was invited to last Saturday’s ceremony. After sharing his experiences growing up with ADHD with the award winners and the audience, Sammy then cheered on the SEN students as they took part in the balloon art competition, encouraging them to stay confident, discover their own strengths and most importantly, to not be afraid of telling others about their difficulties.

During the competition itself, more than a dozen experienced balloon artists mentored students on the ten participating teams. The competitors were instructed to make balloon animals which symbolised the different qualities of SEN students. The teams created a panda, a tiger and various other endangered animals out of balloons, eventually creating a vibrant “balloon forest” in the shopping centre, with which the public could take photos.

After the balloons were made, four awards given out: champion, first runner-up, second runner-up and a merit award. After a rigorous review, The Jockey Club Eduyoung College’s work “Tiger” was crowned champion. The winning team spoke about how the competition cultivated their team spirit and helped them make friends along the way. The students were glad to receive appreciation from the public, and winning the award gave them a confidence boost. The competition was a success and achieved all its aims: showcasing the potential of SEN students, increasing public appreciation of their skills and promoting social acceptance of people with SEN.

After three years, it is safe to say that the Hang Seng-YMCA Balloon Twisting Programme is a success. A recent study commissioned by the Hong Kong Polytechnic University interviewed almost 120 SEN students and their parents, teachers and social workers to gain clearer insights into how they are adapting to living and learning. The study results confirmed that these students’ working memory, planning skills and their coordination in their non-dominant hands improved significantly after the completion of balloon art training.

We look forward to creating further success with this programme as we work to improve the confidence of SEN students and help them develop their strengths for a brighter future.


What's New
The Bridges Street Centre 100th Anniversary Water Carnival
Water Carnival On 17 November, our Bridges Street Centre will kick off its 100th anniversary celebrations with a Water Carnival. The event will see historic spaces opened to the public, like Hong Kong’s first-ever elevated wok-shaped running track and the Assembly Hall where Lu Xun delivered famous speeches on the Chinese language in 1919. The carnival will also feature display boards, short films and animations of old footage, notes on important features of the building and a historical timeline of the Bridges Street Centre. Free trials of parent-child swimming, water fitness and hydrotherapy classes will also be offered. We are looking forward to celebrating 100th anniversary of the Centre with everyone through this carnival and a wide variety of other colourful events. To learn more about and register for the Water Carnival, please click here.

To read more about the story of the Bridges Street Centre, please click here.


The Sixth Hong Kong Secondary School Mini-Movie Competition
Mini-Movie Competition Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong, Magna Education Centre and the Hong Kong Micro Movie Institute are once again teaming up – this time it’s to organise the Sixth Hong Kong Secondary School Mini-Movie Competition. Aiming to promote positive and passionate messages from young people about the city of Hong Kong, this year’s competition will feature the theme “My City . I Create”. The participants will be given three choices for the format of their production: making a mini-movie, an animation or a motion graphics production.

A new addition to the competition this year is a series of workshops for budding filmmakers and a sharing session hosted by experienced filmmakers; so if you are keen to learn filmmaking skills from professionals and make your movie dreams come true, don’t hesitate to sign up for the workshops today, admission is free. The competition’s submission deadline is 31 January 2019, so don’t delay!

Click here to register online and learn more about the filmmaking workshops and sharing sessions.
Click here to learn more about Hong Kong Secondary School Mini-Movie Competition.


“YM Cre’Action for Social Good” programme to incubate start-ups
programme to incubate start-ups To encourage young people to be more creative and respond to social needs with innovative methods and practical actions, our University and College YMCA Department is launching the “YM Cre'Action for Social Good” start-up incubation programme. Aiming to create social innovation projects that will meet the needs of various disadvantaged groups, the programme will invite high-profile guests to give professional guidance, share their entrepreneurial and business experience and providing a pilot platform for young people to create a new social innovation project.

College and university students and alumni aged 17 to 30 are welcome to participate in this exciting new venture, please click here for further details and to register.


Activities Highlights
YM Volunteer Scheme Awards Presentation Ceremony
Awards Presentation Ceremony To encourage more people to join the ranks of our army of volunteers, this year’s YM Volunteer Scheme Awards Presentation Ceremony recognised the generosity and selflessness of our many volunteer heroes of the past year.

This year, the total number of registered volunteers exceeded 16,000 for the first time and of these, more than 2,300 volunteers received awards – a new record high. The ceremony also celebrated this year’s establishment of the YM Volunteer Academy, and a workshop was hosted by senior media worker Wong Kwai Lam and other YMCA staff members in which they shared stories of their cooperation with each other and gave team management tips to volunteers, helping to enhance their leadership and creative thinking skills.

Mr Tsui Ying Wai, Undersecretary for Labour and Welfare, was the officiating guest at the ceremony; he spoke about how pleased he was to see an increase in the number of young and senior volunteers and expressed his hopes that even more people from all sectors of society as well as enterprises and organisations will become volunteers in the future.


Partnering to deliver fun e-learning and STREAM activities
deliver fun e-learning This autumn, we joined hands with local e-learning provider Active Learning with Solution Limited on a complex project: integrating six elements – sports, science, recreation, environmental protection, art and Christianity – into camp activities at our Wu Kai Sha Youth Village. An e-learning tour system and a smart jump rope system were developed and introduced to campers at the site, helping to promote a variety of fun STREAM activities. The launch ceremony was held on 22 September 2018, with participating students getting a first look and first-hand experience with the e-learning tour system and the new STREAM activities.

To learn more about this partnership, please contact 2642 9420.


HACHIBAN gives love to the Chai Wan community
HACHIBAN gives loveJust before the Mid-Autumn festival, our Y-Care corporate partner HACHIBAN dispatched a team of corporate volunteers to visit senior couples and elderly people living alone in Chai Wan district, bringing with them gifts of healthy mooncakes and other presents. During the visits, the seniors shared their stories of mid-Autumn festival customs and festive foods with the volunteers, passing down traditional stories and wisdom.


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