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YMCA 2018 May Perspective


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Cover story
Give Love and Care to Children with SEN
Parenting is never an easy task. This statement is particularly true for parents of children with special needs. While society’s awareness of the importance of helping children with special educational needs (SEN) is growing, there is still a long way to go. Reports of family tragedies and public misunderstandings involving children with SEN indicate that the current lack of resources provided to families of these children put parents under added stress and creates additional risks for the children.

關愛導航 有你同行 Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong is pleased to announce that we are working to ensure that the needs of these families are met. A new collaboration with one of our Y-Care CSR partners have joined to launch training and art activities that allow SEN students to explore their interests, while at the same time raising awareness, reducing bias and discrimination, and nurturing an inclusive society.

Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong’s Wong Chuen King Student Development Centre is dedicated to providing services to SEN students and their parents. Ms Priscilla Mak, Project Manager at the Centre, said, “although the SAR government and schools across Hong Kong have been actively working to enhance public awareness about SEN students in recent years, discrimination still exists. I believe that with the right level of understanding about SEN children and their behaviours, a lot of discrimination can be eliminated. Increasing society’s acceptance and tolerance will definitely ease the pressure on the parents of children with special needs.”

The Centre has developed a series of training exercises and parent-child activities. Recently, they joined hands with the QBE Foundation, one of our Y-Care CSR partners, to launch the “Care for Children in the Community” programme in the hopes of benefitting more families.

Highlights of the programme include a mooncake workshop, sensory integration and small muscle training exercises, creative and art workshops, sports therapy, parent-child wall paintings and more.

The aim of these diverse activities is to improve SEN students' interpersonal skills, along with their focus and attention spans. Parents are also given strategies to train their children at home. In addition, the corporate volunteers taking part gain a better understanding of SEN students and give the parents motivation and encouragement.

One parent who recently took part in the programme remarked that the art workshop gave the children a way to express their emotions and communicate with others. In turn, this helped the parent better understand the children’s needs.

Alice, a corporate volunteer, told us that “My initial impression of children with SEN was that they are emotionally unstable and naughty. But through my interactions with them and their parents, I began to notice their innocence and sincerity. The programme allowed me to understand that SEN children have their own strengths and abilities – to unlock this potential, all they need is our patience and encouragement. The results may surprise you!”

“I felt a great deal of satisfaction teaching the children to paint,”Alice adding that, “after a conversation with some of the parents, I finally understood the pressure faced by the parents of children with special needs. I hope to see more corporations give back to the community and host similar programmes to improve SEN students’ interpersonal skills and offer more opportunities for parents of children with SEN to share their thoughts and feelings.”

As part of the programme, a group of 60 people – students, parents and volunteers – were invited to create a large wall painting at our YMCA’s Wu Kwai Sha Youth Village. Participants first drew a sketch on a 5m by 6m wall, then filled up the entire drawing with different colours by painting with their fingers. The resulting painting is not just an artistic representation of parent-child relationships; in the future it will be used as a teaching tool to educate the public about SEN students, and to promote acceptance, and create more opportunities and a friendly environment for these children who deserve to be treated with respect and dignity.

Click here to learn more about our Care for Children in the Community programme.


What’s News
YMCA 3D Printing Competition
YMCA 3D Printing CompetitionThe YMCA College of Careers will soon be holding its second 3D Printing Competition. This year, the theme is “Transportation” and we hope this theme will unleash the creativity and imagination of all participants. We strongly encourage everyone to integrate technology and art in their design. The competition will have three entry categories: primary schools, secondary schools and an open group. Naturally, 3D model enthusiasts are also welcome to join!

The competition features attractive prizes – the champion and first and second runners-up of each category will receive cash prizes; while the champion of the open group will receive a cash prize of HKD 20,000 along with a 3D printer and other equipment worth HKD 10,000.

Click here to learn more about the competition, or to enquire by phone, call 2783 3500 or 2783 3509.


