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YMCA 2017 April Perspective

Cover Story
Pursue the Career of Your Dreams
主題故事“What is your dream?” The question is simple enough, but for many young people today, a dream job or a dream career is something that seems out of reach. One reason for this is that too often career planning focuses only on the act of finding and landing a job, rather than on matching a job with a person’s personal interests and life ambitions. But as you will see, those who pursue their dreams often have more successful and fulfilling lives, both inside and outside of their careers.


Shek Wai-hung, a full-time artistic gymnast from Hong Kong, may have been born and raised in an ordinary family, but he has done some extraordinary things. He is best known for the time when he brought glory to the Hong Kong sports world by winning a surprise gold medal in the vault at the 2014 Asian Games in Incheon, Korea. His story starts long before that magnificent moment, though. Ever since he was little, Shek had been fascinated by gymnastics. After being inspired by watching an artistic gymnast perform aerial somersaults on TV, Shek took up gymnastics at the age of six. His training journey began at a YMCA centre near his primary school, and it was there that he fell in love with the sport. Soon after, through his coach, he was recruited to the Hong Kong gymnastics team.


Setbacks on the road to success
Pursue the Career of Your DreamsIn some ways, Shek is very lucky – by the time he reached junior secondary school, he knew what his life’s dream was and he could devote himself to becoming a full-time artistic gymnast. Naturally, it took a lot of effort to convince his family to approve his career choice! However, in other ways he has not been lucky – at age 14, Shek was taking part in a national competition in Kunming, China when he accidentally fell from the horizontal bar and incurred a severe spinal injury. His recovery took a full year. Despite this serious setback, Shek did not give up on his dream and after his recovery he continued to practice. His efforts paid off and he began to regain his excellent form. By 2012, his abilities were better than ever and Shek qualified for the London Olympics: the first time that Hong Kong had ever qualified for the Olympics in gymnastics.


Determination and devotion to the dream
Determination and devotion to the dream Disappointingly, he returned from London without any medals, but Shek did not give up; he continued to work harder than ever and just two years later he went on to win Hong Kong’s first-ever gold in gymnastics at the Asian Games. In the YMCA’s latest publication, The Stories of 10 Dream Pursuers, Shek talks about his experiences and encourages young people to follow their dreams. In his own words, “We must pursue our dreams with enthusiasm, persistence and optimism and never let difficulties defeat us, by doing so we move closer to our dreams step by step.”

What does the future hold for Shek? He now plans to start coaching gymnastics to inspire young people and help foster the spirit of artistic gymnastics in Hong Kong.

In addition to Shek Wai-hung’s inspiring tale, The Stories of 10 Dream Pursuers features the stories of other dreamers: the lead vocalist of Supper Moment, Sunny Chan; Beatbox artist RX Wong Ho-pong; and the happy story of Santa Rainbow. Through their stories, we hope to kick-start social reflection and a conversation about the definition of success, and to inspire readers to see that life can have many purposes – we want young people to develop their careers using faith, interest and passion as their guides, not just “the need to get a job”. The book is now available at Commercial Press, Joint Publishing and Chung Hwa Book Company (unit price HK$98).

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What’s News
high with the Inter-school Paper Airplane Contest
high with the Inter-school Paper Airplane Contest Flying Creating and flying paper planes is more than just a fun activity for kids and adults, it’s also an art and a science which involves complex aviation theory – a type of knowledge that is not usually taught in schools. If the joy of paper-powered flight appeals to you – pay close attention to this announcement! The Hong Kong Paper Airplane Contest 2017, jointly organised by Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Aviation Club Foundation is coming up. Participants will compete against other secondary school students to make awesome paper planes and attempt to set a new record for the longest distance flown by a paper plane!

