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YMCA 2017 July Perspective


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Cover Story
YMCA ultimate award winners will head to Africa to explore opportunities
For seven consecutive years, Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong has organised our “Be a Global Citizen” campaign. The campaign’s long-standing objective is to promote the idea of global citizenship and help young people develop a global perspective. This year’s campaign drew 193 participants who competed against each other to win the ultimate, gold, silver and bronze awards. Taking home the ultimate award were three female students from Hong Kong Baptist University whose inspection plan for African organic agriculture, called “Organic Opportunity”, made a lasting impression on the judges. These winners received a subsidy of HK$100,000 which will fund a visit to Africa where they will conduct their proposed ecological investigation.

As everyone knows, organic and natural products have become a growing global trend in the last few years. Hong Kong, however, is lagging behind the fast pace of growth in the global organic market. To help change this situation, the three Hong Kong Baptist University students proposed the idea of learning from the situation in Uganda, a country whose organic farming sector has a high growth rate and excellent productivity. The students proposed conducting an ecological investigation which would ultimately further promote organic farming and green living in Hong Kong.

After winning the ultimate award last month, team leader Ms Kwan Wing Sze shared her thoughts with the guests at the award presentation ceremony, saying, “Uganda is a developing country. However, its organic agriculture sector surpasses Hong Kong’s even though they have fewer resources. The livelihoods of the local people have been somewhat improved thanks to organic agriculture. Therefore, we would like to visit Uganda to learn from them and bring this new knowledge back to Hong Kong. This will allow us to raise public awareness and deepen understanding of the importance of organic farming.”
Global citizen At the award ceremony, the officiating guests – Mr Tsang Wai Hung, Chairman of the Global Citizen Steering Group and Mr Yau Chung Wan, Vice President of our Association – were joined by renowned yoyo expert Mr Cheung Chi Wing ,Yoyo Wing. Yoyo has been touring the world and was invited to the ceremony to share his travel experiences and stories with the guests and contestants. Over the past few years, he has visited Australia and travelled to Myanmar, Brunei, India, Thailand and other countries to perform his stunning yoyo routines, experience different cultures and make friends from all around the world. At the ceremony, Yoyo inspired the crowd by saying, “It is important to discover your interests and desires, to be bold and step out of your comfort zone for the sake of realising your dreams and your ideal life.”

Our “Be a Global Citizen” campaign welcomes young members aged between 15 and 25. The participants are required to complete specific tasks and take part in themed activities as they work towards winning the ultimate, gold, silver and bronze awards. The winner of the ultimate award will receive a subsidy of up to HK$100,000 for use in an overseas project. All participants are required to develop a proposal in the areas of poverty, peace, diversification or environmental sustainability. For more information, please click here.


What’s News
“The Stories of 10 Dream Pursuers” book sharing event
sharing event In a book called “The Stories of 10 Dream Pursuers”, we compiled the fascinating stories of 10 young people. This book was released for sale at the Hong Kong Book Fair, held this month at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. Two of the book’s authors, dance instructor Pinky and balloon artist Yu, attended a book sharing event at the fair and shared their stories of how they pursued their own dreams with the fair-goers.


“Ching Teen" Volunteer Programme
This July to September, Hong Kong Hachiban Limited, one of our Y-Care corporate partners, is teaming up with Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong’s Tin Ching Centre to launch our “Ching Teen” volunteer programme. The programme consists of a series of volunteer training courses and services which will help young volunteers develop their planning and organizational skills. Members between the ages of 13 and 20 are welcome to take part. Places are limited, so all interested parties are asked to contact 2617 7233 for details.


Global YMCA Updates
Global Y Explorers 2017
Global YMCA News Building bridges and deepening ties with the Lviv YMCA

In early January, the Association’s University and College YMCA Department organised a study and cultural tour of Belarus and Ukraine. The purpose of the tour was to help the participants understand China’s “Belt and Road” initiative through practical, on the ground experiences. Through this unique cultural experience, young members of Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong established ties with different YMCAs across Eastern Europe.

To further strengthen these international connections, we invited Ms Olexandra Sorokop, General Secretary of the Lviv YMCA in Ukraine, to visit our Hong Kong from 29 June to 1 July. Greeted by Mr Karl Lau, our General Secretary, Olexandra was first brought to the Bridges Street Centre, a Grade 1 Historic Building. She was impressed by how the centre has been revitalised into a hostel and sheltered workshop. She also visited the University of Hong Kong to gain a better understanding of how the Uni-Y’s HKU student committee worked. Naturally, our visitor needed to experience the exciting dynamics of our beautiful city, so she was brought to Central and Tsim Sha Tsui where she could enjoy the stunning view from the Peak and the glittering night view of Victoria Harbour.

Overall, Olexandra was very impressed by the diversified services offered by the Association. Her visit marks the start of our new collaboration with the Lviv YMCA. We will continue to explore the many international partnership opportunities between both YMCAs so as to provide the young members from both sides of the world with interesting and eye-opening global opportunities.


Activities Highlights
YMCA Young Members' Council Release Survey Results
Release Survey ResultsRecently, Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong Young Members’ Council conducted a survey to help us better understand how young people pursue their dreams. The results of the survey indicate that 90 per cent of respondents are still in the process of pursuing their dreams; and currently, they believe that a lack of financial support and insufficient government policies and facilities are the largest obstacles they have to face. The results also reveal that the majority of young people anticipate that they will need support from their families and friends as they travel on their journey to make their dreams come true.

The survey results were released on 9 July, and during the presentation event, Pinky, a dance instructor, and Mr Chong Yan Kit, Founder of Easy Green, were invited to share their experiences with the young people in attendance. Both guests encouraged the young people to actively overcome difficulties, step boldly into new experiences, constantly learn and broaden their horizons, and expand their networks.

The Young Members' Council recommends that parents provide support and encouragement to their children as they pursue their dreams; while support from their peers is also very important. Since getting involved in a wide variety of activities can help young people discover their interests, the Young Members' Council recommends that the government, schools and other social organisations in Hong Kong actively encourage young people to take part in community activities and offer them the relevant training whenever possible.

Please click here to read the press release for the survey results event.


Global exposure service and experience trip to Nagoya
experience trip to Nagoya Jointly organised by Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Polytechnic University’s College of Professional Continuing Education, our “Global Exposure Service and Experience Trip – Nagoya” was held last month. A total of 25 college students visited NGOs, kindergartens and universities in Nagoya, Japan; and in addition to participating in community and volunteer services, the student volunteers also held a cultural exchange with local people in which everyone created delicious Japanese rice crackers. This meaningful experience trip was covered in the Chunichi Shimbun.


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