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YMCA 2017 October Perspective


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Cover Story
Living Life to the Fullest
A simple meal. A children’s playground. An unremarkable wooden coaster. To many of us, these items are ordinary and commonplace; but to others, they are items of great value. A simple meal can bring warmth and joy to a lonely elderly person. A children’s playground built by volunteers in a low-income area of the Philippines can help children grow, develop physical and mental development. And a wooden coaster created by a street sleeper can provide them with confidence, motivation and an income. More than that, each of these items represent different ways to provide inspiration to others.

Jack Chung is a physical therapist at a public hospital in Hong Kong who became a YMCA volunteer in 2012. When taking part in a volunteer programme in Cambodia some years ago, he noticed that there were no children’s playgrounds located in remote areas of the country. He began to become very concerned about the physical and psychological needs of developing children living in poverty. After returning to Hong Kong, Chung gathered a group of friends around him and together they came up with a design blueprint for a children's playground.

Women's Volunteers“I gathered 11 volunteers – engineers, lawyers, nurses and other professionals – and together we established ‘Mission Until Dawn’. Leveraging the expertise of the group and a subsidy of HKD 100,000 from YMCA, we worked together to bring our conceptual ideas and these blueprints to life in a children's playground in San Pablo, the Philippines. This project has brought joy to around 400 poor children in the area,” said Chung, adding that “Although we spent a lot of time and effort on this project, we also got to experience ‘the joy of giving’, and this feeling is far more valuable to me.”

Meanwhile, a group of volunteers “Tin Ching Women’s Initiative” from our Tin Shui Wai Tin Ching Centre has been using their expertise to bring warmth to elderly people living alone. They offer assistance to the elderly by helping with cooking, haircuts, house cleaning and other tasks. Ah Ling, one of the volunteers, said, “many of these elderly people are in a poor physical condition, and we want to care for them by helping them with simple household tasks”. In addition to contributing their own time and effort, this group of ladies also leads teenagers as they participate in these home visits. They believe that volunteering helps close the gap between generations and spreads the volunteer spirit far and wide.

Personal stories of individual volunteers like these added a feeling of warmth to our YM Volunteer Award Presentation Ceremony which was held in early October. To encourage more people to join our volunteer team, we have transformed our long-standing Volunteer Service Award Scheme, a programme with 24 years of rich history, into the “YM Volunteer” scheme, which further recognises the generosity and contributions made by today’s YMCA volunteers. At the new scheme’s first awards ceremony, which was themed “Volunteering with Abilities”, over 2,300 volunteers from different backgrounds received various honours, the highest number of awardees ever.

If you want to take part in the YM Volunteer scheme and help less privileged people in the community, please click here for programme details.


What’s News
Please vote and support YM Balloon
Please vote and support YM Balloon YM Balloon, the YMCA’s innovative social enterprise, hires the hearing impaired as balloon artists, providing them with employment opportunities and integrate into the community. YM Balloon’s services and balloon artwork are becoming more and more popular in both the business sector and with the wider community. YM Balloon was recently nominated for the government’s Social Enterprise Award in the “Most Popular SE Award” category. If the YM Balloon philosophy echoes with your beliefs, please click here and vote for us online by October 29 at the latest!

Read more about YM Balloon here.


Mapperthon: converting calories to important resources
Mapperthon:converting calories Time flies, and it has already been a year since the launch of our unique Mapperthon Community Action Project. To further enhance public knowledge of the Mapperthon project, an event called “Mapperthon Converts Calories to Resources” will be held at Paradise Mall in Heng Fa Chuen on 4 November. Participants and instructors involved in the project, as well as members of beneficiary organisations, will share their thoughts. The event will feature interactive demonstrations of taspony, street-based workouts and X-Games on site to help the public experience how the programme converts the calories burned by workouts into daily necessities for the beneficiaries. A street dance performance will also be held.

If you would like to physically challenge yourself and your family and friends, you are also welcome to participate in a semi-ironman race (involving running and cycling), which will be held on the same day, with winning teams receiving trophies and cash coupons. Please click here to learn more about the event.

Date: 4 November 2017
Time: 12:00 – 18:00
Location: 2/F podium at Paradise Mall and 1/F Central Exhibition Hall, Heng Fa Chuen, Chai Wan


Be a global citizen with the YMCA
Be a global citizen with the YMCA How would you like to travel the world and learn more about poverty, peace, environmental sustainability and more? This year, three students from Hong Kong Baptist University won the top award for their innovative inspection plan for the organic agriculture sector in Africa. Their idea made a lasting impression on the judges and they were awarded a HK$100,000 subsidy. Next stop, success! The three girls will be travelling to Uganda in early 2018 to bring their idea to life. If you have an amazing idea that might transform the world, don’t hesitate and send us your proposal! But hurry – the deadline is 10 November.

For more information, please follow this link


Global YMCA Updates
Exploring the Belt and Road Initiative in real life
Global YMCA News Recently, one aspect of China’s global diplomatic policy has caught the attention and imagination of millions of people around the world: the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). To help bring home just how many opportunities this massive initiative is creating, our University and College YMCA Department is organizing a study and cultural tour to Romania and Bulgaria between 26 December 2017 and 7 January 2018. The tour will bring 20 Uni-Y members to these two Eastern European nations to help them understand how the BRI will affect different aspects of international relations and interact with people in local Romanian and Bulgarian communities.

Many students expressed a great deal of interest in joining this tour, so we organised a public seminar and information session which introduced the programme and allowed the participants of a similar tour conducted last year to Belarus and Ukraine to share their experiences.

For the seminar session, we invited Dr Li Hak Yin, a lecturer from CUHK’s Department of Government and Public Administration, to share his thoughts on a fascinating topic: “How can China construct the One Belt One Road Initiative through public diplomacy?” During his lecture, he introduced the perspectives held by several Chinese think tanks, providing the students with valuable insights on the subject.

We are enormously grateful for the keen support given to us by YMCA Romania and YMCA Bulgaria as we worked to organize this meaningful overseas tour for our young members. Looking ahead, we hope that through similar talks, discussions and the overseas visits, the youth of Hong Kong can reach out and broaden their horizons – seeing the larger picture and developing their global citizenship.


Activities Highlights
Hang Seng volunteers help children celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival
Hang Seng volunteers help children celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival A volunteer team from Hang Seng Bank, one of our Y-Care golden corporate partners, celebrated the Mid-Autumn Festival with 30 children, some from ethnic minorities, at our Chai Wan Centre last month. Volunteers explained the origins of the Mid-Autumn Festival and shared a number of stories with the participants to help them better understand Chinese culture and this important festival. The volunteers also teamed up with the participants to create traditional lanterns and snowy mooncakes; the finished products were given to the children as gifts – allowing them to share the joy of the festival with their families.

If your company is interested in Y-Care CSR volunteer opportunities, please click here.


Membership Benefits
 Two Girls’ logo There is nothing more fun and invigorating than going hiking in the autumn. However, we should also take proper precautions to avoid being bitten by mosquitoes. Is Florida Water – one of Two Girls’ best-selling products of all time – your favourite anti-mosquito item?

YMCA members are now eligible to receive 12% off their purchase of any regular-priced Two Girls products at their Causeway Bay shop. For more details, please visit our Members’ Privilege page.

There’s more! YMCA members can also enjoy a discount of up to 67% on nearly 40 selected items. This offer is valid from 1 until 30 November 2017. Click here to download the order form.


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