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YMCA 2016 June Perspective


Theme Story

Theme Story
Be a courageous Sunlight Little Ironman!
This summer, it’s time to get your kids away from glowing screens and get them out in the sunshine instead!

2016 marks the third year of the Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong’s Sunlight Little Ironman Triathlon project. This year, the triathlon will be held on 3 September at Wu Kwai Sha Youth Village. As with other years, the aim of the project is to motivate families, get them out in the sunshine and engage in enjoyable outdoor exercise. This year, a brand new activity , “inflatable obstacle course” has been added to the competition. Besides being a lot of fun, the joust game helps develop children’s determination and perseverance and removes barriers to parent-child communication, while deepening understanding among family members.
We are delighted to confirm that the Sunlight REIT, one of the Association’s Y-Care Corporate Partners, will again sponsor the Sunshine Little Ironman Triathlon this year. To enhance families’ understanding of the competition and increase their awareness of the importance of sports safety, a series of training activities will be provided prior to the competition. Participating families will receive basic race training for the swimming, biking and running portions of the event from a professional trainer, and be given the opportunity to practice the inflatable obstacle course.
We welcome the participation of families of four in parent-child groups; while families of three can team up with a friend to create a group of four. Participating children must be at least six years of age. All participants will be required to complete the four activities sequentially, these are: a 100 metre swim, a two kilometre run and a four kilometre bike race. After the traditional triathlon activities have been completed, one participant aged between 6 and 10 with an adult will be required to participate in the inflatable obstacle course. It will be so much fun!
This year, our event ambassador is Lee Chi-wo, a former Hong Kong triathlete will help demonstrate the true spirit of a triathlete to all participants. In addition to providing healthy and competitive fun, the Association also hopes that the event will help families cultivate good exercise habits and engage in more physical activity.

For application details, please refer to the Association website or the announcement on our Facebook page.
Upcoming Events
Buenos Dias! Who wants to go to a cyber-forum in Mexico?
Buenos Dias! photo Computer and smartphone technology is now an indispensable part of our lives, especially in terms of learning, daily living and socialising. At the same time, the high level of information technology use among teenagers is creating serious concern in some sectors of society, but there are ways to address these concerns. This year marks the fifth consecutive year that Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong has recruited IFocus @ IGF ambassadors. The IFocus ambassadors teach primary school students, senior citizens and disadvantaged people about information technology and how to harness its many benefits to their advantage. Thus, help remove barriers for people wanting to participate in the digital world. Previous IFocus ambassadors have attended the annual UN Internet Governance Forum, held in Brazil, Turkey and Azerbaijan. Our ambassadors gained global perspectives through international and intercultural exchanges. This year’s selected ambassadors will receive a full subsidy to take part in the 11th UN Internet Governance Forum in Mexico. Applications are now being accepted from full-time Form 2 to Form 5 students. The application deadline is 8 July 2016. For further details and to download the application form, please visit
For enquiries please call: 2778 2727 (Mr Chung) / 2413 3111 (Mr Ho)
Theory of Mind Social Skills Training Group
Theory of Mind (ToM) social skills training is now being offered by our counselling team!

Children with autism spectrum disorders have special learning needs and unique social lives. To help improve the quality of life for these exceptional children, the Association’s clinical psychologists will be holding two social skills training programmes for students in P.1 to P.4 in July and August this year.

Using the Theory of Mind process, our specialists will help children with autism estimate and understand the thoughts of others, which will deepen their understanding of fundamental interpersonal rules and concepts.

For details and to apply for the programmes, call 2783-3431 or email to

We also offers a variety of counselling services to teenagers and adults, as well as evaluations (including individual interviews) in clinical child psychology, plus various themed counselling groups for people of all ages.

For details , please visit:
“STEP” Teacher Workshop
Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong believes in fully supporting students with special education needs. To help bring this goal within reach, in 2014 we launched the STEP Exercise Therapy Project. The project involves playing games which incorporate physical training with children with special education needs. The games help enhance the attention, sensory integration and interpersonal skills of these children. A teacher workshop called “How To Effectively Train Children With Attention Deficit” will be held on 30 June (Thursday) between 2:30 and 4:30pm in Room 119 of the HKPC Building in Kowloon Tong. The event’s keynote speaker will be Dr Lai Yuen Yi (Occupational Therapy), Assistant Professor of Rehabilitation Sciences at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Dr Lai will help the participants identify learning difficulties in children with autism, attention deficit and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. He will also give teachers a close look at the major treatment and training methods used to help these children, while demonstrating simple classroom exercises which improve the attention capability of children.

Admission to the event will be free, with teachers and social workers encouraged to apply in particular. To download the application form please visit Remember, space is limited and places are available on a first-come, first-served basis. For enquiries, please call 2783 3481.
World YMCA News
 World YMCA News photo
Seventh Kids World Cup 2016: Eight outstanding teams play hard to win a trip to Korea!

