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YMCA 2016 July Perspective


Theme Story

Theme Story
Chinese YMCA 115th Anniversary Celebratory Concert – “The Gift of Life”
This year marks the 115th anniversary of Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong. As part of the celebrations, the Singing YMers from the Association’s Christian Work Department, MusiCall, and the Chinese YMCA’s Children’s Choir have co-organised a celebratory anniversary concert called “The Gift of Life”. At the concert, a touching and elegant hymn will be shared with the public for the first time, as “The Gift of Life: Six Canticles of Creation”, composed by John Rutter – a renowned composer from the United Kingdom – will have its Hong Kong premiere.

The Gift of Life concert will be held on 7 August (Sunday) at 8pm at the Hong Kong City Hall Concert Hall. The Singing YMers have extended a special invitation to Mr Sanson Lau, Director of the Edna Wong Christian Worship and the Arts Education Centre of Hong Kong Baptist Theological Seminary and Music Director of Hosanna Chanters and MusiCall, to be the concert director. The Singing YMers also have a strong cast – the group stars Mr Eric Leong, a graduate of the Hong Kong Baptist University Music Studies Department who continued his vocal study with Mr Sanson Lau; along with Mr Esmond Lim, MusiCall Conductor and Executive Director, will be the concert’s conductor; Ms Alison Lau, who has received great acclaim from Time Out magazine, and Mr Caleb Woo, a vocal teacher, as soloists.

The Singing YMers will premiere “The Gift of Life: Six Canticles of Creation” along with the Hong Kong Chamber Ensemble. The music itself has been newly composed by Mr John Rutter, one of the UK’s most popular contemporary composers and choir conductors. Mr Rutter’s compositions are chiefly choral, with his body of work including “Gloria”, “Requiem”, “For the Beauty of the Earth”, “All Things Bright and Beautiful” and many more. Mr Rutter’s work will certainly be the highlight of the concert.

Concert tickets are priced at HK$70 and HK$110 and are now available from URBTIX. The Association has reserved a number of concessionary tickets for purchase by our members. The concessionary tickets are limited to four tickets per member. Tickets are limited however, and will only be available on a first come, first served basis. Interested parties are requested to print out and fill in the form below and email it to or fax it to 2783 3410 for handling. The deadline is 27 July, so please hurry to avoid missing out on this unique opportunity!

Please click here to make reservations and to download the concessionary tickets order form.
For further concert details, please click here.
For any enquiries, please call 2783 3354.
Upcoming Events
Submit your encouraging words through the YMCApp and receive a fast food coupon!
Submit your encouraging words icon The Association has been serving Hong Kong for 115 years now. Throughout this momentous year, we want to keep sharing our anniversary joy with our members – and we also want you to share your joy with us! To collect words of support and encouragement from all of you, we are happy to present the next round of our “Best Wishes Collection”. The theme of this round is “Encouraging Chinese YMCA Staff”. We ask that you submit your words of encouragement through the Association’s website or our YMCApp – these kind words will help motivate our staff as they work tirelessly to organise voluntary services and serve society. The most creative words of encouragement will receive a complimentary lunch buffet voucher for The Harbourview (value over HK$400).

Participants who make submissions through the YMCApp will also receive a HK$20 fast food coupon. There are only 125 coupons available, and they will be distributed on a first come, first served basis, so don’t hesitate – send us your most encouraging words today!

To download YMCApp please click here:


To visit Chinese YMCA’s 115th anniversary website.
“Realise Love, Realise Dreams” project creates enlightening experiences
enlightening experiences photo Most of us are extremely lucky: we live in an environment where everything we need is provided and our parents and families provide us with unlimited love. Sometimes, it is hard for us to understand how difficult the lives of the underprivileged can actually be. Chinese YMCA’s “Realise Love, Realise Dreams” project was designed to create a bridge between these two worlds and allow people living in safe, sweet homes to help and care for underprivileged people who are in need. The project focuses on creating a series of enlightening experiences, whereby the participants personally experience the living conditions of various underprivileged groups, including the blind, the disabled and other groups. By taking part in these experiences, the participants are able to reflect on their lives while working hand in hand to collect resources from different sectors and motivating the service targets to regain momentum in their lives and realise their dreams.

