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YMCA 2017 March Perspective


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Cover Story
The 3D Printing Evolution
The 3D Printing Evolution Now that 3D printing is becoming increasingly more accessible and affordable, using 3D printing for unique home design solutions is becoming more and more possible for ordinary people. Take Simon Wong for example. He is a self-confessed robot lover and a lecturer at the YMCA College of Careers’ Department of Art and Design. Simon’s first experience with 3D printing was about two years ago, and since then he has been seeking ways to apply 3D printing techniques to robot production. Simon recalled that even two years ago 3D printing was still an innovative technique, and most people could only create objects with simple outlines like tableware items. As he began to work with more complex materials and components, he was eventually able to successfully produce a 3D printed robot. Now, in addition to showcasing his accomplishments, Simon has started to teach 3D printing skills to his students.


The 3D Printing Workshop – a popular course
3D Action Figure Looking back, Simon says that “information on 3D printing was really only available to interested parties at that time, so I came up with the idea of launching a relevant course for students”. Shortly afterwards, in 2015, the YMCA College of Careers launched its first 3D printing workshop which received an enthusiastic response from the community.
Twenty-three-year-old Cheng Hon pan was one of the students who attended the workshop, and afterwards Simon invited him to participate in Hong Kong’s first-ever 3D Creation Exhibition. The exhibition focused on providing opportunities for robot lovers to invent and recreate creative works of art relating to robots. A 3D robot made by Cheng even ended up on display at the exhibition!
Nowadays, Cheng is busy mastering drawing irregular shapes and progressively improving his 3D robot printing skills – he is now able to meticulously create a complex and highly-flexible robot. Cheng’s full-time job involves neither 3D printing nor robotics, but he does sometimes work as a freelancer for 3D designers. In the future, Cheng would love to develop a deeper knowledge of 3D printing and perhaps work in the toy robot industry.


Designing robots – the ultimate opportunity!
Designing robots – the ultimate opportunity! To further promote 3D printing technology and catalyse the development of the creative industry, the YMCA College of Careers has organised and launched a “3D Print Portrait Design Competition”. The theme? Robot design! Through this fun theme, the competition hopes to attract creative people of all ages. The organiser has also invited professional groups like the 3D Printing Technology Association and members of the toy industry to support the competition. For the participants this cooperation has created a rare opportunity: the winner and the first runner-up in the open group will receive interim job opportunities with toy manufacturers in Hong Kong involving toy design! Ultimately, we hope the competition encourages young people to showcase their talents while at the same time opening up avenues through which they can pursue their dream jobs, wand cultivating more talent for Hong Kong’s booming design industry.

For more details on the competition, please click here


What’s News
Bringing light to cataract patients
Bringing light to cataract patients Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong, the Eye Fund and the Worldwide Chinese Foundation recently joined hands to launch a project called Love in Light, which will fully fund 300 cataract operations for elderly patients. The funds are being made available for pre-surgery assessments, cataract surgeries, mono-focal lenses and three follow-up treatments, meaning that these patients will receive timely and appropriate treatment which will improve their vision and their quality of life.

Eligibility criteria:
• Age 65 or above and a permanent resident of Hong Kong
• Elderly person living alone or elderly couple living in the same household
• Must be receiving Old Age Living Allowance
Application deadline: 15 April 2017
Enquiry phone number: 2898 0752
More details are available on this


Giving the gift of music to the hearing impaired
Giving the gift of music to the hearing impaired Organised by the Y's Men's Centre for the Deaf, the 12th Sign Language Singing Contest is the latest version of this annual large-scale public sign language singing competition. The theme of this year’s contest is “Join Hands for Equality”; and the contestants will welcome people of all ages and from all walks of life, including primary school students, the elderly, people with disabilities and the intellectually disabled. Through the competition, the Association hopes to motivate everyone in Hong Kong to learn about the importance of sign language and deepen their communication with hearing impaired people in order to break down barriers and improve communication. Ten groups of contestants will showcase their talents in the final competition – members of the public are welcome to attend the event, admission is free.

Date: March 26, 2017 (Sunday)
Time: 2:30 pm
Venue: 7/F, Fortune Metropolis, 6 Metropolis Drive, Hunghom
Activities: Sign language singing contest, dance performances, balloon art and a sign language classFor enquiries call: 2717 1754


Activities Highlights
Caring Company Partnership Expo 2017
Caring Company Partnership Expo 2017 Organised by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service, The Caring Company Partnership Expo 2017 was successfully held on 10 March at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong once again took part in the event, giving an introduction to our Y-Care CSR Scheme and our many services to over 100 representatives from the business sector. A handicraft workshop led by our service users was also held to increase the participants’ understanding of the needs and talents of our service users. Ultimately, the Association hopes that our participation will help promote further corporate engagement in the Y-Care CSR Scheme.

If your company is interested in becoming one of our Y-Care CSR members, or if you would like to know more about the scheme, please visit
Event Photos, please click here


Global YMCA Updates
Nuremberg YMCA youth delegates visit Hong Kong
Global YMCA Updates For five days in late February, a group of students from the Nuremberg YMCA in Germany paid a memorable visit to Hong Kong. The primary aim of the trip was to introduce the services of the University and College YMCA Department to the visitors, but everyone got much more out of the trip: young people mingled, chatted and engaged in a deep cultural exchange that helped foster friendships and deepen ties between the two cities.

The visitors first explored Hong Kong through a fun “city hunt” game. Afterwards, they visited the Chinese University of Hong Kong and took part in a politics simulation game. After attending Sunday service at an English church, they were divided into two groups – one group went for a hike on the Dragon’s Back trail, and the other paid a visit to Cheung Chau. On the last evening of the visit, the German students got to enjoy a “Hong Kong-style barbecue” – many commented that they especially loved the taste of the fishballs! After the barbecue, the visitors organised several activities to introduce the Hong Kong participants to German culture, including sharing some famous German songs and several fun facts about their country.

The students from the Nuremberg YMCA had a wonderful time. They said that they had very much enjoyed their time in Hong Kong, explaining how they were particularly amazed by the city’s scenery and food. They were grateful to have met and made friends with students from the University and College YMCA, and they wished they could have spent even more time with them. Our local students also appreciated the cultural exchange and the good memories they made with the German students.

This visit was an excellent platform for both the Nuremberg YMCA and Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong – the Association hopes that there will be similar programmes in the future that will further strengthen the bonds between our two YMCAs.


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