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YMCA 2017 February Perspective


Cover Story

Cover Story
Dream Team: A girls’ basketball team aims high
For most people, basketball is a casual sport or simply a basketball tournament TV programme for entertainment. But for the Chinese YMCA Secondary School (CYMCASS) girls’ basketball team, basketball holds an important place in their hearts.

CYMCASS is located in Tin Shui Wai, their reputation for sports and their school spirit began to improve in recent years. In 2016, the CYMCASS girls’ basketball team pulled off an incredible upset, finishing second in their division – just behind the champions Heep Yunn School. They set the Hong Kong junior basketball world on fire and everyone was expecting great things from them this year.


From victory to defeat and back again
However, their story is not a fairy tale – instead of being crowned champions this year, the team suffered a setback. We spoke with some members of the CYMCASS team after they took part in the “Nike All Hong Kong Schools Jing Ying Basketball Tournament” earlier in February. Law Nga Wing, a Secondary Four student, told us that with their captain, Shek Man Nga, being injured, she had to lead the junior players in the final four competition instead. But this was a huge challenge for Law: “I had cramps during the competition, and I was disqualified in the middle of the game due to five personal fouls; this had never happened before.” Without a captain, the girls were forced to change their strategy, but with their limited experience, the team were defeated in two consecutive rounds.


Lose a game, but gain in life
Lose a game, but gain in life
With the CYMCASS team being well-known on the inter-school basketball competition circle and with expectations high, this was a big loss and the players and supporters alike were disappointed. But this loss was tempered by the wise words of CYMCASS’ principal Chan Kam Wai who has repeatedly emphasized that winning is not the only thing that matters – it is also important to identify one’s shortcomings and be motivated to overcome them. Returning to these words helped the girls move on from their loss and helped ensure that they were not discouraged for too long. The CYMCASS girls’ basketball team is now training harder than ever – practicing shooting techniques, deepening their teamwork and stepping up their fitness training to improve not only their physical performance, but their psychological resilience in the face of adversity. Chan Kam Wai told us that “you rarely get unexpected results when learning at school, but you can often learn unexpected things at a basketball competition. Basketball is the perfect medium to teach students to deal with adversity and shape their character.”


The start of a new chapter
There is an old saying that “one minute on stage takes ten years of practice”, and the CYMCASS girls’ basketball team agrees that there are no shortcuts to greatness on the basketball court. These girls have been basketball players since primary school and have been playing together since Secondary One, forming tight bonds and solid friendships. Law Nga Wing says “I’m always happy to play basketball; I’ve built friendships not only within the team, but I've also made friends outside the school.” The team, their coaches and their principal all believe that basketball is much more than an extracurricular activity or just a hobby for these girls – the sport has helped build their self-confidence, given them a sense of satisfaction and taught them the true meaning of sportsmanship. We wishes these young players all the best in the coming season and we hope that they continue to develop their strength and their identities through the great sport of basketball.


What’s News
Social Inclusion Mini-Movie Volunteers Recruitment
Social Inclusion Mini-Movie Volunteers Recruitment The Association is a firm believer in social inclusion, and to help promote this concept throughout Hong Kong society, our “From Newer to New” project will make a mini-movie to tell stories about how middle-aged people can help newly-arrived families adapt to a new environment and embrace cultural differences. If you are interested in putting stories like this onto the big screen, why not come and join our volunteer crew? The final version of the movie will be publicly advertised and broadcast in locations around Hong Kong.

4/2017 Interview
5/2017 Film workshops
6-7/2017 Filming and post-production
9/2017 Mini-movie broadcasting tour
To apply online, please click here (Chinese version only)
Application deadline: 20 March 2017
Quota: 10 people (including a screenwriter, director, cinematographer, lighting technician, audio technician, editor, make-up)
For further enquiries, please call 27811411 (Ms Sin / Ms Cheng)


Support “Rehab Charity Ticket” fundraising initiative
Support “Rehab Charity Ticket” fundraising initiative The Association’s rehabilitation units are now supporting the “Rehab Charity Ticket” fundraising drive to raise awareness about rehabilitation services and support people with disabilities, including the visually impaired, the hearing impaired, mobility disabilities, patients with chronic diseases and others. Each “Rehab Charity Ticket” costs HK$20. From now until 31 March, you can support this worthy initiative by purchasing tickets at our services units, or by directly transferring your donation to HSBC account number 411-363385-001. Your support will make an enormous difference to people in need.

