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YMCA 2017 May Perspective

Cover Story
“Please refill” –Plastic is no thrill!
Theme StoryIt seems Hong Kong has an addiction to using plastic bottles, an addiction which is causing great harm to our environment. A report issued by the Environmental Protection Department called “Monitoring of Solid Waste in Hong Kong” reveals that in 2014, an average of 132 tonnes of PET plastic (bottles) were thrown away – every day! Considering that there are around 40,000 plastic bottles in every tonne, Hong Kong people threw out 5.28 million plastic bottles every day in 2014 – an increase of over 700 per cent since 2005. This enormous amount of waste creates great pressure on our landfills and leads to harmful environmental impacts.


Beginning in 2012, Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong(YMCA) established 1 June as “No Plastic Bottle Day” (NOPB). The aim of this day is to, through different community activities and publicity campaigns, raise public awareness about the negative impacts of using plastic bottles and to encourage people to carry their own bottles with them.


The theme of NOPB 2017 is “Please Refill”, and the objective is to encourage an increase in the number of drinking fountains located in shopping malls, parks, sports stadiums and public transportation facilities. Lee Man Kei, the leader of YMCA’s Environmental Working Group explains: “The Chinese characters for this year’s theme (吾該) have a double meaning: they mean both “I need” in traditional written Chinese and “thank you” when spoken in Cantonese. We hopes to get the public involved in this campaign by gaining their commitment to buying fewer bottled drinks. We also want to express our gratitude for the support given to this campaign by retail shops across Hong Kong.”


foldable “free refill” cupsTo increase public awareness of NOPB 2017, YMCA will run a mobile promotion which will give foldable “free refill” cups to supporters in Central, Mongkok and Tsimshatsui. Lee adds that “many people try to be eco-friendly, but carrying a personal water bottle around can be seen as a hassle. These cups will be given to people to help motivate them to reduce their plastic waste”.


For years now, the government and environmental organisations have been promoting the importance of reducing waste at source. Despite catchy energy conservation campaigns with easy-to-remember slogans like “suspend displays during off hours”, or “turn the lights off when you leave a room”, there has been no reduction in the amount of waste we produce.


Lee continues, “It is easier said than done – people still need motivation to actively begin protecting the environment. We should all try to motivate our friends, family and colleagues and work to help the next generation live a more eco-friendly lifestyle. There are many ways to do this: we can use our own bottles, towels and utensils instead of disposable ones, and we can better manage waste in our own homes. When talking to children, keep it simple: kids may not understand advanced topics like carbon emissions and global warming; instead, we should encourage children to participate in hands-on environmentally sustainable activities that help them learn and gain experience.”


Please support “No Plastic Bottle Day” on 1 June and stop buying drinks in disposable plastic bottles! For more details please click here
What’s News
Volunteer wanted for :Green Revegetation Camp
volunteer wanted for :Green Revegetation CampHow would you like to actively take part in protecting our precious environment? Join YMCA’s “Green Revegetation Camp 2017” to help spread environmental protection messages alongside volunteers from around the world by taking part in activities like tree planting, desert sand consolidation and tours of the desert!

Date: 31 July to 6 August (7 days)
Registration deadline: 26 May (Friday)
Inquiries: Call Miss Yu on 2705 2725 or email

Please click here for more details on this unique camp


Call for application:Aviation 2017
Aviation 2017Would you like to find out how to become a qualified pilot? Or go on a helicopter tour of Hong Kong? YMCA and the Hong Kong Aviation Club Foundation are inviting F.3 to F.6 students to join “Aviation 2017” this summer! Participants will learn more about the world of aviation, including aviation theory and what they need to do to become a pilot. Don’t miss this sky-high opportunity!

Registration deadline: 8 July 2017 (Saturday)
Please click here for more details.


Global YMCA Updates
8th Kid’s World Cup in Seoul, Korea
8th Kid’s World Cup in SeoulFor the eighth year in a row, Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong(YMCA) has been invited to participate in the Kid’s World Cup soccer tournament in Seoul, Korea organized by the Seoul YMCA.

Given the great impression and wonderful memories left by last year’s tournament, YMCA is committed to organise the Eighth Kid’s World Cup Qualifier tournament, and to help us select the best teams in Hong Kong to represent us in Seoul.

The qualifier will be held on 24 June from 8:00am to 1:00pm at the Association’s New Territories Centre in Kwai Tsing district. The champion and first runner up teams will win the privilege of flying to Seoul and representing Hong Kong YMCA!

We invite all members to approach their closest YMCA service unit for more information about this exciting and fun event, and – of course – everyone is welcome to stop by and support their favourite team on 24 June!


Activities Highlights
Mapperthon opening ceremony
Mapperthon opening ceremonJointly organized by YMCA and The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, the opening ceremony of the Mapperthon Community Action Project was held on 14 May at Southorn Playground in Wanchai. Seven community ambassadors were blessed by officiating guests: marathon runner Christy Yu, singer Jason Chan, Secretary for Home Affairs Ms Florence Hui,SBS,JP, Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong’s Vice President Mr Joshua Yau and The Hong Kong Jockey Club’s Head of Charities (Grant Making – Sports, Recreation, Arts & Culture) Ms Rhoda Chan. These guests encouraged the participants to take part in group sports while developing community resource-matching initiatives which “converts” the calories burned into daily necessities to help those in need.

The Mapperthon project was launched in July last year, with the objective of recruiting 1,500 “mappers”, ranging in age from 12 to 30, within three years. The mappers are given training in seven street-based sports: running, cycling, street dance, street workout, X-Games (i.e. skateboarding), cricket and taspony. Each mapper is equipped with a fitness tracker which records the amount of calories burned during their exercise sessions. These calories are then “converted” into daily necessities that help those in need – for example, for every 100 calories burned, YMCA will provide food, toys and daily necessities to someone in need.
Helping others while playing sports is a fantastic idea that benefits everyone – so why don’t you become a mapper as well? Please visit the Mapperthon Facebook fan page or YMCA website for more details!


Touring Hong Kong’s culture by tram
Touring Hong Kong’s culture by tramA team of volunteers from Jardine Engineering Corporation Hong Kong(JEC), one of our Y-Care CSR partners, recently embarked on a fascinating sightseeing tram tour with a group of local and southeast Asian children. The children had a great time learning all about the history of Hong Kong’s unique trams, the local culture of Sheung Wan and Central area, and the evolution of Hong Kong over the last century.

If your company would like to become one of our Y-Care CSR partners, please visit


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The Mapperthon Community Action Project kickoff
The Mapperthon Community Action Project kickoff


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