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YMCA 2018 February Perspective


Cover Story

Cover Story:
Flying high With Our Business Partners in an Innovative Social Project
In 2015, Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong launched the Y-Care CSR scheme, a social project designed to promote corporate social responsibility and augment resources for disadvantaged groups in society. This year marks the fourth year of this successful project. To help raise awareness and broaden participation in the scheme, last year we held our first annual Y-Care CSR Scheme Awards Ceremony; building on that success, we recently held the second such ceremony.

Innovative Social Project Themed “Innovative Social Services”, guest speakers at the ceremony were invited to share their strategies for applying technology to social welfare services to improve the living standards of service users. After four years of collaborative effort, the achievements of our CSR partners have begun to scale up and take off; this year, 21 Y-Care CSR partners were honoured with Gold, Silver and Bronze Partner awards, as well as the New Partner of the Year award and the Mobilisation award. Our Gold Partner, Hang Seng Bank, organised more than 60 activities in 2016 and 2017, during which over 300 volunteers accumulated more than 1,400 hours of volunteer services. Thanks to these outstanding achievements, Hang Seng Bank also earned the Mobilisation award for their active and continuous support of our social enterprise YM Balloon , through an innovative and supportive programme called the “Hang Seng-YMCA Balloon Twisting Programme for SEN Students”. Technology has become an integral and indispensible part of our daily lives, and as a result of the speed of technological development, innovative products designed for the elderly and disadvantaged groups are becoming increasingly mature and accessible. This year, we invited Professor Wong Kam Fai (MH), Associate Dean (External Affairs) of the Faculty of Engineering at the Chinese University of Hong Kong; and the “Son of the Star” Stark Chan Yik Hei, BBS, to be guest speakers at the ceremony. The pair shared the feasibility and challenges involved with using innovative technologies in the social welfare sector. To help companies in Hong Kong develop a greater understanding of how innovative technologies aid social welfare services, we invited members of our Chai Wan Neighbourhood Elderly Centre to demonstrate a “Happy Lion Dance” at the ceremony, a set of computer-based kinetic exercises which help improve balance and flexibility in elderly people. Teachers and students from our YMCA Primary School also displayed their award-winning robots which demonstrated the benefits of STEAM education. Hong Kong Telecom and Butter Labo Limited also set up booths at the ceremony to introduce the various ways in which new technology can be applied to social services. We hope that this awards ceremony gave further encouragement to those who have actively participated in Y-Care Volunteer Services over the past year, and encourage other companies in Hong Kong to join hands with us to promote volunteer services and find new ways to give back to the community. If your organisation would like to take part in the Y-Care CSR Scheme, please click here for programme details.


What’s New?
Visit Colombia and Peru on a study and cultural tour!
Visit Colombia and Peru on a study and cultural tour! If you are a college student who wants to make the most of your summer vacation, then why not join us on a study and cultural tour of Colombia and Peru. The tour will explore many facets of these fascinating countries, including Machu Picchu, the incredible “City of the Sky” and one of the New Seven Wonders of the World.

Sponsored by the Home Affairs Bureau and organised by the University and College YMCA Department, the “Colombia and Peru Joint University Study and Cultural Tour” will encompass a range of historical and heritage sites and allow participants to experience the ancient Inca culture of Latin America.

Online registration:
Registration deadline: 9 March 2018 (Friday)


Activities Highlights
The successful premiere of “A New Chapter”
The successful premiere of A New ChapterWe recently launched an innovative social capital project to promote social inclusion called “From Newer to New”. The project creates opportunities for elderly Hong Kong residents to share their stories with immigrants who are new to our city. As part of our promotion, we created a mini-movie called “A New Chapter”. The premiere was held in early February at the UA iSQUARE cinema, with millennial director Lo Yung Yam and Ms Tsui Yuet Ling, the lead actress who played a recently-arrived immigrant, in attendance. Mr Gill Mohinderpaul Singh (aka Kiu Bobo), a Hong Kong-born Indian gentleman, was also on hand to share his story with the public, while Ms Akina Fong Kin Yee served as the emcee.