Tropical Rainforest Ecotourism Experience
Rainforest Ecotourism Experience Have you ever wanted to see wild animals in their natural habitat? Or travel deep into a tropical rainforest and interact with the indigenous tribes of multicultural Borneo? What about learning how to canoe on a wide river or getting hands-on with the wilderness?

As long as you are between 15 and 24 years old, you can enjoy these incredible experiences and more on our Tropical Rainforest Ecotourism Tour. Click here for more details or to register online now, or call Mr Lee on 2413 3111.


The Woodland YMCA Desert Tree Planting Service Camp 2018
Tree Planting Service Camp 2018Have you ever been to the desert? Do you want to help and protect the world’s precious environments? Now is your chance! Jointly organised by Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong, the Xian YMCA, Hong Kong University’s Master of Science in Environmental Management programme and the Dingbian County Commission, this seven-day Woodland YMCA excursion will see participants travel to Dingbian and the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region in Shaanxi Province later this summer.

Their trip will include tree planting activities, seminars and volunteering to organise summer camps for local children to help raise their understanding of environmental issues.

Deadline for registration: 31 May 2018 (Thurday)
Click here to register and learn more about the event!


Activities Highlights
STEAM experience sharing workshop
STEAM experience sharing workshopChinese Y.M.C.A. College and Chinese Y.M.C.A. Primary School are fully committed to promoting STEAM education. Over the past few months, several students from both institutions have taken part in high-profile local and overseas competitions.

A total of a dozen students from both schools were recently invited to be guests at a public event during which they shared what they experienced at these competitions. Mr Lau Kwok Leung, the principal of Chinese Y.M.C.A. College, spoke at the event, pointing out that the purpose of education is not just to pass on on knowledge, but also to inspire students’ creativity and logical thinking, develop their problem-solving abilities, help them seek the truth and allow them to develop team spirit.

We echo his thoughts and hope more and more students will gain valuable skills and experience through the STEAM curriculum, which will help them get ready for a future in which knowledge of technology and artificial intelligence will be crucial to success in the working world.


Yuen Long District recognises outstanding volunteers
outstanding volunteers To encourage people of all ages to serve the community and be a volunteer, last year, the Yuen Long District Coordinating Committee organised the Yuen Long District Outstanding Volunteer Election 2017. We are pleased to announce that a number of volunteers from our Tin Shui Wai Tin Ching Centre and Tin Chak Centre won awards in different categories.

Sanwal Tafail, a young volunteer from our Tin Ching Centre, received a certificate of merit in the rookie group category; and “EM Go!”, a programme which aims to promote the social inclusion of ethnic minorities in which Sanwal took part, won the second runner-up award in the youth group category.

Tse Chung Hin, who was identified as having special educational needs at a young age, was very pleased with the magic show that he put on for the elderly and explained how he experiences the joy of helping others through our volunteer services programme. Tse Chung Hin won first runner-up in the youth group category; while the “18 Families Volunteer Group”, another group from our Tin Ching Centre which is committed to helping children, the elderly and other people in Yuen Long, won a certificate of merit in the youth group category.

We extend our congratulations to all the volunteers and team members, and we hope to continue to promote the spirit of volunteerism to allow even more people in the community to get the care and help they need.


Global YMCA Updates
Joint YMCA staff exchange between
Hong Kong and São Paulo


Global YMCA Updates In November 2015, Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong and the São Paulo YMCA in Brazil entered into a partnership with the aim of expanding the international YMCA network and providing mutual exchange and learning opportunities for our members in both cities.

Over the past three years, the two YMCAs have worked closely to implement the Global Y Explorers and the Global Y Trainees programmes, creating many meaningful and unique international opportunities for young people.

In the spirit of further expanding and deepening cooperation between the two YMCAs, this April, we launched our first bilateral staff exchange programme. To kick off this exchange, we are hosting Marco Aurelio Guimaraes from the São Paulo YMCA. Marco is spending a month in Hong Kong, exploring our sports and recreational services and sharing his professional knowledge with our staff.

Marco will finish his exchange at the end of May, when our return exchange to the São Paulo YMCA will commence. We hope that this bilateral exchange will take this partnership to the next level and create even greater benefits for communities in both countries.


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