So far, the Association has progressively introduced the project to the Pentecostal School, TWGHs Mrs Wu York Yu Memorial College and Lung Cheng Government Secondary School. Participating students have gained personal experience on how difficult and helpless situations can become when they encountered real life obstacles which disabled people face every day. They also had fun helping one another and came to fully understand the truth of the phrase “there is a greater blessing in giving than in getting”.

The Association welcomes schools, churches and any other group that wants to explore taking part in this enlightening experience programme. All interested parties are asked to contact 2783 3471.

“Realise Love, Realise Dreams” Project website.
World YMCA News
 Global Y Explorers summer 2016 photo
Global Y Explorers summer 2016
As the summer arrived, our Global Y Explorers interns have also made their way to Hong Kong. This year more than 30 youngsters from YMCAs around the world including the United States of America, Germany, Australia, Singapore, Taiwan, Korea, England and Brazil are here joining our international exchange programme. They will share the stories and traditions of their countries to all Chinese YMCA members and staff at various service units.

An Orientation Day was held in the first week of their arrival to welcome them as well as to help them familiarized with the Association. They met with their centre supervisors and got to know other Global Explorers through team building activities during the Orientation.

Apart from working at their placements, we have also organized a “City Hunt” activity to give them opportunities to explore some local and traditional places of this exciting city of Hong Kong.

We welcome all Chinese YMCA members to visit our service units this summer and join the programmes our Global Y Explorers involved, to experience cultural exchange.

If you want to learn more about our interns and the Global Y Explorers, follow us on Facebook:

@GlobalYExplorers and Instagram: #global_y_explorers

Highlights of our Activities
Daikin eco-tour guide training activity
Daikin eco-tour guide training photo Daikin, one of the Association’s Y-Care corporate partners, recently sent over 20 corporate volunteers to take part in an eco-tour guide training activity at our Wu Kwai Sha Youth Village. The participants got to know more about the campsite’s environmental facilities, the latest environmental ideas and concepts and learned about the importance of renewable energy. They also took part in a hands-on exercise where they made reusable bags out of waste. From August to September, they will put their learning into practice by acting as environmental ambassadors, teaching green concepts to children and using green living concepts in the real world.

If your organisation would like to become part of the Association’s Y-Care CSR Scheme, please click here for more information


STEP Exercise Therapy Programme
In 2014, the Association launched STEP Exercise Therapy Programme, an innovative programme blending play and sport therapy to enhance the attention, balance, coordination and interpersonal skills of target individuals. To evaluate the effectiveness of the programme, the Association invited over one hundred students in P1, P2 and P3 who were suffering from either Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) or attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) to take part in STEP training. After completing the course, the participating students took part in several tests, including practicing balancing on one leg, symbol pairing, shuttle running and a numbering test. The results showed that selective attention, sustained attention and sensitivity were significantly improved in all the students. Some of the parents of these children remarked that the training raised their children’s confidence and interest in sports.

Last month, the Association organised a press conference on the effectiveness of our STEP programme. At the conference, participating students and parents discussed and demonstrated the effectiveness of the training. Dr Tamis Pin, Assistant Professor of at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University’s Department of Rehabilitation Sciences also told the audience more about exercise therapy.

Please click here to view media coverage of the conference.

For more details on STEP, please call 2783 3481.


Membership Benefits
Membership Benefits photoThere are countless privileges that come with being a Chinese YMCA member! This month, we present a new series of benefits for you.
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For more membership privileges, please click here.


Highlights of the YMCA’s YouTube Channel
Theme song of "LoveEquation" campaign
Theme song of LoveEquation video


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