The premiere was fully booked and the audience was highly appreciative of the film and its captivating story. In her address to the audience, Ms Jessica Shiu, our coordinating secretary, revealed that the initial concept for “From Newer to New” was deeply connected with her retired father. She hoped that the scheme will help both retirees and new immigrants find their own place in society. Ms Tsui Yuet Ling also shared details of her pre-production preparation, and the difficulties of making her spoken Cantonese sound more like that of a new immigrant without sounding condescending or like a caricature.

The “From Newer to New” scheme will run for three years and will launch a number of activities for the elderly and new immigrants which will help these individuals integrate into society and ultimately create a more harmonious community.

Click here for more details on the “From Newer to New” project.


Free Fun Day 2018 and a special CNY promotion
Free Fun Day 2018 We recently held our Free Fun Day 2018 parent-child event on 4th February. The windy, cold weather did not blow away the enthusiasm of the families, with a total of 330 families enjoying the many parent-child activities at our New Territories, Kowloon and Bridges Street Centres, as well as our Wu Kai Sha Youth Village. All the participants were filled with laughter and joy and we hope to see you there again next year!



Free Fun Day 2018As part of our continuous drive to attract members, we have just launched a special Chinese New Year membership renewal offer. During the promotion period, all family members will enjoy a HK$10 discount off the price of membership renewal at our New Territories, Kowloon and Bridges Street Centres and our Wu Kai Sha Youth Village. Family members who select a three-year or five-year membership renewal will also receive a complimentary portable folding chair during the promotion period. For more details, please click here.







Global YMCA Updates!
A University YMCA refugee service trip to Thessaloniki – serving and learning at the same time!


Recently, 14 students from our Uni-Y based at the University of Hong Kong were given an incredible opportunity: acquiring first-hand knowledge of the European refugee crisis and gaining insights into the on-the-ground situation experienced by migrants.

Global YMCA Updates Thanks to the organisation’s support and warm hospitality given to them on their trip to Greece by the World YMCA and the YMCA of Thessaloniki, the students got to participate in voluntary services and fruitful discussions with staff from the Department of Social Action of the local YMCA, activists from the community, NGOs and government officials.

The eleven-day trip, which ran from 3 to 13 of January 2018, began with an orientation tour of the initiatives that the YMCA of Thessaloniki has in place to support refugees in the city. After that, the students spent four days in the Diavata Refugee Camp, where they coordinated different art, science, sports and handicraft programmes for refugee children and talked with the staff from an NGO and members of the municipal government based in the camp. During their time there, the students were surprised by the hygienic environment of the camp, touched by the warm welcome of the people staying there and impressed by the children’s eagerness, motivation to learn and incredible potential in their different areas of interest.

The students’ passion for getting to know each other and building friendships allowed them to overcome any cultural differences or language barriers: their use of body language, songs, sports, dancing and hands-on learning activities helped them bond with the children and families staying at the camp.
The students also had the good fortune of meeting Mr Vasilis Tsartsanis, a generous-hearted refugee activist who helped thousands of refugees staying in the Eidomeni refugee camp, and who is still active in European refugee advocacy work.

Mr Tsartsanis guided the visiting students on a tour of the site of the now-evacuated Eidomeni camp, explaining in great details the history of the migrants, smugglers and the refugee problem itself. The students were accompanied on this tour by a counsellor from the Ministry of Migration Policy and the director of a health centre.

The team were then invited to Mr Tsartsanis’ home in Polykastro to view an exhibition on the life of refugees in the evacuated camp. This was followed by a fruitful sharing session with people in the community who were motivated by the kindness and generosity given to the refugees by Mr Tsartsanis in the past. The students were touched by how the community altruistically helped the refugees out of an unconditional regard for fellow human beings.

The trip was filled with discoveries, friendships, laughs, reflections and insights. From being impressed by the diversified refugee initiatives at the YMCA of Thessaloniki, to engaging with little children at the Diavata Refugee Camp, to holding meaningful discussions with activist groups and ministry officials; every step of the way the students gained a profound understanding of the attitudes of different parties and the Greek government towards refugees and migrants in general.

At the end of the trip, the team’s student leaders shared what they had learned in two interviews with the local media. Now, after their return, the students are hoping to share their insights with the wider Hong Kong community, possibly influencing how citizens of our city act and react when faced with similar issues.


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