At the invitation of the Seoul YMCA, Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong will be participating in the seventh Kid's World Cup soccer tournament from 16 to 20 August this year. The tournament, held in Seoul Korea, is an invaluable international exchange opportunity which helps facilitate friendships between YMCA members from Hong Kong, Beijing, Osaka, Taiwan and Seoul. Through the sports of soccer, our young members not only experience the spirit and excitement of playing a sport, but also learn the cultural similarities and differences between their home countries and those of the other players. On 28 May 2016, Chinese YMCA organized a selection competition in Hong Kong for eight aspiring teams comprised of children from different service centres between the ages of 10 to 12. These teams competed for the chance to enter the Kids World Cup. The stakes were high, as the two best teams at the competition would go on to represent Chinese YMCA at the upcoming tournament.

The weather at the selection competition was not perfect, but despite the occasional rain shower the field was filled with excited shouts and cheers. Each team performed professionally and the young players’ determination and spirit were not affected by the rain in the slightest; in fact, the unstable weather enhanced their passion for soccer. The Association would like to congratulate the two winning teams, both from Tuen Mun Centre: both teams demonstrated consistent levels of skill and strong teamwork throughout the competition.

We would also like to offer a big round of applause to all participating teams. We know that everyone on the field, including players, coaches, parents and supporters, enjoyed a fun and joyous day. Finally, we offer the seventh Kid's World Cup tournament best wishes for success and we hope that our two Hong Kong teams will strive for excellence and demonstrate the Hong Kong spirit to everyone at the Kids World Cup!

To see photos of the selection competition, please click here

Activity Highlights
Be a Global Citizen Campaign awards presentation ceremony
 Global Citizen photo Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong is committed to fostering youth leadership in order to encourage young people to shoulder their social responsibilities. Over the years, this has been the ultimate aim of the Be a Global Citizen Campaign – to raise youth awareness of global issues by giving them a global vision in order to achieve all-around development. This year’s awards presentation was held on 18 June. A total of 232 youths won awards in the gold, silver and bronze categories, with 135 participants receiving gold awards – the highest number ever!

Special guests at the ceremony included Mr Tsang Wai-hung, Chairman of the Global Citizenship Steering Committee and Former Commissioner of Police; Dr Frank Cheng Chi-yan, President of the Association; actor Tony Hung Wing Shing, a man with profound travel experience; and Jeffery Yip, Chairman of Design for Change Hong Kong. Each of the guests shared their thoughts on global vision and global thinking.

Tony Hung, who has travelled to North Korea and Cuba among other places, shared his adventure travel experiences and his travel haircut habits with the students at the ceremony. He explained how he firmly believes that life experience not only broadens our horizons but also changes our values.

Tony believes that environmental protection and global warming are serious and important global concerns. Hong Kong’s slow pace of implementing food waste recycling and other environmental policies has prompted him to encourage young people to take the initiative in environmental protection measures, and help inspire their friends and families to fulfil their responsibilities as global citizens.


No Plastic Bottle Day
No Plastic Bottle Day photoIn order to raise public awareness about the overconsumption of drinks bottled in plastic, the Association’s Environmental Working Group has designated 1 June as the annual Hong Kong No Plastic Bottle Day. The event aims to encourage everyone in Hong Kong not to buy drinks bottled in plastic, and instead make a habit of carrying their own water bottles. The ultimate aim is to get people to stop using plastic bottles in their daily lives.

To magnify the effect of No Plastic Bottle Day, the Association organised an Ocean Care Dragon Boat Challenge and an Ocean Care photo sharing campaign. Both activities encouraged people to protect our precious environment in different ways. The Ocean Care Dragon Boat Challenge was held on 21 May. Participants designed dragon boats out of waste materials, and alongside the boat race, a plastic bottle “time challenge” was held, during which participants had a limited time to pick up a number of plastic bottles. The Association encourages everyone across Hong Kong to reduce our use of plastic bottles in order to protect our ocean.

During the Ocean Care photo sharing campaign, participants uploaded photos on the themes of “Ocean Protection” or “Stop Using Plastic Bottles” to their personal Facebook pages, or using the hashtag #NoPlasticBottleDay/#無膠樽日. Participants with the top 20 highest-rated photos (based on the number of “Likes”) were given supermarket coupons worth HK$100. To view these fantastic photos, simply search for #NoPlasticBottleDay/#無膠樽日 on Facebook!


“Realise Love, Realise Dreams” volunteers from Hong Kong Correctional Services
“Realise Love, Realise Dreams” photo A group of enthusiastic volunteers from the Hong Kong Correctional Services Department has been conducting regular visits to senior citizens. Through their service, these volunteers have not only come to understand the daily needs of the elderly, but they have also become good listeners and established valuable friendships. The volunteers visited the Peak with a group of seniors, suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and included a 95-year-old woman. Even have limited mobility and rarely goes out, they all thrilled with the trip and felt refreshing and exciting.

This group of committed volunteers hope more young people can engage in voluntary work, as it is “more blessed to give than to receive”.
Membership Benefits
會友優惠相片YMCA members have access to countless benefits across Hong Kong.
Columbia Online Shop NEW
From now until 30 June 2016, Association members simply need to input an exclusive offer code when shopping on the Columbia website to receive 30% off their purchase. Also, starting from 1 July 2016 and running until 31 May 2017, any online purchase made by our members through the Columbia website will also receive a 10% discount. For details, please refer to the July newsletter.



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“Love Family More”
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