Dates: 1 July (preliminary round), 4 July (final round)
Categories: There are two divisions – junior high school teams and senior high school teams. Each team will have three members who must all be full-time students.
Prizes: Each division will have a champion, a first runner-up and a second runner-up; these winners will receive a HK$1,000, HK$800 and a HK$500 coupon respectively. The winners will also each receive a trophy, a certificate and an aerial camera.
Remarks: All participating teams will be required to attend an introductory session on aviation theory. The session will cover the principles of aircraft flight, a paper plane flying demonstration and a paper plane display.
Application deadline: 30 April
Enquiries: please call 2857 7700

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Teens team up to green the desert!
Teens team up to green the desert! Haze, extreme weather and desertification are rising concerns for countries all around the world. But you can play a part in helping to protect the environment against these increasing threats! Thanks to a joint effort on the part of Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong and the Xian YMCA, The “Woodland YMCA” is being planted in a desert area of Shaanxi Province covering an area of 670,000 square meters to serve as a permanent base for a wider desert greening project. The Association is inviting you to take part in a desert tree planting service camp this summer! Participants will witness the impact of desertification first hand, help protect and restore the environment through tree planting and sand consolidation work, and learn more about geography by touring the desert. The details are as below:

Dates: 31 July to 6 August (7 days)
Location: Dingbian County, Yulin City, Shaanxi Province, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region and the Tengger Desert
Target participants: YMCA members aged 15 to 35
Quota: 20
Language: Putonghua
Activity details: tree planting, sand consolidation, desert tour
Cost: HK$2,800 (Air tickets, accommodation, transportation and insurance are all included)
Application deadline: 10 May
Enquiries: please call 2750 2725 or email to


Become a storyteller for mainland children
Become a storyteller for mainland children Are you good at telling stories? Do you enjoy motivating others? If you answered “yes” to both questions, then you are the perfect candidate for our volunteer programme “The Shape of Life: Storytelling 2017”. Jointly organised by Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong and the Tianjin YMCA, the programme will gather 40 volunteers in two regions of mainland China who will motivate children through storytelling, helping to lead them to think about the meaning of life, build their self-confidence and allow them to experience the warmth of love. Register today to take part in this important and meaningful programme!

Dates: 18 to 24 July (7 days)
Location: Tianjin, Taishan
Target participants: YMCA members aged 15 to 35
Quota: 21
Cost: HK$2,800 (Air tickets, accommodation, transportation, insurance and tour tickets are all included)
Application deadline: 10 May
Enquiries: please call 2750 2132 or email to


Activities Highlights
Walking Football Promotion Project kicks off!
Walking Football Promotion Project kicks off!Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong recently introduced a brand-new sport to Hong Kong: walking football! This game, in which running is prohibited, was invented in Britain and aims to give people of all ages and fitness levels the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful game of football. The launching ceremony of walking football promotion project was held on 11 April, and several distinguished guests who are famous in the local football world attended, including Kim Pan-gon, the South Korean head coach of the Hong Kong national football team, and former Hong Kong Rangers star Chung Cho Wai. These stars took part in the event and shared their thoughts on the game of football, delighting our members with their presence. The walking football training class will be held in May and June, and the walking football league will be organised by the end of this year. Members aged 50 years and above are welcome and encouraged to join us!
For enrolment and enquiry details, please call 2898 0752.


Global YMCA Updates
Delightful German cuisine at The Cityview
Global YMCA Updates From 27 February to 31 March, thanks to the support of the Nuremberg YMCA, the Association was pleased to welcome two apprentices from our “Global Y Explorers” programme.

The two apprentices, Mathias Guttle and Gerd Shehu from the Professional College of Nutrition and Hotel Business of Nuremberg, have been working as chefs in the German food and beverage industry for over five years. Mathias and Gerd both enrolled in the college to learn more and equip themselves with the necessary management skills to move upwards in their industry.

During their internship at The Cityview in Hong Kong, the pair prepared a variety of delicious dishes at The Balcony restaurant, where they learned the basics and experienced the incredible flavours and complexities of Chinese cuisine. Throughout their internship, they were also encouraged to bring in different ideas and practice their German cooking skills. This fusion of east and west resulted in the creation of several new dishes which combined the essences of Chinese and German cuisines. Both Mathias and Gerd expressed that they learned a great deal during their time in Hong Kong and came to love the city very much.

The Association continuously works to foster new and exciting international exchange opportunities which promote cultural understanding and encourage cultural exchanges between YMCA members across the world.


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