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YMCA 2017 September Perspective


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Cover Story
Providing a Twist of Self-Confidence
Students with special educational needs (known as SEN students) often have a hard time both inside and outside of school. The truth is, all these students need is some assistance and motivation – when they receive these, their abilities and performance are no different than other students.

Hang Seng Bank, our Y-Care CSR Gold partner, has been actively supporting YM Balloon – a social enterprise affiliated with Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong ¬– in an innovative and supportive programme called the “Hang Seng-YMCA Balloon Twisting Programme for SEN Student”.

Happy Study Recently, 128 SEN students from 16 secondary schools participated in this programme workshops and assisted by a team of volunteers from the bank. After eight training sessions, a two-day exhibition was held at Hollywood Plaza in Diamond Hill to showcase the fun and imaginative animal-themed balloon artworks created by the participants. The purpose of the exhibition was to help reshape society’s negative perceptions of SEN students through a vibrant demonstration of their creativity and craftsmanship.

Miss Kwan Shuk-yee, HKSAR, Social Welfare Department’s District Social Welfare Officer for Kowloon City and Yau Tsim Mong, served as the officiating guest at the ceremony. In her remarks she said, “the Social Welfare Department is concerned about the needs of young people with special educational needs. We are pleased with the launch of this programme and with the support given to SEN students by the community and the business sector. We hope to realise the potential and creativity of these students while raising public awareness of SEN students.”

Sin Tung, a Form 6 student and one of the workshop participants, was impressed by the huge diversity of colourful balloons. She quickly became involved in the workshop, improved her concentration and her interpersonal skills. She said, “I feel fantastic as I have been able to follow the instructions and complete the tasks. This workshop has given me a sense of accomplishment and success. I’m thrilled to hear the kind comments from my family members about my balloon artwork.” Miss Chan, a school teacher who witnessed the transformation of Sin Tung said, “I have a feeling that she is happier than in the past, and her self-confidence has been boosted. She has changed and developed and this is obvious to everyone – she now finds it easier to get along with people at school.”

Mr Lee Wai Wing, the principal of Nam Wah Catholic Secondary School, one of the schools participating in the workshop, remarked that “We’re grateful that these students have been given the opportunity to participate in this programme, as at the moment, the resources available to SEN students in Hong Kong are still inadequate.”

He added that one of his students, who had difficulty communicating with others, became friendly and more cheerful after participating in the workshop. This student was somewhat nervous about sharing his thoughts with the media, however Mr Lee explained how far he had come: “The student thought he was not ready to talk with the media; but after he began talking with some journalists, he gained self-confidence and agreed to take the initiative in any future media interviews.”

Not only the students benefited from the programme, the instructors also benefited from their participation in the workshop. Ka Chun, who was diagnosed with attention-deficit at a young age, explained that his patience and emotional intelligence have been improved through his work with SEN students. “As SEN students have comparatively poor concentration skills, I need to adopt a repetitive approach to teaching and demonstrating things to them. Sometimes I even have to pop a balloon to catch their attention! Also, they often do not have much patience, so when they have a question, they sometimes just leave their seats and approach me. By helping to teach them discipline, my emotional intelligence has also been improved.”

If your company is interested in organising meaningful and unique corporate volunteer programmes and contributing to making Hong Kong a more caring and inclusive society; we encourage you to join us as a Y-Care CSR partner today. Please click here for more details.


What’s News
Intensive pre-school training for SEN children
pre-school training The biggest concern for parents of SEN children is whether or not they will be able to adapt to school life. To help students adjust and to allay the concerns of their parents, our Wong Chuen King Student Development Centre has just launched an intensive pre-school training course for SEN children. The course has been carefully designed by clinical psychologists, physical therapists, speech therapists, social workers and SEN child caregivers in order to provide an optimal level of pre-school preparation for SEN children. Interested parents are encouraged to click here for more details about the programme.

Enquiry: 2217 8813


Global YMCA Updates
New Global Y Explorers arrive!
Global YMCA NewsAnother busy and exciting summer has reached its end and our 25 Global Y Explorer summer interns have returned to their home countries. As always, our global exchange programmes are continuing and we are now welcoming three new interns from Germany and Japan.

This year, we are pleased to welcome the fifth generation of long-term interns from Germany’s Nuremberg YMCA. Anne and Sofia arrived in Hong Kong in August and will stay here for the next 10 months. During their internship, they will spend time in our schools, youth centres, elderly centres and campsites. We also welcome Yuki Choong – she is originally from Malaysia but is studying at Kyoto Notre Dame University in Japan. Yuki will be with us during the month of September and will offer Japanese culture and language programmes at our schools .

September marks the beginning of a new academic year and we are full of hopes and expectations for what knowledge our interns will experience, acquire and share during their time in Hong Kong! Please take advantage of their presence and take part in the programmes they are organising at our different centres.

Once again, welcome to Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong!


Activities Highlights
Another Sunlight Little Ironman, another success!
Sunlight Little Ironman Sponsored by the Sunlight REIT and organised by YMCA, the Sunlight Little Ironman Triathlon 2017 was just successfully concluded. This year’s event took place at the YMCA’s New Territories Centre and in addition to a 100-metre swim, a two-kilometre run and a four-kilometre bike race, a brand new element called the “parent-child secret garden” was added this year, encouraging participants to create their fantasy “home sweet home” while enjoying precious parent-child time together.

Ms Jessica Shiu, our Coordinating Secretary for the Strategy and Development Department, remarked that, “a harmonious family can improve children's physical and mental health and help their holistic development. Through the Sunlight Little Ironman Triathlon, we hope to help families build strong internal bonds, and deepen parent-child interaction and understanding through physical challenges and other tasks.”

Tik Chan Wan, taking part in the event for the second time, told us how the event has improved his family’s parent-child dynamic. “My three daughters are faced with a heavy homework load and exam pressures on weekdays; wherever we can, we take part in parent-child activities as a way to help them release this academic pressure. I particularly like the idea of the triathlon, as the whole family can exercise together. Family ties are built around family activities and time spent together – it also helps us be healthier”, said Mr Tik.


ARC Awards International 2017: YMCA takes home two Gold awards
YMCA takes home two Gold awards Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong’s 2015/16 Annual Report recently won two Gold awards at the ARC Awards International 2017 – known around the world as the “Oscars of Annual Reports”. We won two Gold awards in the non-profit organisation section – one Gold in the Christian Service Organisation category, and the other for Cover Design.

The award-winning cover design is an illustration of YMCA headquarters building; the red and blue ribbon painted on the facade of the building which is divided into 66 colour blocks. These blocks symbolise the 66 books of the Old and New Testaments, and the width of each block was devised according to the relative length of each Bible book.

The development and achievements of the YMCA during the reporting year were presented through the report’s text and illustrations through an overarching theme called “Renewing our mind”, showing how we spread God’s love in different ways.

Click here to review our 2015/2016 report, and to learn more about the ARC Awards!


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