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YMCA 2017 December Perspective


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Cover Story
A Springboard to the Movie Industry
Inspired by the idea of the famous blue cat Doraemon's “magical pocket”, one entrant to last year’s Hong Kong Secondary School Mini-Movie Competition produced a mini-movie depicting a young man who took everything in life for granted but was still unhappy. His creation, called “What-If Phone Booth”, eventually won three Individual Group Gold awards at the competition and was shown on the big screen.

This year, Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong, Magna Education Centre and the Hong Kong Micro Movie Institute are once again teaming up to organise the 5th Hong Kong Secondary School Mini-Movie Competition. As in previous years, the competition aims to inspire young people to harness the power of their creativity and cultivate their film-making talents. This year’s competition features two themes: “time to relax Hong Kongers!” and “friendship in sports”; the participants can choose either theme for their production.

film contentJohn Chong, a renowned film producer and one of our esteemed judges from last year, publicly praised the structure and cohesion of What-If Phone Booth. John was also highly appreciative of the dialogue, saying that it was neither heavy-handed nor “too preachy”; instead, he felt that the director perfectly expressed the theme through storytelling, taking a very mature approach to film-making. Screenwriter Lam Ho Chun admitted that he had been rather lazy and eager to obtain rewards without putting in too much effort. In fact, the mini-movie is a portrayal of his life. Lam said, “Before I experienced movie production, I was a lazy man who had no motivation to do anything. However, after discovering my interest, I have gradually changed.” Lam added that he wants to encourage young people to fight for what they want and become “doers” instead of just “thinkers”.

To attract more entries and enhance the popularity and public profile of the competition, each year the organisers invite a special panel of prominent judges. In addition to John Chong, director of the acclaimed Infernal Affairs film, Mr Sam Tong, winner of the Best Screenplay award at the Hong Kong Film Awards and Mr Ng Chong-Chow, winner of the Hong Kong Screenwriters Guild’s Outstanding Screenplay award, have also served as competition judges.

This year, each winning film will again be shown at the UA iSQUARE’s Phoenix Club cinema, allowing the winners to experience their movies on the big screen along with their friends and families. They will also receive prizes and trophies worth HK$70,000. And there is something new for this year: 2018’s winning mini-movie will be recommended to several international film festivals, including the Chicago International Film Festival, the New York Film Festival, the U.S. International Film Festival, and the Cross-Strait Four Regions China Youth's Micro Film Competition.

This year’s winner will also have an opportunity to take part in an exchange with Wong Chun, the recipient of Best New Director for Mad World at the Golden Horse Awards; and Derek Tsang, a Hong Kong actor and film director at a movie sharing event. The winner will also be sponsored to participate in a movie workshop which will be held in Taiwan. With so many prizes and opportunities up for grabs, if you want to break into the film industry you really need to take action now! But hurry – registration closes on 14 January!

Online registration: click here
Phone enquiries: 2857 7700 / 9149 1942
E-mail enquiries:
To view last year’s winning mini-movie, visit the Hong Kong Secondary School Mini-Movie Competition’s Facebook page!


What's New?
Dream Hunter award 2018
Dream Hunter award 2018 To dream that anything and everything is possible is a wonderful way to look at the world. At the same time, transforming our dreams into reality often needs a certain amount of assistance. YMCA launched the Dream Hunter Award 2018 seeks to provide students with opportunities to realise their dreams through professional guidance and subsidies of up to HKD 12,000 per person. We hope the award will encourage young people to bring their dreams of contributing to society, developing their personal interests and devising their career plans to life!

Full-time tertiary students between the ages 18 and 25 are eligible for this programme; to enter, please submit a video telling us about your dream by 5 February 2018 at the latest. Don’t miss this golden opportunity!

For more details or to register, please navigate to:
Click here for video references on Facebook


Global YMCA Updates
Expanding a Sino-German partnership to the Hong Kong community
Global YMCA Updates For more than six years now, Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong has been working closely with several Germany-based YMCAs. A variety of exchange and study programmes have been developed for staff, members and volunteers in the hopes of nurturing a sense of global citizenship and deepening understanding of cultural and social issues in Germany and Hong Kong.

On 3 November, during the visit of Mr Michael Goetz, General Secretary of the Bavaria YMCA to Hong Kong, we hosted a luncheon which brought together the Consul General of the German Consulate in Hong Kong, Mr Dieter Lamlé, and the Vice Consul, Mr Julian Kauke, one of our close working partners, the German Speaking Protestant Church in Hong Kong, and several of our current German interns.

During the meeting, the group discussed the excellent state of these longstanding partnerships and floated some new ideas and projects for 2018. For example, during an upcoming study trip organised by the University and College YMCA Department, participants will learn about the refugee crisis in Germany and how local German YMCAs are providing outstanding support to tackle this issue. Another trip is also being organised by the Young Members Council to study the similarities and differences between political, social and cultural variables in Germany and Hong Kong in terms of the support given to young people as they pursue their dreams.

The Consul General had many positive things to say about the international YMCA collaborations, and extended an invitation to the our members taking part in these upcoming trips to visit him at his residence for a pre-departure orientation meeting. We hopes to further strengthen the partnerships with German YMCAs in the future. Through support from the German Consulate in Hong Kong, we hope to create deeper ties with the German community here in Hong Kong so as to provide social services to people in need.


Activities Highlights
Playing and learning through games
Playing and learning through games Giormani is one of our Y-Care CSR partners. They are devoted to promoting the creative development of children and is a strong supporter of YMCA. Earlier, using income Giormani received from a floral pillow campaign, the company sponsored our “Play and Learning Through Games” programme held at our Tin Shui Wai Ting Ching Centre.
Between January and March 2018, we will organise another round of activities under this programme, including an adventure game, music experience, discipline training, sports challenges and other parent-child interaction activities. We hope these lively and engaging activities will help children develop holistically by improving their creativity and developing a positive attitude towards learning.
If your company is interested in taking part in similar Y-Care CSR volunteer opportunities, please click the link for more information.


Parent-child camping trip a success!
Parent-child camping trip a success! Our “Go Green Parent-Child Camping” activity was held on 2 and 3 of December 2017. A total of 32 families began the trip by departing from Sai Kung Pier and taking a boat to our Y’s Men-YMCA Wong Yi Chau Youth Camp. During the two-day event, participants helped set up camp, prepare dinner and gathered around a campfire. The event featured a number of fun group activities including a rally ride, track and field activities, a rainbow umbrella and more – everyone had a great time being part of this successful camping trip.

This year, we also included several environmental protection activities, aiming to encourage everyone to play their part in protecting our precious environment by reducing plastic waste and not wasting food. To bring these message to life, the participants were also required not to bring plastic bottled drinks and to clean up the campsite before they left. We hopes that all the families enjoyed this priceless parent-child event and learned more about the importance of protecting our environment through this exciting camping trip.


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