For more details, please visit this website


The YMCA 2015/16 annual report
The latest version of the Association’s annual report has just been published. The report provides detailed information on our social services, education initiatives, hostels, the YMCA movement, other aspects of our mission and vision, and the progress we made in 2015/16. The theme of this year’s annual report is “Renewing Our Mind”, we invited illustrator to visualize the Association’s services over the years. These delicate illustrations reflect how the YMCA has adapted its comprehensive services to the community services through different eras. Another highlight is the folding cover: when opened, the report transforms into a three-dimensional model of our headquarters building at 23 Waterloo Road, including the red and blue “ribbon” recently painted on the building’s façade to symbolize the 66 books of the Old and New Testaments.

Why not drop by one of our centres to read the report, or download the online version on our website


Global YMCA Updates
Global Y Young Professionals
Global YMCA Updates Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong has always been committed to providing inbound and outbound international opportunities to local and international YMCA members. In 2008, the Association launched an inbound exchange programme called the Global Y Explorers. Since then, more than 180 overseas youths have participated in this Hong Kong-based internship and volunteer programme.

This year, the Association is expanding the international exposure opportunities for young people from overseas by enriching and further developing our existing Global Y Explorers programme into a new programme called the Global Y Young Professionals programme. This new programme provides international working and training opportunities to young overseas graduates, allowing them to explore the world and gain new and exciting cultural experiences while growing both personally and professionally at the Association.

The Association is pleased to introduce Mr Santiago Reina from the Colombian Federation of YMCAs as our first participant. Santiago is a university graduate who majored in physical culture, sports and recreation. He has been actively involved with the YMCA since 2009, as a volunteer, programme leader, camp counsellor and staff member at several YMCAs around the world, including the YMCA of Honolulu, the YMCA of the Ozarks (in Missouri in the US), the Osaka YMCA and the Colombian Federation of YMCAs.

Santiago arrived Hong Kong in February. He will be spending the next five months supporting and developing programmes to benefit members at the Association’s New Territories Centre, Kowloon Centre and our Wu Kwai Sha Youth Village. He is eager to start work and is ready to introduce new ideas, games and programmes and share his expertise in sports and recreation and team building activities, along with stories from his home country with all our members.

The YMCA invites everyone to welcome Santiago with open arms and keep a close eye on the programmes he will be launching. We trust you will all enjoy a wonderful learning and cultural sharing experience alongside him!


Activities Highlights
The 4th Hong Kong Secondary School Mini-Movie Competition results are in!
School Mini-Movie Competition results The awards ceremony for the 4th Hong Kong Secondary School Mini-Movie Competition was held on 11 February. The themes for this year’s competition were “spread your wings and unleash your potential” and “beautiful life”, and the participants used these ideas to discuss and explore important topics from the perspective of young people, highlighting their positive attitude towards life.

Among the 70 films submitted by the student participants, the winners in the Junior High, Senior High, and Individual categories were selected by renown judges from the movie industry. The judges praised the high quality of this year’s submissions, saying that the inspirational stories in these student works were of a professional standard. All finalists and winning films will be screened at the UA iSQUARE’s Phoenix Club cinema on 4 March, putting these excellent works where they belong: on the big screen.
Click here to see a list of the finalists and the winning films.


Conserving the marine ecosystem – together
Conserving the marine ecosystem – together
Daikin Air Conditioning (Hong Kong) Limited, one of our Y-Care CSR partners, recently sent a team of volunteers to participate in marine conservation activities alongside several young people. The volunteer team visited the Hong Kong’s Hoi Ha Marine Life Centre to learn about coral conservation and they are going to clean up marine litter on beach. By learning about the importance of conserving nature at a young age, people can develop a habit of treasuring and protecting the world’s precious natural resources and natural places.

To learn more about our Y-Care CSR scheme, please visit our website


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