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YMCA 2018 Sep Perspective


Cover Story

Cover Story
“Share to Care” Volunteer Campaign
“Share to Care” is the theme of this year’s YM Volunteer Awards Ceremony and aims to mobilise volunteers from all sectors of society, getting them to express their love and care for the needy through volunteer work. In addition to introducing this campaign and recognising the contributions made by volunteers over the past year; volunteer hairstylists and college students who previously served in our “golden scissors” and “commemorative album” projects respectively have also been invited to share their experiences at the upcoming ceremony. The presence of these guests and previous volunteers will hopefully motivate more people to join the ranks of our volunteer movement.

Miss Ng Lok Yee has five years of volunteering experience. She became involved in volunteer event planning during her college years, with her service targets including South Asian children, hearing-impaired children and the elderly. “The satisfaction I get from volunteering not only comes from helping people in need, but from meeting like-minded people. I became inspired and was motivated to serve even more people,” Miss Ng said. She went on to remark how the Association’s commemorative album project had been the most unforgettable experience for her over the past five years.

 they have contributed to society “It was a three-month campaign. We needed to interview the participants – all elderly people – about their background, experiences and achievements to make a personalised commemorative photo album for them. In addition to giving respect and love to the elderly, the production of this album was also a way to recognise the many ways in which they have contributed to society.”

 they have contributed to societyOf course, to summarise the life story of someone who is 70 years old in just 20 pages is tricky. She continued, “We needed to understand the participants through interviews and home visits; and we also revisited certain locations with them to help them retrieve their memories of past events. Some of these places could only be reached on foot or required a long bus ride; but the elderly participants did not complain – on the contrary they were worried about us!”

“When they finally received their commemorative album, their satisfied looks and their irresistible urge to share their life stories with people around them were so touching – it made my heart smile. After the event, some of the volunteers became eager to re-establish close relationships with their elderly relatives – this was an unexpected but very positive outcome of the project”, she said.

In addition to Lok Yee; Fanny, Joe and Vikki will also share their volunteering experiences during the ceremony. As a professional hair stylist, Vikki believes that volunteering to cut hair for the elderly allows them to feel loved and respected, saying that “being neat and tidy is the foundation of self-esteem and self-confidence for a lot of people. Giving them a free professional hairstyle is one way we can show respect to elderly people”.

Joe and Fanny also took part in the free hair styling initiative. Working with a pair of scissors for the first time, they were both nervous before they started, and worried that the elderly participants might get upset or even hurt due to their inexperience. But thanks to proper communication, both parties were happy with the results.

“It brings me joy to see others get so happy. Actually, for some of the elderly, the money saved on the haircut was not important – the biggest thing was that we gave them love and care.” Fanny recalled serving several long-stay hospital patients: “these patients, who are in bed for long periods of time, usually have sensitive skin and pressure ulcers – so we must be cautious and apply ointment to their sensitive areas. The free haircut we offered them was not only about styling their hair, but having a heart-to-heart chat with them.”

The 2018 YM Volunteer Awards Ceremony will be held on 7 October. Over 2,000 Gold, Silver and Bronze medals and new volunteer awards will be given to some 2,600 volunteers of different ages and backgrounds to recognise their selfless contributions over the past year.

We hope that you too will take part in our YM Volunteer programme, and use your strengths to serve vulnerable people in communities around Hong Kong. Click here to view more details about the programme.


What’s New?
Y-Fit Day experience
Y-Fit Day experienceAfter a stressful and busy Monday to Friday work or school week, your body and mind need to rest over the weekend to prepare for the challenges of the next week. Being physically fit is a great way to boost your recovery time, so why not give yoga or the HIIT cardio workout a try? YMCA will hold a Y-Fit Day on 29 September (Saturday) at Kowloon Park, with professional coaches offering yoga and aerobic training to lift your fitness level and calm your mind.

Event details:
Date: 29 September 2018 (Saturday)
Time: 10am to 12pm
Location: Kowloon Park
Target: Individuals aged 15 to 40
Cost: HK$80
Notes: Please bring your own yoga mat
Registration enquiries: Call Gloria on 2783 3612


Mapperthon Community Action
Mapperthon Community Action Imagine a crossover between retro games and emerging sports. Is such a thing even possible? Yes! Jointly organised by the Chinese YMCA of Hong Kongand the Hong Kong Jockey Club, our Mapperthon Community Action project will present a creative street performance on 6 October (Saturday) at PMQ in Central. Activities will include Chinese jump rope and rope skipping, hopscotch and street dance, and much more. Participants will also get a free trial of a pedal-powered coffee bike and a parent-child workshop. Admission is free and everyone is welcome!

Event details:
Date: 6 October 2018 (Saturday)
Time: 1pm to 6pm
Venue: PMQ, No.35 Aberdeen Street, Central


Highlights of our Activities
Having fun at a dough figurine-making workshop
dough figurine-making workshopDough figurine making requires a high degree of precision, patience and hand-eye coordination, which is what makes it the perfect occupational therapy exercise for intellectually disabled people. Glorious Sun, one of our Y-Care Corporate Partners, recently sent several corporate volunteers to work with a group of intellectually disabled people at a dough figurine-making workshop. After working hard, the participants were thrilled to see the final results. Helping mentor them through this task was not easy, but through continuous encouragement and patience, the volunteers helped the participants overcome their challenges. Overall, it was a wonderfully rewarding experience for both the participants and the volunteers.



Creative balloon twisting
Creative balloon twisting Whether you are an adult or a child, colourful balloons are always a source of happiness. After learning balloon-twisting skills from the professional balloon arts instructors at YM Balloon; our Y-Care Corporate Partner Shenwan Hongyuan sent a corporate volunteer team to visit the residents of the Association’s Home of Love - Yung Shing Hostel. The volunteers taught the residents to twist balloons and played games with them, spending a happy and joyful afternoon together.



Global YMCA Updates
An afterword to our 2018 SPICE programme
Global YMCA Updates For the third year in a row, Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong partnered with Just Volunteers to develop the Summer Programme for Immersion in Communicative English – also known as the SPICE programme. This project receives significant support from the Chow Tai Fook Charity Foundation and other funders. As in other years, the aim of SPICE is to teach English to less privileged primary school students in Tin Shui Wai District and improve their confidence and self-esteem at the same time. This year’s SPICE programme took place during July and August at different primary schools across the district, and was fully planned and run by volunteers from Leeds University and students from City University of Hong Kong.

The SPICE programme not only benefitted the participating children, the students from Hong Kong and the UK also learned a lot of new things, particularly regarding how to become better teachers. They also experienced interesting aspects of Asian culture and became more confident about working efficiently as a team. This opportunity brought with it new experiences and challenges, like meeting complete strangers with whom they had to live for the duration of the programme, and stepping out of their comfort zones into the unknown.

For their first two weeks of the programme, both the UK and Hong Kong volunteers worked together to prepare and develop the curriculum used to teach the participating students, focusing on how to increase the children’s general sense of confidence and greatly improve their spoken English abilities to allow them to make social contact with foreigners.

This year’s SPICE provided a wonderful human journey for our international volunteers – not only did they form strong ties with each other and the local volunteers, seeing how the children they taught improved over time also brought them a lot of joy. This was not always easy as some children found the curriculum more challenging than others, and sometimes the language barrier was hard to overcome, but the feedback they received from the children was uniformly very positive. We know that this experience will always remain in the hearts of both the children and the volunteers.


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